• What does it mean, the word freedom? By the sound of the word, it seems like something you would need to collect. I wonder if I collect freedom, will I be able to do as I wish? If I can collect freedom, can I walk outside whenever I desire, or maybe even mingle with a few others? If I collect freedom, can I spread my wings as far as possible, and fly in the air to soar through the highest clouds? If I collect freedom is it possible for me to escape from this grotesque thing God calls fate? Will freedom save me of this fate? It's something that I find hard to believe.
    I have suffered many hardships, and lived a life of many lies. I have watched many live long lives, and I have watched many die young. Throughout my entire life, the only past I can recollect is sheer sadness and loneliness. My parents, my entire family's goal is destroy my own hope. However I have a warrior inside of me, and I know she will not allow me to give up easily. I will find my hope someday, somewhere, anywhere and once I attain grasp I will never let go. For that is the woman I am. I will find hope, lift my head high, and rebel against any who try to stand in my way. I will escape this so called fate.