• Recap Mae's POV.
    "What type of car is this?" I asked looking surprised at him.

    "A Mercedes Benz," He said concentrating more on watching where he was going while pulling out.

    "Isn't that an expensive car? Where'd you get the money?" I asked and saw a small smirk come on his face. "Not trying to be rude though it's just the photography place isn't that big and all," I blurted out.

    "You could say it was a gift from my parents. They gave it to me for a congratulations gift for the shop," Alastair said glancing at me for my expression. "They're kind of rich," He told me.

    "Well that was nice of them," I said thinking what they must be like.

    "Yeah and they're coming up in a couple of days too," I looked over to him surprised. Now why would he be telling me of all people? "They want to meet the people I'm working with," Well now I had my answer to why he was telling me. "And I or they were wondering if I could get my co-workers, you and Matt, to have dinner at my place, this week of course," It took me a bit to analyze what he said.

    "Uhm yeah I'd like to," I said to him smiling. I looked into the front window to notice that we weren't in the busy city anymore which surprised me.

    "Good they'll be glad to here that, and just to tell you my moms an excellent cook too," He said winking at me.

    Fast forwards

    So now I was in front of Alastair's house, with Matt who was nice enough to give me a ride to Alastair's house, in his jeep. Alastair's house seemed pretty normal so far it was of moderate sizing, even though it seemed a bit big for the size, not like a mansion though. We were walking up the steps when the door opened showing a very beautiful woman in front of the door smiling widely.

    "You must be Alastair's co-workers!" She said ecstatically. "It's such a pleasure to meet you, my names Danni, but you can call me Dawn if you like," She said introducing herself, when Alastair showed up.

    "Mom I see you've met them, or well you've met Matt once before, but not Mae," He said glancing to the Matt then back towards his mom.

    "Oh yes I remember you Matt, dear. Was it you came to dinner that evening when you two were children?" Dawn asked off the bat.

    "Well actually yes I did come over once for dinner," Matt said. 'But nobody said I was going to be an appetizer till, Alastair said I was a guest not food.' he thought for a second smiling on the outside, but grimacing on the inside.

    I shivered a bit, not really caring if I was cold right now, I mean Alastair's mom was so nice!

    "Oh Mae are you cold?" Dawn asked. I nodded answering her question. "Come on it we don't want you to get a cold now do we? And dinners almost ready!" She said happily ushering us into Alastair's house, and then running off to what I guess was the kitchen.

    Looking off towards where Dawn had went I thought she seemed a bit strange. So nice, in a motherly way, but there seemed to be something hiding under that exterior, something not exactly human. Alastair and Matt had been talking while I myself was in thought, that's why I couldn't hear them call at me.

    "Mae?" I heard Alastair say, while he put his hand on my shoulder. "Is something wrong? You seemed to have spaced out," He said asking with concern like his mother, except in more of a friendly gesture.

    "Oh yeah, I'm fine. Your moms unusually nice is all," He smiled at this comment.

    "Yes, I know she's always been that way, my grandparents even told me she was that way when she was a child," I smiled back, glad to here she was just a happy person normally, instead of just putting on a charade. There came a tapping sound from the corner of the room. Looking over it turned out to be Matt, glowering at us, while we were talking.

    "Is there a problem with you?" I asked a bit sassy seeing as he just kept glaring.

    "No but I'm really hungry though, and when I get hungry I'm cranky. Alastair you even know that," Matt complained looking at Alastair now.

    "Oh right," Alastair reminisced. "Go get yourself a snack or something you'll still be very hungry afterwards anyways." Matt seemed pretty happy with that answer and left. When Matt opened the door, there was a delicious smell wafting out of the kitchen. Sniffing the air I walked towards the kitchen. When I was about to open the door, Alastair put his hand on it keeping me from going in.

    "Hey, can't I see what your moms cooking, it smells great?" I asked confused, and excited to what our meal was going to be tonight.

    "No you can't," he said putting his face closer to mine, which made me blush a bit. "She wants it to be a surprise, you've seen how theatrical she can be," Alastair took my hand in his, and started leading me down the hall while talking. "Just trust me you'll love her food," He said winking. Was he flirting? Did Matt leave to give us privacy? Or am I just being paranoid? It seemed to be turning into one of those things where co-workers start falling in love, but I had no idea how I truly felt about Alastair.

    Yeah he was a nice guy, a gentleman, has his own business, and his family was rich, which didn't really matter to me. But I met him on the street, where he had gotten me a taxi., and even the next day gave me a job, as what I dreamed to be! So what should I really feel like? I just don't know.

    We had been sitting in the living room for silence quite a bit. That's when I decided, I needed a little break. "Hey, uhm where's your bathroom in here?" I asked awkwardly.

    "Oh I can show you if you like, but just go up stairs it's the second door on the left," He said.

    "Thanks I think I can handle it from here though," I began to make my way upstairs, but kept an eye on Alastair from my peripheral vision, watching him to see if he was watching me. Locking myself in the bathroom I began to look at myself in the mirror.

    I'm a decent looking girl, I'm pretty smart, I'm not like fat, or anorexic, so I guess I'd be the type of girl a guy would go for, but I wasn't sure. If he really did like me why wouldn't he just say so? Maybe there was already a girlfriend I didn't know about, or maybe he was shy about this sort of thing. After contemplating over it for a couple of minutes I gave up, and went back downstairs.

    "Sorry if I took long," I told Alastair averting my eyes to look around the room instead of him.

    "Nope your fine," He said waving a hand to dismiss me. "Oh I should have told you my little sister should be arriving here soon also," He said bluntly.

    "You have a sister?" I said looking at him weirdly.

    "Yeah he had a sister, her names Rachel. Little petite thing, but watch it she'll kick your butt," Matt said walking in with a cold chicken leg that he then took a bite out of.

    "Why is she like a black belt or something?" I asked looking back and forth from both of them.

    "Yeah," They both said at the same time. "She also has a wicked temper if you upset her," I blanched at the thought of what Matt said. "She broke my arm when we were kids, for me calling her chubby, trust me it wasn't fun," Matt said taking another bite of his chicken. Alastair could see that I felt uncomfortable at the thought of his sister.

    "Don't worry she won't hurt you I told her not to, and she usually only goes after Matt anyways," Alastair reassured me with a smile. I smile back thoughtfully.

    "Thanks for the reassurance," I said smiling back at him. The doorbell rang a second after I said so. "Seems like we have our other guest here," I said aloud.

    "Matt go get it," Alastair said.

    "Why me? Mae's capable, and she's your sister!" Matt busted out.

    "Mae's my guest, not yours, and my sister wouldn't mind seeing her enemy again," Alastair said. Over their bickering I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. Looking there was a man that came down mumbling what seemed like Matt and Alastair were lazy.

    Next thing we heard was the door open, and a girl yelling "Daddy~! It's so good to see you~!" Alastair's sister Rachel had arrived.