• Everybody left around 9 o’clock when the moon was high in the sky. It shined down over the little town and made everything still seem like day.
    “Bye Guys!” I smiled as they walked the path to their houses. Cody and Jackie pushed each other around wail Dylan tried to stay away. Hands in his pockets, Laughing every time Cody or Jackie said something.
    I leaned on the side of the porch watching them fade into the blackness.
    “I love your friends.” My mom said as she stepped on the porch next to me. I rolled my eyes and tried to leave but she stopped me.
    “I try not to aggravate your brother. It’s your father. Please don’t be mad at me.” She whispered. I sighed and looked at her. The moon was shining down on her brown hair. It was turning grey. I hardly ever see my parents any more. I don’t even recognize what my mother looks like. The moon shined down so her face was in the shadows. Which was probable good because I didn’t want to see her.
    “Whatever.” I quickly said and walked into the house quickly.

    In my room, I kept the lights off and just let the moon shine through my windows.
    I have a balcony off my room, Doors leading to it. They are all glass so it’s easy not to have lights.
    I lied in my bed watching the shadows of bats or owls on my wall. Flying past, catching their prey. Or just enjoying the fact that they are free. Corey wasn’t the only one that wanted to leave. I love my friends but I Just feel like I can do so much more. I love this little town where everyone knows everybody, but I need to leave. Get out. Anything but stay here.
    Suddenly I heard skidding, thumping and pounding against the house. I turned to look outside. I knew what it was. I was actually used to those noises. Happens that I hear them almost every night.
    Then I saw hands latch onto my balcony’s ledge. Dylan’s hands.
    He pulled himself up and walked up to my door. He smiled as he saw me watching him. He opened the door letting in the night breeze making me instantly pull my covers over my arms. I sat up and smiled.
    “You know there is thing called sleep.” I said sarcastically.
    “pssh. You don’t need that! There is a life to be lived.” He said putting his arms in the air. Then he sat down on my bed panting.
    “Did you run here again?” I asked.
    “Possibly. But come on! Remember when we used to play in the woods?”
    “Used to? We still do! Remember last week?” I laughed. His smiled got bigger.
    “Well then come on!” He said again.
    “It’s almost midnight!”
    “Joy kill!” He said, crossing his arms and turning his head away. “Where is my best Friend when I need her?”
    I wasn’t falling for it this time and lay back down.
    “What about that one time when we went to Bismark and I went to that stupid girl shop? Hmm I did that for you!” He leaned over me so I could see his “fake” sad face.
    “Finish the story…” I whispered.
    “Ok I loved it there… there was hello kitty and stuffed animals and, OK IT WAS FUN! But please!!!” He begged. I smiled and sat up again.
    “Fine. Let me change.” I sighed. He jumped up and walked to the balcony.
    “See you out here!” he looked at me a last time. I smiled and shook my head. “Carpet!” he whispered, yelled. Then jumped over the ledge. I heard him hit the ground with a thud. I gave a quick laugh then walked to the ledge.
    “Carpet hates me…” he said getting up. “Aladdin stole him from me!” he faked cried.