• The full moon rose high, as it always did in Halloween Town. The couple found themselves fond of the Curly Hilltop, whenever Jack wasn't horribly busy with Halloween plans of course. They would lay and watch the skies and ponder the mysteries of life-well death. Tonight they laid at the base of the hill, huddled up close.

    "Sally..." Jack sighed, pulling her hand towards him. "Look a shooting star!" The pumpkin-king shot a bony finger towards the velvet-black sky. Sally giggled at Jack's playfulness, he'd done that on purpose. To help ease Sally out of her shyness of course.

    "Oh, and that's the Large Ladle, or was it the Giant Spoon? That's right! The Big Dipper."
    "You've been reading those crazy books from the living world again, haven't you? Sally laughed. Jack frequently spent his time in his study learning more about the different towns and how they were all connected to the living world, but he usually managed to forget a thing or two in his excitement.

    A comfortable silence fell over the two. "Jack?" Sally asked suddenly, a bit timidly.
    "Yes, Sally?" Empty sockets filled with curiousity as he turned to face his lover before looking back up to the stars.
    "Do you have any memory or recollection of your past life? From when you were alive?" the rag-doll asked in curiousity. Sometimes, not a soul knows why, but when a person dies they're given a chance to live out death in Halloween Town. Jack was aware of this, but didn't know how it worked for the other towns.
    "Hm. A bit. I suppose I do." Jack replied thoughtfully.
    "Well, what are they?", she asked excitedly.
    "I suppose I am the same I am now as I was before, when I was alive. I was an entertainer. The best, in fact! Then, I just died. I don't remember much. I was still young though. Spending too much time here degrades the memories though, but I won't complain." Jack suddenly wanted to take that last part back, he DID almost destroy the towns with his avid curiousity of other worlds and the boredom of his realm.
    Jack turned to prop himself up on one elbow and rested his head in his hand,"Why do you ask?"

    Sally froze.

    Jack's features twisted into that of worry. "Sally, why do you ask?" he coaxed slowly. She didn't meet his gaze and only fiddled with her hands and twisted them. "I was just..thinking..um...uh..um"
    'She's just too cute when she's flustered like this' Jack chuckled to himself, obviously amused. Then placed the hand he wasnt propped up on on Sally's pair. She looked up at him surprised.
    "Stop. Breathe. Think." he commanded softly as he released her hands. Sally closed her eyes and took a deep breath as she began to explain what troubled her.

    "It's just that...I've been doing quite a bit of thinking, Jack. I wanted to know if anyone else recalls being alive because I can't. I was made, not born. I'm nothing but a makeshift thing," Sally finished.
    "No. You're not just 'some makeshift thing', Sally. You were created by a brilliant person, making you brilliant. You were formed by many unique parts. Your hair, your eyes, your body, everything," he finished softly.

    Sally's usually pale-blue cheeks flushed crimson at Jack's speech.
    "And if you ask me, I believe you to be far more beautiful than any other creature in Halloweentown. Quite a bit more fetching than those witches that keep hounding me! You're the only one that understood me, Sally. You helped me see that what I longed for wasn't the joy I obtained from Halloweentown but the joy of being around others, and more importantly being near you," he added jovially.

    "I-I am?" she sputtered sitting up quickly.
    'So odd...and modest' JacK thought lovingly as he slowly brought himself back to eye level with her.
    "Yes, Sally", he laughed.

    He brought a bony hand to the nape of her neck and supported himself with the other. He gazed at his bride before sharing a kiss.