• We were confronted by reinforcements lead by several new cohorts of Denzel, so to speak. And speaking of that, we've just met up with some old foes. This confrontation then leads to me engaging in a one-on-one clash with their elite swordsman, The Blade. I don't even know if he has a real name, but let's just stick with the clash between me and him.

    Ryu Kuronagi: Well, well... we meet again, Dave.

    Me: What are you doing here?

    Sho Tsuzumaki: Grand Master Denzel Crassus just wanted to clean out a few areas full of rebels who defy his soon-to-be glorious empire. Now, we will be the ones responsible for wiping you all out.

    Me: You think a large force could try to stop us?

    Ryu Kuronagi: We're all highly trained. You may have crushed us all the last time we've met, but this time will be different. You will find yourselves on your knees begging for mercy when the last of your fallen brethren are completely disposed of. In the end, we will conquer the world.

    Me: I don't think so. It'll take more than those kinds of guts to stop us.

    Mach Nana: Oooh, a challenge. I think I smell one right now...

    Mistress Clara: So you think you can try to clash with one of us one-on-one?

    Katherine Crane: I can crush you all, also. [turns towards me] Let me join you, please.

    Mistress Clara: Two-on-two?

    Me: No... just one-on-one. [turns to Katherine] Stand down, Kat. I'll be taking care of this myself.

    [Katherine steps back as a mysterious blindfolded man in a ninja costume comes out, although he has no mask. He's just blind]

    Me: So he's your latest warrior?

    Sir Logan: They call him The Blade. He is one excellent martial artist when it comes to Tai Chi and sword combat. If you're willing a demonstration, why don't you stand still so he can chop you into pieces within a fury of a few seconds?

    Mistress Clara: Oh, he's a respected one, alright. Even Crassus has a soft spot for him.

    Me: [I look at all of my allies from behind, then look towards the enemies] I wanna see how good he really is.

    Mach Nana: Don't underestimate him; he may be blind, but he can pack up a good fight. He's getting used to sightless combat these days. And don't even think about sneaking up to him; he has special powers that will help him sense anything around him.

    [The Blade then pulls out his sword and I pull out mines]

    Ryu Kuronagi: He's a silent one.

    Sho Tsuzumaki: He's a rough dog.

    Me: Telekinesis, huh?

    Mistress Clara: He has great telekinesis, child. But if you choose to fight fair, then let it be as you said. We'll fight fair.

    Sir Logan: [to Mistress Clara] My dear, if he falls, I would like to be granted the strength to also face him in combat.

    Mistress Clara: Don't worry. I doubt he will win, but if he does, I will summon strength within your veins so you shall tear him apart.

    Sir Logan: I will do anything for you, my dear love.

    Mistress Clara: And I will do anything for YOU.

    Me: Enough talk! Let's get this over with!

    [The Blade and I begin to face off in combat as everyone steps back]

    Katherine Crane: Be careful, Dave!

    Ada Tekarukite: This is going to get ugly...

    [after a few seconds, we both charge into battle. He tries to slash at me, but I was able to quickly block and lunge at him only to be parried by his powerful sword strikes. So far, so good...]

    Ryu Kuronagi: Come on, tear his flesh!

    Mach Nana: Drive the sword into him and make sure his eyes also bleed!

    [The Blade blocks nine of my consecutive sword hits and counters with five of his stronger blows, although I was able to block them all before proceeding with a sweep kick. He blocks my chance to impale him and pushes me back with great force. I was able to get up]

    Me: Whoa. That guy has good telekinesis.

    Ada Tekarukite: Come on, David. Don't give up!

    Me: [briefly waving my sword] Don't even think you can try to stop me with those powers.

    [The Blade and I begin to clash again with a series of sword strikes and blocks. Neither of us were injured, but we still kept hitting and parrying each other, even with him pushing me back the second time. The fight still continues...]

    (End of Chapter 11, Part 2)