• She thought nothing of life. She had realized she was living for nothing, and rolling through the motions everyday. Failing school, unappreciated, no friends but her dog. Outcast. Freak-show. Failure. Comments every day that she heard, thought, or saw in her daily life, knowing they were about her. But she can't do anything about it. No matter what she says or does, they just won't go away. So she tip-toed to the kitchen and got it out of the drawer, the tip so sharp, ready to go for any task she felt was right for it to so.
    She went back to her room and looked in the mirror. Make-up left on her face from the day before. Blue eyes, dyed black hair, and a round face that she had gotten teased for. Pumpkin head. She shook it off and came back to her image reflected before her. She looked down at the weapon. She thought she should just get it over with. Or maybe just a little pain for tonight.
    No. She had to do it. She couldn't last another day knowing that she was a loser. She picked up the knife and held to only a centimeter from her throat. She closed her eyes and her life flashed before her. She opened her eyes and in one swift motion it was done. On the floor, surrounded by her final wish. She ended all of her sorrows. But her worst fears are just beginning.