• Sally: I have to tell you a secret Jenny.
    Jenny: Really please tell, then I'll tell you one of mine.
    Sally: I meet a guy. He's great and he asked me out. He just makes me feel so alive.
    Jenny: Really that's great. I met a guy too. We're going on our first date on Saturday. Maybe we should double some time. So what's his name?
    Sally: Gregory...isn't that soo romantic. I nearly fainted and he's...god...he's just great.
    Jenny: That is so cool. But I think we need to distinguish your Gregory from mine. Hehehe you guessed it, that's the name of my guy. Isn't that great? We're best friends dating guys with the same first name. Well my Gregory has a ring on his..
    Sally: left middle finger...
    Jenny: it's pure silver with a small...
    Sally: G on it for his name. gonk OMG! stressed Not only is it the same name but it's the same guy.
    Both: This sucks. So how about we go meet some new guys...yeah.