• I gaze forth to the four words that sit, protruding from my screen.
    ]So this is it.
    Taking the knife I neatly slide it along the smooth skin of my thigh, leavings four glistening wounds. One for each word. I reply.
    Seems like it.
    Who could have foretold such a grotesque end to our once imagined fairytale? Certainly not I and I imagine certainly not you, the author of our planned happy ending. Yet those were the four words that you chose to send me.
    Never talk to me again. Try and ignore me.
    Another nine words. Another nine fresh, glistening wounds; this time inflicted to my arm.
    Do I have to say goodbye?
    Perhaps a better question would have been, am I strong enough to say goodbye? But alas, I know that would have been a stupid thing to have typed. I am a grown girl now. My missing strength is my weakness, and this is a world where the weak are feasted upon.
    There is no answer to my asking. You’ve gone, retired for the night I presume. Looks like a new sun shall bring with it not only awakening but also realization, but now it is night; the time for those with dams to burst their barriers. Night’s darkness brings with it a cloak that masks one’s self, hiding you from the world and recharging your energy. It is the pit stop in the long race from birth to death.
    I love you.
    The words are typed on my screen, the cursor flashing, the mouse positioned on the send button. I blink and they’re gone. My laptop is shutting down as is my emotional awareness. A numbness that presents a sense of zombie like dullness has swept over me, protecting my child like, and vulnerable brain. I close my laptop and sit there a second. A single beam of light shines down on me, emitting from the overhead lights. The time for self pity has arrived; a little girl sat crying alone, surrounded by light that keeps the dark at bay. My innocence may be saving myself from the world at such time, but how long can it protect me for?