• Selma looked around. She could barely see. She was scared. Her ears wouldn't stop ringing. All she could see was white and a few blurry shapes. Then out of no where she could hear a man yelling " Were losing her! Put pressure on her spine! Keep her awake!"
    Suddenly she released she was laying on her stomach looking down at a pillow with splotch`s of blood. Her eyes opened wide, scared and worried. She squirmed wanting to get free. A sharp deep discomfiting pain came over her. There was a horrible noise when she turned, it sounded like her spine was turning to slush she could hear it cracking. The pain was incredible. She yelled at the top of her lungs. Then pasted out.

    Selma awoke again in pain but not as much as she was before. There was a woman in a nice navy blue work suite. The one a lawyer would wear. Selma had no clue why a woman in a lawyer suite would be there. She was horribly confused. "W-who are you..." Selma managed to mumble. "Someone that is going to save your life" Replied the woman with a hellish grin on her face. She looked all to happy. But Selma found that she trusted this woman even though she didn't know a single think about her......To be continued!