• As the fires swirled and danced from the chard servants of the elder, the elder himself was on his butt, scooting away from the demon child that stood in front of him. He didn't understand the Japanese, but knew killing intent when he saw it. Kittie stared wide eyed at the person she had lead to this place. She just stared, seeing the image of the Japanese boy who protected her, turn into a being of hate and vengeance. Sanosuke glared down at the elder and started to walk towards him. With every step he took, a small fire was left in his foot print. The crowd erupted in panic. Kitsune screaming and running, trampling each other trying to make it to the exits of the village. Sanosuke glared at the crowed and raised his hands. Black flames erupted around the village. Keeping everyone barred in. he smiled wickedly as the evil seeped into his soul more. He shifted his psychotic stare to the elder.

    "の罪の支払いに準備/ready to pay for your sin?" sanosuke called out. The elder nearly screamed.

    "GUARDS!!! SEIZE HIM!!!!" he screamed. Several elemental charmers jumped from the crowd and stared down sanosuke. Sanosuke smirked looking them over. Each was a well sculpted fighter, with different elemental signs on their shoulders. A flames, rain drops, a whirl wind, and a rock. They weren't going to try and reason with sanosuke. They were just going to put him down. Hard. Sanosuke smiled and raised his arms slightly walking forward.

    "come" he said as his eyes filled with joy. The first fighter charged him. He struck at sanosuke with a left jab then a series of crosses. Sanosuke easily blocked the attacks and or dodged them. The guard got mad and attempted a front kick. Sanosuke caught the kick, but his hands placements freaked the guard out. His left and right hands were hooked around his foot. The heel and toe firmly planted in his palms. Sanosuke smirked and twisted his hands. Breaking the foot and forcing the guard to spin. Sanosuke grabbed his leg and lite it on fire. The black flames quickly swarmed his body. The guard tried to manipulate the flames, but to no avail. He screamed burning to cinders. The other three were reluctant to attempt to fight. They all agreed to attack him as one. Each gathered their element to them and charged. As they ran towards the small warrior he vanished and appeared behind them. Their elements disappointed, and their necks spurted blood. Which was quickly turned to black flames. Sanosuke's hands were soaked in blood. He smiled and licked his fingers. The nails had grown long and hooked like talons. The elder just got on his knees and pleaded for his life.

    "please all mighty protector. I was just doing my duty as your humble servant. Why do you seek my death!? I worship you!!" he screamed lowering his head.

    "you no love me. You want me protect you," sanosuke spoke in fragmented English. The elder looked up at him.

    "i only had your best intentions at heart! Your destiny was to become a weapon to defend the world. That is what a weapon is used for, to defend against evil!!!" the elder said. Sanosuke glared at him

    "I no ask for this. You force on me. Now pay price" he said raising his hand. Just as sanosuke was about to incinerate the elder, Kittie rammed into him. Knocking the two off the platform and onto the ground. She had cut herself free with her claws, she growled and looked sanosuke in the eye.

    "Sanosuke!!! snap out of it!!!" she cried. Sanosuke glared and grabbed her by her top. Flipping her off of him, and onto the ground. He got up and looked at the now running elder. Sanosuke spread his wings and lept forward. Gliding quickly and grabbing the elder by the shoulders like a hungry hawk. He pinned the elder down and laughed hysterically as he started wailing on him. Pounding his fists into the eider's face over and over again. Until finally he killed him with a open hand, talons extended and a wicked grin as he clawed the mans eyes out. Sanosuke started to laugh wildly as his power soiled his very soul more. He started hunting down the entire village. Kittie watched in horror as sanosuke went on a wild killing rampage.

    "this isn't right," she said quietly.

    "Kittie Morte. . . .I seek your help," a light voice called out to her. She whipped around. Her eyes scanning for what or who was calling to her. Though faint, the sound of a bird chirping drown out the sounds of chaos that was around her. She followed the sound as if possessed by it to a hut. She peeked her head inside and saw a glowing object in one of the baskets in the back. As she approached it she glimpsed at what was inside. It was a pendent, shaped like the wings of a dove. It was glowing with a warm light.

    "Kittie Morte. . .you must stop the boy. Please lift the stone," the voice called out to her again. Sheepishly she picked up the pendent. It sprang open to reveal a glowing white gem inside. Confusion was painted on her face as she held the pendent. It was calling to her.

    "your heart is full of questions. But for the moment, we must stop the boy. Put on the pendent and allow me to enter your mind," it said to her. She didn't question it. She slid the pendent on around her neck. The entire hut lite up like a roman candle . The bright light quickly stopped the rampage of sanosuke. He glared at the light. Out of the hut emerged Kittie. Her body dressed in the armor of a Valkyrie. A shining white breastplate made of the strongest of metals, a cloth skirt held by a white belts, leather boots that laced up to her knee, and her hair tied back in a long French braid. On her back was a circular shield and broad sword. Sanosuke glared at her and growled. He accessed his own sword and shield. Kittie looked at sanosuke and started to have a quick conversation with the the voice.

    "he's gonna kill me," she said calmly

    "do not worry child. You are now protected by the original phoenix, fushi," the voice called. Her eyes widened.

    "you!! if it weren't for you then sanosuke wouldn't be in this situation!!" she shouted.

    "i have explaining to do yes, but your top priority is to subdue him. Now please, he is charging," the voice said. Kittie snapped back to it as sanosuke was a foot away with his sword thrusting towards her. Kittie's eyes snapped into focus as her body grew extremely light. She jumped back and gripped her own sword and shield. She and sanosuke stared each other down for what felt like an eternity. Black flames surrounded the two. With their eyes locked on each other they attack. Savage swings followed by shield blocks rang out over the roar of the flames. Kittie's reflexes were much better then what they had ever been. Her skill with a blade had also improved greatly.

    "we must end this now Kittie Morte," fushi said to her.

    "kinda guessed, but how should I do that if I may ask?" she said sarcastically. The gem around her neck started to glow and her shield started to radiate a blinding light. It seemed to stun sanosuke for a few seconds.

    "strike him now!" fushi told her. Kittie thrust her sword forward into Sanosuke's chest. He stopped moving all together. His body started to quake as he let loose a long and agonized scream, the dark flames seem to erupt out of his body. His wings returned to their white color. His hair returned to black, and his eyes their original shade of yellow. The blade in Kittie's hand vanished and left sanosuke with a quickly closing wound in his chest. He dropped to his knees then flopped onto his side. Kittie' looked around as the flames lowered, the still screams of fleeing kitsune lasted a half hour as they vacated the village. Kittie's Valkyrie armor soon vanished, leaving her in the cloth cloths she had worn before.

    "I've done what you wanted, now start explaining," Kittie demanded from the stone. It started to glow and soon from the light emerged a small falcon chick. Glowing with the white light.

    "very well. I will tell you my original design. It was never my intent for the boy to undergo such a painful and near deadly ritual, all for the sake of world salvation. He already had latent power over the 10 elements from the beginning, but they lay dormant. Through combat he can grasp another elemental charge and further his and the power of his opponent. His inherent ability is known as "power sharing", as I stated, the ability to share a supernatural power. In his case, the ability to use fire," fushi said. Kittie still had a semi disgusted look on her face.

    "but why did you choose him to be your 'Saviour'? You could have picked anyone else," she said, fushi nodded in agreement.

    "indeed, I could have choose another to serve as my 'Saviour' as you put it. But that is not the nature of his role. He is someone much like yourself Kittie Morte He was forcibly outcast by his own people because of a more physical reason. His parents, a kitsune or fox demoness, and a tori or bird demon, these two mated and created what you see now. He is the only one of his kind right now. He is not vulnerable by any stretch of the imagination, but he is weak. He has no one to turn to. Much like yourself. At best, you two are meant to be together. Should you accept this new dark part of his being," fushi said spreading his wings. He swooped down and sat on Sanosuke's shoulder. Kittie was taken back by this.

    "meant for each? You mean like a couple?" she asked blushing.

    "nothing like maternal partners, for now. But you two can understand the other better then anyone else on the planet. So I ask of you, please help him when he falls short.