• He was staring at me with that blank expression. He tilted his head as if he was remembering something about me or involving me. I felt a rather vague connection with him but just didn't know what it was. I tried to look away from him but couldn't turn away from those glimmering navy blue eyes, it felt as if I was in a trance. It felt as if I knew him from my past, but couldn't put my finger on it. Suddenly, the class started talking and I lost my train of thought. Now I remember, it's my first day of school at Restoration High, weird name right?
    "Settle down students, incase you haven't noticed we have a new student here, " looking intently at me the teacher said,"would you like to introduce yourself?"

    As usual everyone's eyes directed at me, I hated being the center of attention. I walked casually to the front of the classroom and procled shyly, " Hey everyone, I'm Caitlin Lucid and i hope you all welcome me to the class"

    "Good job, Caitlin and you all better treat Cait well got it?"

    "Yes Mr. Matthews," the class groaned.

    "Great! Let's take attendance! Let's see.... Seth Alva?"


    That angelic voice, it was him. I turned to see his navy blue eyes and his hand raised so the teacher knew of his presence. Funny, Seth is one of my favorite names. Oddly enough I was glad I knew his name, it made me think more of my forgotten past. Memories that I erased out of my mind, were reminded because of him. He was my undo button. After the accident it caused me to loose most of my memory, yet he was the only one who helped me regain bits and pieces of it.

    That night, I returned home with nobody to welcome me. I went to my bedroom and jumped on top of my comfy bed. Then it was like a movie playing inside my head, a movie that could never be forgotten. I was only an infant and all i remember was seeing my mother with wings of an angel attacking these unknown demons. She turned to me and said, " Forget it all, everything but me until the very day you become a teen." one of the demons slashed her with a scythe right down her back, she screeched. She lied next to me covered in blood and said, " You're one of a kind and never forget it" slowly she died a painful death.

    The demons looked like shadows and said, "You shall for now, you deserve to live a horrid life, for you are a half-blood" they grimaced and prepared to go on there way.

    I yelled at the top of my lungs and a blinding ball of light was produced in my very hands and begun to grow bigger and bigger. The shadow demons screeched at a rather high pitch saying, "The power of a half blood! NO!" and they disintegrated.

    The only memory I own, is me witnessing my mother's death. Because of her, my memories started the day i began middle school. I want to learn more about my past, but it hurts just to think about it.