• It was a bright, morning in the land of Odyessa. The light from the two suns seemed to shine down from the sky like having a light being split through the magnifier glass. It was even hotter in the paper-thin tent. But, the temperature was least of my problems. As I opened up my eyes, I was staring up into Ana Maht’s face. I jumped up and tried to keep my sleeping bag up around my body.
    “What are you do…?” I tried to say before Ana Maht came up and hushed me by placing her index finger over my lips. Then, she pulled off my sleeping bag. So, all you could see was my armored suit and she took me in her arms. Well, this is an awkward position to be in, yet at the same time. It was a nice to have my favorite crush finally pay attention. So, I just went with the “a wk-weird” thing continue. So, just when we were about to kiss each other. Just as we could put our lips together was the same moment we got caught by the guys. This surprise kind of got us all shocked. “Ouch!!!” I said to you. Well as you could have probably guessed, that was the precise moment that Ana Maht dropped me on the ground. All Ana Maht could do was kind of giggle and walk away. But, she could not leave me without blowing a kiss. I really wanted to enjoy this nice little present. But, then suddenly I heard some suppressed laughter come from Gatling. Then, I looked up at the guys after such a long time staring at their boots. And I got the feeling that I wished I hadn’t done so. I looked up at their faces. I saw Graer who hid his face behind his wings and tried to walking away real smoothly and ended up falling into a ditch. But, this little distraction did not even phase Quest and Gatling who made time to stand looking at me with smug-looking smiles.
    “The runt and the witch, world’s cutest couple.” Quest said in a real gruff sarcastic tone.
    “We are not a couple. I didn’t know she was even there!” I exclaimed to the both of them.
    But, this entire defense caused was more joking around and Gatling tousling my hair. I just got so mad which made my face turned a rosy pink.
    “Oh, look he’s blushing!” Gatling snickered with his metal hand covering his mouth to hide his laughter.
    “Oh, shut-up, you guys!!!” I exclaimed in a frustrated voice.
    I bet you think this day can’t get any worse. Well, you are probably wrong. Well, let’s go to breakfast. Well, Ana fixed the same regular breakfast for the guys which were gruel. But, she had different plans for me. The reason was because when she came out the bushes with stack of pancakes which were doused in strawberry syrup on a blue plate. But, the most embarrassing part was seeing two “special initials” on it. They were “N & A” written in pink frosting inside the outline of a heart.
    “Gee, when are you two getting married, runt?” mocked Quest.
    “Stop calling me runt! And it’s not like that.” I said in a confused and angry voice.
    Again, all this angst got me was more humiliation from the guys.
    So, this is how the day went on. Ana would act all lovey-dove y with me and the guys would tease me. But, the worst part was yet to come. We were walking through the dense forest of darkness. How would we know that a pack of lip-suckers, that were running like an army of rhinos, heading straight for us? Suddenly, Ana, Quest, and Way, who was out her container for some fresh air, just stopped.
    “Lip-suckers, I hate Lip-suckers!” growled Quest gutturally. For the most part we all ignored this comment because, well, Quest pretty much hates everything. So, we kept walking until we were completely engulfed by the disgusting giant red-lipped things. But, we all fought the good fight and got out without a scratch. I can definitely say that I did a great job. Yep, I did. Oh all right, I was swallowed up by one of them. The inside of its mouth was like lying face-down in an old gym-bag. The smell practically blacked me out. When I awoke to a familiar face and I bet you could guessed who it was. Yeah, if you guessed it was Ana Maht then you were right. Albeit, it was really awkward to be looking up and stare straight into her green eyes. It was real pleasant and calming, even if I was covered in lip-sucker drool. It was like some corn-ball love song was playing in the background. Sure, the lyrics completely sucked. But, I really didn’t care. Well, at least until Ana Maht started to talk. But, wait it gets worse. She gives me a pet name to end-all pet names. And here it is:
    “Are you okay, my widdle, schoomy, whoopy, and bear?” Ana Maht questioned in a caring voice while clasping her hands.
    Yes, she said it. I couldn’t believe it. That is the one name. I thought no self-respecting person would or could say to another self-respecting person. I wanted to lash-out at her, but when the guys came over all I could do was just sheepishly got up and said thanks to Ana.
    While we visited at the lake of bloo, we set up camp and Ana helped me clean off the lip-sucker drool. So later on that evening, we sat through a very awkward dinner where Gatling and Graer were snickering secretively and making up more silly jokes about Ana and me. And again, all Ana seemed to do was just sit and hug me. And her eyes just seemed to shine just like gems as if she was hypnotized by something else. I started to get really uncomfortable and decided to finally just tell her that enough. But before I could say anything, she just covered my mouth with her hand and told me to hold my thoughts. Then, She got up and did a weird waltz and sang what I thought was a song. This action finally put Way and Quest on alert. Soon enough, we all, with the exception of me because in the all the rush I had been practically tossed into the bushes by Quest on accident, tied Ana to a giant boulder.
    So later that night, we all decided to take turns in watching Ana and making sure she did not escape until we found out what was wrong with her. Of course, I was up first on watch. While I was on watch, I could not help thinking this whole thing was probably my fault somehow and wanted to help. But while I thought about this, I accidentally put my hand on the giant rock and was suddenly transported though a blue vortex.