• "Hiraku! Hiraku! Get up!" *BLAM* an 18 year old college student was face first on the floor. He picked his head up. "What do you want?" He sat up and yawned. Hiraku looked at his friend who said "Look, Mr.Taza wants you in his class now." Hiraku growled. "Hey I like Robotics class but I dont want to end up living in there. Whats wrong?" Hiraku`s friend said "Your project is trying to kill Mr.Taza." Hiraku let out a curse and got on his clothes and ran out of his dorm room and down the hall. "Crap crap crap crap crap crap!" He stopped at a door on it was Robotics Hiraku opened the door and saw a 5 foot tall Drone he made hitting the tables violently with it`s head spinning around. There was a 40 year old man with a beard in the corner. "Hiraku get that thing turned off!" Hiraku said "yes Mr.Taza He jumped on the drone and tryed to get it turned off. the little ON/OFF switch broke. "Frak." outside the door everyone was staring then heard a THUMP as smoke flew from out the door. Hiraku was tossed outside and Mr.Taza shouted "GET OUT!" Hiraku dusted himself off and walked towards the main door and went outside. He looked back at the University and shook his head as he walked home. 6:00 AM the next day...Hiraku`s Home Hiraku was in his room sad. He looked at his walls with Robot Designs nailed there then looked at an old ERECTOR set from when he was 12. *BZZ BZZ BZZ* He picked up his phone and answered it "Hello?"
    "Hello Hiraku."
    "Hey Dad."
    "Can you come to the factory now?"
    "Bye Dad."
    Hiraku hung up and got on his bike. A Red and Black 30 year old Rusty piece of crap from when his Father was 18. He rode it till he got to his Dad`s workplace. He walked in the door
    "Hey dad."
    "Hi Son. You know that old story?"
    "About the Gundams and how the last one was sent into the sun?"
    "Yes. Your going to love this."
    Hiraku saw as a large tarp was let down and there stood a 40 meter high Gundam.
    "Holy crap!"
    Hiraku`s Father said "Yup The KD-05 Whistler WindomXP. WindomXP for short." There were more around Hiraku. His Father said "The KD-08 Windom Vista, KD-04 Millenium, KD-03 Type MS-98 and the KD-05 Whistler Type B Windom XP. Vista, Mill, 98, Type B for short." There was a loud boom and soldiers ran in the facility. Hikaru`s father said "Quickly! In the Windom! Gah!" A bullet went into his shoulder then another in his back. Hikaru shouted "No!" He looked at the soldiers with rage. "You dirty..." He ran and climbed up the ladder and hopped in the cockpit of the WindomXP and closed it as it was activated. Hikaru looked at the controls and saw a large hole in the wall. "Perfect." The thrusters were activated as it hovered out of the hole in the wall and took off.