• I opened my eyes. The room was dark. I sat up, than was immediatly pushed right back down by my shoulders. "Don't even think about it." that was Yoichi's voice. "Where-where am I?" I asked. "In your bed." he said. "What happened?" I said, I sounded a bit drunk, but I really didn't care. My head was throbbing, it felt like a drum beating in my head. "You really don't remember?" I heard him ask. "I remember a light, that had so many colors, than black, and nothing." I said. I sat up a bit, my heard beat even harder. "Sayomi, that's when you passed out." Yoichi said. "Did I lose a lot of blood?" I asked. "Yeah, but you stopped bleeding after, well after the huge light." Yoichi explained. "That's good." I said. "I'm just glad you're okay." he said. I sat up "What are you-" he tried to say. "I'm fine." I said, and turned on the lamp next to me bed. Yoichi was sitting on a wooden chair next to my bed. He was shirtless with his pair of pant and sharktooth necklace. "Are you sure?" he asked. I nodded, but tried to hide my blush. Yoichi was damn hot! Especially with his shirt off. He came over and leaned over me "You're cute when you're blushing." he said, and kissed me. Someone knocked at the door, I tried to pull away, but Yoichi kept kissing me. "Yoichi!" I said against him lips. "No." he said, and pressed against my lips. The knock came again. "I should get the door." I said. "It'll be fine." he said, put his arm around me, and pushed our chests together. The knock came again, in a very annoying way. "Yoichi." I said. "Ignore it." he said. "How can I ignore it?! It's friggn annoying!" I said. "Can you pay attention when I do this?" he asked and unbottoned my shirt. "Nope." I said and took off the shirt. The knock turned into punches and Himeko's voice shouted "Hey, open the door!" I sighed and put back on the shirt. Yoichi groaned and sat back in his chair. I got up and opened the door, everyone was there "Uh, what's up?" I asked. "What's up?!" Rei yelled. "You guys didn't open the door!" Jing yelled. "We were worried!" Alyss yelled. "What were you two doing in there?!" Jun'ichi yelled. Yoichi, who was suddenly behind me said "What do you think?" Alice looked up at Yoichi "What do you mean?" she asked. "Want a hint?" he asked. Rei, Himeko, Alyss, Alice, Cruz, Jun'ichi, and Jing nodded. Hideki just sighed. "Okay. Sayomi's shirt isn't buttoned correctly." he said. I blushed and looked down, he was right, I accidentaly skipped a couple buttons in my rush to get the door. Rei, Alyss, Cruz, and Jun'ichi blushed, but Himeko, Alice, and Jing were still lost. This pissed Yoichi off a bit. "Why do you think she might have buttoned them wrong?" he asked. They shrugged. "We tried to have sex!!!!!!!!" Yoichi yelled. Everyone but Yoichi's and Hideki's face turned red, including mine. "Well, that makes sense." Hideki said. "Doesn't it?" Yoichi said. "Well, you guys can't do it here." Cruz said, snapping out of his blushing trance. "Why not?" Yoichi said, wrapping his arms around my waist. "The walls are thin, that's why." Cruz said. Yoichi sighed "Fine." he said. "Well, leaving the subject, are you okay, Sayomi?" Rei asked. "Yeah, why?" I asked. "We found you unconciouse in the woods, that's why." Himeko said. "Oh, I'm fine, no need to worry." I said. The all gave me a look, but dropped the subject. "Look, we should all go to bed, it's really late." I said. They grumbled but agreed and left. "So, do you really want to sleep, or-" he left the question rest as he sat on his bed. I ran over and tackled him on his bed. "What do you think?" I asked. "You mean-?" he asked getting excited. "No sex, but we can still play around a bit." I said. "You don't mean..." he asked. He reached into the drawer and pulled out a ziplock bag. "I do!' I said, and took out the catnip. Stars immediatly went in his eyes and he started chasing after the catnip. "You're so cute!" I gushed. Than I stashed the catnip back in the drawer. "You're gunna pay for that!" he growled and chased after me as I ran around the room away from him while laughing. He did end up tackling me to the floor. Than, he tickled me until my stomach hurt. "And you call me a devil." I said, sitting up. He grinned, and just touched my- "Why are you such a damn pervert?" I hissed. He squeezed it than "They've gotten a lot bigger scince the last time." he said. "If you don't let go, I swear to god I'll punch you so damn hard you will fly all the way around the friggn equator." I growled. He quickly let go and backed up a bit "Damn you can be really scary." he muttered. "Only when I need to be." I said and stood up. "Wanna make out?" he asked. "You just don't give up, do you?" I asked. "Nope!" he smiled. "Yeah, okay." I said, and that's what we did for about 2 hours, than we both fell asleep on my bed.

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