• Charles J. Wolf just got back from class, he went to his dormroom where his roomnate, Chuck P. Walker was sleeping on the couch, Charles went to the bedroom and sat on his bed, he looked for his laptop

    "Where is it?" he asked himself, he looked under his roommates bed, it wasn't there, he looked in the closet, nothing, he looked under his bed and there it was, he picked it up and plugged it, in turning it on he waited for it to start up, "Damn, I should get it fixed by the Wiz Kid later", after a minute it started up, he thought all about what he did in highschool, and how he felt, he opened WordPad and started typing.

    Is this how I really wanna spend my life as a Loser who's failing his classes?, losing the girl of my dreams?, and being picked on everyday?, no I want it to change, I want it to stop, but I can't change it, I wish I could but I can't, I guess god hates me for what I did a few days back stealing the money from the Church Charity Box thing, I wish I could go back and stop myself from doing it, but the hands of time are never on anyones side. I want this pain to stop, the pain thats inside me, The dark feeling everytime my parents goes to Charlies Bar and come back late in the night drunk, My dad struck me for not getting him his whiskey, My mom slapped me for spelling her beer in the sink,i want this all to end, I want a new life, I could just kill myself right now, but what would my parents do?, nothing!, they don't give a ******** about me, they wont care if I come back late in the night, they won't even care if I ran away, they won't care if I did anything, they would just continue with their drinking, If I didn't run away, they would be drinking untill the RCMP would show up at my house, warn my parents, and leave, but they wouldn't listen, if the RCMP came back the would have taken me away, and put me in a foster home, but I was lucky they quit, and I got to bed earlier, improved my grades, and got the girl, I guess it pays t have faith that things will get better, that things would improve, I never gave up hope, I held on, even when the storm got bad, But I braved the storm, now it has passed, Don't stop believing...Things will get better soon, even when they are taking a turn for the worst, have faith, and keep holding on.

    Charles saved his writing, and turned off his laptop, he put it on the floor, and laid back on his pillow, he put his hands behind his head.