Chapter 20 - Neflhiem

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    *Once in the world of Neflhiem, the retaliation force looked arround and all they seen was black with red, purple, dark blue, and dark green highlighted cloud like smoke streams with the ground that looked like levitated roads like Lloyd and his companions seen before back in Derris Kharlan and the Ginugaggap. Everyone had given feelings of an errie forboding. The chills were seeped down the spines of the human and half elf companions, except for Laharl.*

    Laharl= Hmmm. This isnt so bad. I kind'a like it here.

    Etna= I still prefer the other worlds but this isnt too bad at all.

    Flonne= I seen many demon realms and worlds but this has to be the creepiest I ever seen.

    Vyres= I love it all dark and all, dreamy place, but this place creeps us a bit especally moi.

    Lloyd= Be on your guard everyone. We never been here before, so expect any suprises.

    Sheena= Man, im really scared.

    Gordon= I expected this place a demon realm but this is the worst I seen.

    Presea= Stay close captain Gordon.

    Emill= We got to find John and Alice.

    *Meanwhile, furhter in the realm, John was following Alice's trail and the others who went with her. John looked arround and seen a floating road that led to a castle floating on a thick slab of rocks and derbis hovering over glowing red magma, but it moved arround like it was made of abnormal energy, like the things you see in a nightmare. The castle was ghastly and grusome desighned with spikey galvanac metal pikes and rusty colored surfaces. John continued to venture further.*

    John= ALICE!!.... DECUS!! ANYONE!!

    *Alittle later, John entered the castle and there was a big hallway like you see in nightmares and he entered a room with rocks and cavern patterns and as he climbed the steps and doors, he found a large chamber with a well like short pipe in the center and there was a grusome creature in the luminating dark smoke and Alice, Decus, Magnar, and Hawk were there standing before the creature. Then the creature with it's booming ghastly voice echoed towards John, and it spoke as it mensoned him.*

    ?????= He is here. John has come to join us.

    Alice= Just like you said...s..s..sir.

    Decus= John. Come over here. I have someone I like to introduce you too.

    ?????= Come over here child. I want to take a close look at you.

    *John walked towards the well like pit and faced the creature.*

    John= Alice, why did you run off like that for?

    Alice= I ..... welll.....

    ?????= Let me speak to him. I will tell him everything.

    Alice= As you wish.

    ?????= John, are you wondering where you are and what I am?

    John= Im in Neflhiem.

    ?????= Correct. I am indeed aware of who you are. You were used by those meddlesome Daleks. I too had plans for those foolish Daleks and I too know that you are aware of them.

    John= Daleks were using the name of this place for their gain and will to study magic. Me and my companions had fought them many times.

    ?????= And Alice. Did you not tell him who I am?

    Alice= ......, No...sir.

    ?????= John. I am Xhophilmeus,.....the demon lord.

    Decus= This is the demon lord John.

    Xhophilmeus= And you met that foolish Rattatosk befor have you? My arch nemisis who helped those of Derris Kharlan seal us away.

    John= Mind if I ask about a centurin named "Lenume"?

    Xhophilmeus= Lenume?.... oh, the child who came to us. The centurion was mistreated by the other centurions. We took him in as our own. He was imprisoned here allongside us.

    John= Lenume said he heard Dalek broadcasts and signals from the void.

    Xhophilmeus= Indeed. He helpd us bring the Daleks here so they could decypher a scorce of energy, a new form of mana so we could escape. Then we can finnaly be rid of this prison.

    John= Mind if I ask, there is another demon realm called the netherworld. It's a great place for Demons. There's other beeings and great things too. I know a demon prince that might suggest you come moving with him in his world.

    Alice= You don't say? What about that Etna girl? Wait.... she's not a demon anymore. That's right, she wouldnt count as an overlord anymore. That Laharl can.

    Decus= That Laharl can be overlord. We should ask him.

    Xhophilmeus= Hmmmmm....... Overlord of the netherworld..... perhaps we can come to an agreement since all we want is freedom.

    John= The netherworld has not only underworlds of fires and oceans of molten lava, they have forests, mountains, skies, cities, all whas a demon would wish for. They all share the same world, although we have adventurer guilds and economy, but still.... think about it. Would it be nicer than this place?

    Xhophilmeus= You sound .... reasonable. I like you boy. My demons told me about a human named Aster. A boy who was killed by that vile Ratattosk. What a tragety. Listen child, whatever you hear or may catch a story or two, do not trust Ratattosk. Another human made that same mistake, allong with that trator Ricter. Alice on the other hand is much more reliable and faithful. Oh, and.... John. You didnt attack any demons outside the gate did you?

    John= No. But I think Lloyd and his companions did. But I can see if things can be arranged. We can see if we can clear this missunderstanding. It's the Daleks who are to blame. They did come to Symphonia, Netherworld and Earth by hostile intent.

    Xhophilmeus= Indeed. I also would like to apologise for Lenume's part against you. He only meant to do us a favor. We both had no idea that these Daleks were that hostile towards others.

    John= It's ok, really. OH, I think Laharl and Lloyd's companions are headed this way. We should start a conference once they arrive.

    Alice= They....are comming?

    Hawk= The companions of Lloyd and Laharl?

    Magnar= Them..... there are some amongst them that still dont trust us. What if they disagree with our proposal?

    Alice= We will see. Everyone have paitence.

    John= If they are to come, then let me greet them. They might get the wrong idea if they send Alice or the others out in my stead. I will try to convince the others.

    Xhophilmeus= Then we agree. By the way John, do you know the origins of that project jenova? Apparently neither the Cruxis or the Daleks never told you did they?

    John= They only knew alittle.

    Xhophilmeus= Figures. Some of my servants have heard stories about that thing. Some would rather not know about. That crest wasnt always made of their own materials you know?

    John= Cruxis was visited by other alien beeings?

    Xhophilmeus= Correct. That crest was made of materials that are of and of not of Cruxis. They were visited by alien beeings as well. I think one of the aliens were bird like. But that was just the story, neither I or my collegues have full details. Bring the beings here before us John. I will call off my demons for the time beeing.

    *Back with Lloyd and his companions, they were near the castle area, then John was sited at the enterance, waving his arms at the retaliation group.*

    Lloyd= Look, it's John.

    Emill= He's ok!

    Sheena= He's alright.

    Presea= John is not hurt.

    Laharl= HEY! John! Why did you run off like that for!?

    John= You got to hear me out. The demon lord... I met him. He wants to gather a conference-

    Raine= You met the demon lord!?

    Sheena= What did ou just say!?

    John= The demon lord wants to make a truce. We are all victims of the Daleks. By the way, how was Kay and the others?

    Flonne= There fine but....

    Zelos= Are you sure this is a wise decision? Dealing with demons of Neflhiem?

    John= He may not be all that bad as people often tell about him. Let's go meet him.

    Ricter= By the way, where is Alice?

    John= She, Decus, Hawk and Magnar are just fine.

    Laharl= Let me lead. I want to meet this demon lord in person.

    *Later on, the retaliation group gathered in the well chamber and had a conference. John and Flonne explained about Symphonia, Netherworld and Earth and how the Daleks were using portal wormgates to link between worlds and how they tried to use the G.F.S. Valhalla as a mana cannon to attack the plannet's were to be used to attack other plannets in the future and how the Daleks were only trying to gain entry of Neflhiem just to exploit them. The demons wanted to use the Daleks as a way to escape but they did not predect that the Daleks were that subjugational. Xhophilmeus, the demon lord shared his story of how they would like to leave Neflhiem and find a new place to live with fair and decent lives rather than to have a prison world. And that Rattatosk would no longer have to remain a gatekeeper. Everyone took a vote, and after a long while. All members came to an agreement. Alice and Decus and the rest of the former Vangards including Ricter would live in the Netherworld allongside Laharl and as for Symphonia, John would agree to lend help to the people there while Kay looked after Gordon and his crew. Then...... later, Xhophilmeus, ordered his people to comence an attack on all Dalek hideouts and facilities on Earth after they tooken control of their demon gate. Back outside Neflhiem......Earth.....John was with Lloyd and his companions as they were prepairing the floating fortress for self destruct.....*

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    John= It's time..... to get rid of this demon gate.

    Lloyd= John..... how did you do it? You managed to make a truce with the demon lord, and helped him find a new world.

    Zelos= Even for a demon, I hope he dosent try to conqur the netherworld.

    John= Im sure he can work something out with Laharl. Flonne works well with demons. She may be an angel but she has her ways.

    Zelos= You sure are "chosen material" John. At first, I thought we would have to start a battle with the demon lord himself, but I never expected this.

    Collet= You should stay with us and help us maintain peace in Symphonia.

    John= I would love too, but my place is with Kaolla and the other girls.

    Regal= Kaolla sure turned out quite helpful.

    Genis= We all did our part to help fight the Daleks. I never expected we would parley with the demons. They sure helped us with manhandling the Daleks.

    John= It's going to be a long time till this mess is cleaned up.

    *Suddenly, Kay radioed John on his com-link*

    Kay (radio)= John. You may set the self destruct devise on the floating fortress.

    John= I roger that Kay. It's time to get rid of the Dalek's influence to this world, I hope for good.

    Raine= You dont expect that the Daleks were wiped out totally do you? You know? Is that all there is of the Daleks?

    John= This was just a large scale pilgramage. There plan was to exploit and conqor these worlds.... they failed. Now, help me set the detionation to this place.

    *John, Genis, and Raine fixed the devise so it would go off remotely. Then they boarded Kay's ship and left from a safe distance and John set the detonator to destruct and the floating fortress exploded leaving no trace of left over Dalek technology. The ship traveled through a wormhole that lead back to the netherworld.....John was at Laharl's overord castle and he prepaired to make his farewells as he waited for Kaolla to return with the Tardis.*

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    John= Laharl. I hope things will go well with you all here.

    Laharl= Dont worry John. You helped us allot. Xhophilmeus already found a place here in the netherworld. He's liking it allot better than Neflhiem.

    John= I hope he has a good life here.

    Flonne= Dont worry John. I will teach them the ways of love. Just watch me, I will make you proud!

    Etna= *sighs* I suppose it's my time to be an angel allongside Flonne. Im going to miss being a demon. I already talked to Serraph Lamington about taking a job. He said it was fine. Perhaps I could make a good angel afterall. Even Vulcanus had changed his ways too. He told me Vulcanous decided to stay in that Symphonia world and said it was time for himself to move on.

    John= That's great. How about Alice?

    Alice= Did anyone menson little me? heart

    John= Alice. How are you? How's it going between you and Etna?

    Alice= We made a truce ourselves. We made vows to forgive each other. Your right, John. Killing and fighting isnt always the sollution to problems. Me and Decus are gonna get married here and start a family.

    John= Where is Decus by the way?

    Alice= Decus told me you made his exphere into a cruxis crystal. I really thank you for that.

    John= Well I hope you and Decus have a great life here in this world.

    Etna= We really changed allot since you came to our lives John. I thought you were going to be the New Age Chosen and kill us all, but you turned out to be a great chosen afterall.

    Alice= I know. And im sorry for implanting that horcrux on you.

    John= It's fine. Really. What about Hawk and Magnar?

    Alice= Hawkie? He's gonna live here too. Magnar too. I think it's time we all moved on with our lives. Just promise me .... never tell Mart-mart.

    John= I promise.

    *Suddenly, the Tardis materialized near the overlord castle enterance and Kaolla was calling his name.*

    Kaolla= Johnny! Were ready to go.

    John= I have to go now. Alice.... I will really miss you.

    Alice= *sniff* I will miss you too Johnny. I want you to have this before you go.

    *Alice hands out to John, a silver compas.*

    John= A compas?

    Alice= I used to use that when I was in the Vangard. An old keepsake I had. Be sure to keep it safe and remember me by it.

    John= I will Alice. Thank you.

    Alice= You will always be like a big brother to me.

    *Alice kissed john on the cheek and hugged him, as John stood there kneeling to her height.*

    John= Thanks. Be sure to tell Decus I said good-bye. And I will be sure to visit whenever I can ok?

    Kaolla= John, were ready.

    *John walked to the Tardis and the Tardis de-materialized and headed for Symphonia, meanwhile at symphonia...... at Meltokio castle.....John was standing on top of a tall rooftop gazing the city.*

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    John= ........,

    *John looked all over the place and wanted to take his last peeks of the world before he was ready to depart the plannet. Suddenly, Sheena appeared before him.*

    Sheena= John. How was your visit to the overlord castle?

    John= It.... was pleasent. Laharl and Xhophilmeus are straight now, so this world will no longer have to sacrifise mana to the Ginugaggap, Rattatosk is free to roam the world, and Ricter now lives in the netherworld. This world will last for more generations.

    Sheena= As for Kuchinawa..... tell me....

    John= He fought for his senses to the end. The roboman system kill humans once they become one. Im very sorry about him.

    Sheena= ......,

    John= I tried to remind him of you and this world and Mizuho. I reminded him of who he was. No roboman could remember like he did. He must have been strong and brave, till the end.

    Sheena= It's ok. John.... I heard your going to leave our world soon.

    John= I am. I can visit, but.....I dont belong here. Besides, who else knows who may try to get ahold of this jenova crest? It's best if I returned to his world only to visit. And I also plan to do something else too.

    Sheena= What would that be?

    John= Im returning the "world Charm", to this world. After that, I will no longer be the new world chosen, I will go back being me again. I have the cypher crest now, so that's good enough for me. Martel can have her pack with Lloyd again soon. Starting tommorow.

    Sheena= I see. So your not going to live with us then. Before you leave,.... when your sight seeing this world.... is it ok if I summon you when im at the world tree?

    John= Absolutely.

    *Later.....John flying in his cruxis wings flown the plannet symphonia and flown to Palmacosta..... standing on the bridge that led to the docks, just sitting there, starring at the water. Marta suddenly appeared....*

    Marta= John......

    John= Oh, hey Mart-ma....Marta...Sorry about that.

    Marta= It's ok. So, I heard your not gonna stay in our world. How come? You made a great chosen.

    John= I know Zelos told me I was chosen one material, but...... to be honest..... being chosen here isn't my place here. That job is for Zelos and Collet allone. I was made chosen.

    Marta= Oh, ..... I see.

    John= Oh. I got a present for you Marta. I talked to the king of Meltokio and .... well....look behind you.

    *Marta looked behind her and it was her father Brute, standing there, like a free man.*

    Marta= It can't be!?

    Brute= Marta..... this man, freed me.

    Marta= Daddy!

    *Marta runs to her father and grants him with a big hug.*

    Brute= John... I dont know how I could thank you.

    John= It's ok. Really. No reward nessasary.

    Marta= This is the best present ever!

    *John get's off of the bridge rails and wished to greet them properly, Brute shook John's hand tightly and firmly and Marta, suddenly grabbed John and hugged him.*

    Brute= I cant thank you enough.

    John= It's ok. But please do me a favor. Be sure to watch over Emill and your daughter ok? Because im leaving this wold tommorow. I got to go now. Tell Laharl I said hi and farewell.

    Marta= Were all going to be at the new world tree ok?

    John= See you later ok?

    *John once again flies away and then flies to Esselia and stands on top of the school roof. Starring at the people passing by, but John entered the school by the window and looked arround the empty classroom. John staired at the pin up board at the kids drawings of Lloyd and his friends. John spots a few drawings of him. John became suprised to see a few kids actually liked him. John was drawn as the new world chosen. John looked closely at the drawing.... it was drawn by a boy named Paul.*

    John= Paul? ..... so he drew this.

    *John looked at moe of the drawings, and there was him again but with Kaolla, Shinobu, and Nyamo with the Tardis in the background.*

    John= Wow.......

    Collet= John?

    John= Collet. How is everyone else?

    Collet= Were great. How is Kaolla and the others?

    John= Perfect.

    Collet= So your not going to remain the new world chosen?

    John= Im afraid not Collettie, uh'... I mean....Collet.

    Collet= It's ok. Really.

    John= I just dont belong in your world, but I appreciate the offer. There may be more Daleks and other forces that need to be stopped and other worlds to be saved. Tommorow, we will gather at the world tree and I will forfet my pact. Martel will be yours and Zelos's then. But you and Zelos do me a favor. Both of you.... do me a big favor.

    Collet= Yes?.....

    John= Be sure to watch over this world for me when im gone. Remind everyone, once im gone from the world. Dont do it right away, well...you know?

    Collet= I will keep it as a promise.

    *Later.....John left for the Lezerano company.... John stood on the building's top floor garden, near Alisha's grave, John sat near the grave.*

    John= Alisha..... im sorry if I caused Regal and Presea trouble when I was the new age chosen. But I redeemed myself as the new world chosen and saved not only this world. I saved 2 more worlds too. I will have to leave this world soon. Please on my behalf..... continue to watch over Regal and your sister. I know Presea may look like a kid, but I know she's 30 years old. But .... you know? And... thank you....

    *John turned arround and starred at the sky......then Regal dressed in his formal wear appeared and then he said....*

    Regal= John..... im suprised to see you here.

    John= Weegal, uh...I meant...Regal. Im sorry for that, I ....

    Regal= No need to. I want to ask you why did you come here tonight?

    John= Ever since I got this key crest....a cruxis crystal that can never be removed.....like Lloyd can. He can take his off and on again. I cant.

    Regal= Lloyd once said..... that a cruxis crystal stops one enternal clock. They live on like Kratos did, Yuan, and Mithos.

    John= But they can remove theres....I cant. Plus on top of that, there's were no horcrux's either.

    Regal= Im so sorry that you have to bear that. I cant imagine that your companions Kaolla, Shinobu, and Nyamo.... you having to watch them grow up and age while you remain as you are, especally after 30 years.

    John= I know. Kaolla is going to have to show me how to fly the Tardis once they get too old. I guess through all of them, I was to be the one destined for the Tardis. Regal..... Before I fly off. I want to tell you something.

    Regal= Yes, go on.

    John= I want you to do me a favor once im gone. Keep everyone as happy and satisfied as you can. That's all you have to do for me.

    Regal= I sure will John.

    John= See you tommorow then.

    *John flies off and heads to his next location..... this time......the elven village.....*

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    *John stopped at the elf village to meet the elder and to thank him for everything.*

    John= I would like to say.... thank you for all you have done.

    Elder= No son,.... it's us who should say, thanks for what you did for us, and thank you for saving our world. We did look after you once you lost that battle with Lloyd's companions. We dressed you in those garmets made by our people...the night robes...we like for you to have them. I heard you will leave our world tommorow.

    John= I know. By the way....who told you?

    Elder= I have..... my rescorces.

    John= Thank you so much. Oh, and mind if you do me a favor?

    Elder= Anything.

    John= Continue to make this village as lively as possible. Perhaps at least allow half-elves to visit temporarely.

    Elder= I will think on that one. But if your leaving.... do me one favor. Do not let that thing wielded on your chest fall into the wrong hands.

    John= I will hold to that promise. Thank you for everything.

    Elder= No, thank you for what you done for us..... and im sorry for the burdon you have to bear.

    *Later....John flown away and headed to Syback.....*

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    *John sat in the library reading some newspaper articles and read the recent one where he was made front page again. This time it read.... "New world chosen saves our world plus 2 more worlds." John didnt seem too proud but he had to expect it. Later.....Ricter appeared.*

    Ricter= John. Do you have to go to bed?

    John= Ever since I got this on my chest....I dont feel tired even after staying up all day.

    Ricter= I should have known. You have allot of energy after that surgery.

    John= Not to menson that Im forfeting Martel's pact tommorow and heading out into the world.


    John= Your free to study me till then.

    Ricter= .......*booming laugh*...... You remind me alittle of an old friend of mine.

    John= Ricter.... back at the Balcroff Mosuleum.....I......

    Ricter= It's alright. You were under their control. It wasn't your fault.

    John= Oh... I though tyou were moving to the netherworld?

    Ricter= I wanted to gather some of my friends old things before I left.

    John= You mean....Aster?

    Ricter= How did you know?

    John= Long story. I teand to pick up stuff sometimes. Im sorry if it offended you.

    Ricter= I too will be going to the world tree tomorow. A woman named Kay will take me to the netherworld once im done.

    John= Ricter.... mind if you did me a favor?

    Ricter= Which is?

    John= Once you go to the netherworld..... please get allong with Alice and the others, especally Laharl and the demons, please.

    Ricter= Ok. I'll keep that promise. Dont spend too much free time ok?

    John= Ok. I'll be off. See you tommorow.

    (Music dies down slowly)

    *John flies off and flies to the tower of mana....... it was nightfall.... John was on the roof of the tower.... the tower that was once destroyed, he was trying to remember when he magicly rebuilt the tower. Suddenly..... John got a visitor that he didnt expect....Lumen herself.*

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    Lumen= John.....

    John= Lumen!?

    Lumen= ....John. I heard what you did but I never thought you would do such a favor for me?

    John= Yes?

    Lumen= Ever since I was reunited with my son for so long..... I heard you did something at the Ginugaggap and made Rattatosk free so he wouldnt have to be a guard and the centurions wouldnt have to be keys. We can roam the world now. I want to thank you so much for what you done for us. And im sorry if I bolted at you when you became the new world chosen. I shouldive never done that.

    John= It's alright.

    *suddenly, Lenume appeared...*

    Lenume= Mother.... there you are...oh....John.

    John= Hi.

    Lenume= I want to thank you for what you did. Those Daleks tricked me and the demon lord. We had no idea that the Daleks were like that.

    John= It's ok. But promise me one thing. Concider this as doing me a favor.

    Lenume= Anything.

    Lumen= Sure John.

    John= Dont ever go trusting a Dalek ever again.

    Lenume= You can count on me. And.... im sorry for the loss of your.... half-elf friends in the Valhalla.

    John= It's ok. They were villans once, but at least they died as heroes.

    *Suddenly,... another centurion came to visit.....*

    ?????= Well well well, im suprised that you 2 finaly came arround.

    Lenume= You!?

    Lumen= Tenebree!?

    Tenebree= Indeed. It was me lurking in that bit of shadow. *chuckles*

    John= Bre-br....Uh... I meant...Tenebree. Sorry.

    Tenebree= I hate it when people mis use my name. But you did us a big favor. We can be at our temples allongside our fellow summon spirits and centuions among the world rather than to be in the Ginugaggap. The other centurions told me to send their regards as well.

    John= Im really sorry for all the trouble I caused you.

    Tenebree= No need to apologise. You did us a favor. You rid this world and 2 more worlds of Daleks. I also heard that you are forefiting Martel's pact tommorow.

    John= I must. I dont belong in this world. I have to move on, allong with Kaolla, Shinobu, Nyamo, and Kay's people, and the Galactic Federation.

    Tenebree= This is amongst quite wise of you. Your free to visit our world but I think forefitting the pact is a rather wise and noble move for you. You are definently "Summon Spirit" material.

    John= Thanks everyone. But I got to go find Kaolla so she dosent worry. I got a big day tommorow.

    (Music dies down slowly)

    *John flies away and searches for Kaolla. The very next day.... at the world tree of Symphonia, Lloyd's companions and Kaolla , Shinobu, and Nyamo were there too with the Tardis parked near the area that leads into the path of the world tree. Everyone were lined up as John was in the middle of the group.*

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    Lloyd= So you decided that you no longer wish to be the new world chosen?

    John= I have to forefit the pack. Im sorry, although you welcome my company and accepting me as both a chosen and a companion, we came to a crossroad and now I must follow a different path. You see. I dont belong in this world. I am from another dimenson, and I now have a burden to bare. Lloyd, I must return this pact to you. This pact is rightfully yours and the chosens, and it's natually not my place.

    Raine= I think this is a wise decision. John, you have other worlds to seek and explore.

    John= I know, and after this is over, I will miss you all. And I will try to come back one day to visit. After im done here, I got to go see Kay.

    Genis= Im sorry that you have to go. You sure were a good person.

    Sheena= So this is good-bye then? I will miss you.

    Zelos= So will I. I was hoping you would stay as chosen, but ..... im sure this can't be helped.

    Presea= John must go.... they may be others who need him.

    John= I got a multiverse to defend, worlds to see and places to protect. Who knows if there will be anymore Daleks that will carry on what the pilgramage started. I want to make sure nobody falls victim to anymore Dalek plots.

    Yuan= I see. Well, after this is over, it appears that Kratos will be off again. Ever since the Daleks took over Deris Kharlan, and the federation helped us get it back. He's ready to leave again.

    John= Ok I will here by forefit Martel's pact and return it to Lloyd. Are you ready?

    *Lloyd and John performed the pact ritual and minnutes later, John was no longer the new world chosen, John returned back to wearing his normal present dimenson street wear, sporting a t-shirt, jeans, sneakers, and a belt pack.*

    Ricter= So this is where we part ways then? John... I will see you again someday.

    Lloyd= John..... I wanted to give you something to remember our meeting by. Martel has agreed with me... that you keep the world charm.

    John= Huh!? Bu....b..I couldn't accept that.

    Raine= I think your need for it may be more than us. Who knows what will you come face to face with.

    John= *sniff* Thank you all. Everyone.... I will come back someday, I promise. If you need me again, I will come back, I swear it!

    Kaolla= The Tardis is primed and ready. Thank you everyone!

    *Everyone waved at Kaolla and Shinobu and Nyamo waved back while John climbed aboard the Tardis and as the doors cloed on the big blue box, the Tardis dematerialized and vanished.*

    (Music dies down slowly)

    Kaolla= One more trip.

    Shinobu= What about Captain Gordon?

    Nyamo= Kay told us Gordon can track us here in this world.

    John= Well. let's play that message before we head off to see Kay.

    *Kaolla pressed a button and the video played shown Captain Gordon and his crew making there farewells to John and his companions and Nyamo shoed John they recieved medals from them, and John got one saying "39th defender of Earth". John shed a tear, but as soon as the Tardis hit spcace,.... there was the Galactic federation.... the Tardis made it's final apperance as it flew and spun arround in space as the ships were escorting Derris Kharlan. On board the G.F.S. Olympis....*

    Crew 1= Admiral Dane! The Tardis has appeared on the radar.

    Crew 2= Look. We have an incomming message hailing from the Tardis.

    Dane= Play it on screen.

    *As the crew member played the message.... it was John, Kaolla, Nyamo, and Shinobu with their possotive gestures, and huge bold words appeared on the screen reading..."MISSION COMPLETE"!*

    Dane= *laughs boldly* Those rascals! Just like Samus.

    *Meanwhile.....deeper in space..... in an unknown location....there was a Dalek ship in orbit with dozens of Daleks... with canasters of salvaged mana....in the center of the landing pad,.... there was a teleportation activating and it was none other than the Gold Dalek himself.*

    (Music playing - The Dalek Silence/ Doctor Who, the Dalek Conquests)Download







    (Music changes to - The Dalek Conquests theme/ Doctor Who- the Dalek Conquests)Download

    *The Dalek ship begins to move and the Gold Dalek set corse back to Skaro 2 aka, Kaolla's old world that was conqored and it suddenly his warp speed and took off like a speeding bullet once the engines were set to warp drive, and it kept on going untill there was no Dalek ship in sight of that area of space.*

    The end........