• Chapter 6:First Morning

    We would be starting school that Monday, and we spent most of our weekend cleaning the house. We chose out our bedroom and the baby’s bedroom. We decided that we would remodel the baby’s room first. In about another month I would be going to the hospital to get an ultrasound to see whether it was a boy or girl. I couldn’t wait I was starting to get so excited. We had a busy weekend between the cleaning and getting our classes settled.
    We had seven classes with a study hall. All our classes were at the same time except for history because he had to take Werewolf History instead of Vampire History. That made me happy that we would get to be together all day except for one period. I knew this was only the beginning and it was going to get much more complicated than it already was. We stayed up all Saturday night to get use to the new scheduling. You see that classes took place at night instead of during the day for all the nocturnal vampires and werewolves.
    We had to be up by 7:00 P.M. if we wanted breakfast. Our classes didn’t start until 8:00 P.M. and they ended at 2:30 A.M. I was so tired on Monday that I didn’t know if I was going to make it through the day. I poked Andrew and he stirred a little.
    “Five more minutes” he mumbled.
    “Ok, but I’m going to be getting in the shower” I said as I crawled out of bed. That seemed to work because he jumped out of bed.
    “I’m up if I can join you” said Andrew.
    “Ok” I said trying to rub the tiredness out of my eyes. We walked into the bathroom together and I shut the door. I turned on the water and then we started stripping off our clothes.
 “Damn you’re so hot” said Andrew.
    “Thanks you too” I said as I walked over to him. I leaned on him and snuggled my head into his chest. I let out a deep sigh.
    “Lets get in the shower” said Andrew.
    “I can’t I’m broken” I mumbled. He sighed and then picked me up. He carried me into the shower. When he put me down I leaned on him.
    “Am I going to have to help you this morning?” asked Andrew.
    “You know you want to” I replied back.
    “Yeah I do” said Andrew. As he started to massage my shoulders making me relax. The next thing I knew was that I had him shoved up against the shower wall and was ******** him. He was gripping me tightly and moaning.
    “Oh Lexi” he moaned.
    “Yeah?” I asked.
    “You feel so good” he moaned.
    “You do too” I said as I stopped. We were both breathing rapidly and hard. I shut off the water, and stepped out of the shower. I pulled a towel over me and leaned against the wall. I glanced over at Andrew and he was leaning against the shower wall. He smiled and stepped out. I walked out of the room and got dressed in a pair of ripped up jeans and a light blue tank top. I put on my black high heel boots, and then went back into the bathroom. While Andrew got dressed I did my hair and makeup. It didn’t take him long, but it took me about fifteen minutes.
    After I was done we heading to the dining hall for breakfast. They had a huge buffet with many different options. Andrew said he wasn’t that hungry so he went and found us a table. My mark was showing and I could feel everybody staring at me. I hated it when people did that. It was usually guys because they thought I was really pretty, but I knew this time it was because of my mark. I took in a deep breath and got my food. I got a small box of Honey Nut Cheerios, milk, and a spiked orange juice.
    No the juice is not spiked with alcohol, but with blood. I went back to our table and a bunch of girls seemed to be flirting up Andrew. He looked at me with a look that said help me. I put my tray of food down and walked over and sat in his lap.
    “Hey baby” I said as I kissed him. The group of girls just stared and then walked off.
    “Thanks” said Andrew.
    “No problem, and next time I’ll be a lot nastier than that” I said.
    “Ok” said Andrew. I got up with his lap and ate my food. I gave Andrew a few spoonfuls. Suddenly the bell rang and we were off to class. We wouldn’t have first period together because I had Vampire History and he had Werewolf History. He walked me to my class, gave me a kiss, and then was off to his class. I took a deep breath and walked in.