• Prologue

    It is 7pm and little Charlotte Liddell was in bed, preparing herself for listening to one of her Grandmothers stories.

    "Alice in Wonderland" her Grandmother spoke softly. Her Grandmother had the most soothing voice, it could put babies sleep. Or Alice herself. In the middle of story, Alice felt herself falling asleep. Her Grandmothers voice came to a slow stop.

    "Sound asleep before the good part as always," she whispered out loud, "how are you supposed to know what happens at the end?" Charlotte's Grandmother kissed the sleeping granddaughters forehead, turned off the light and headed towards the door. She started walking down the hall 'till she slowly came to a stop.

    "I wouldn't walk here if I were you, you know how she is" Charlotte's grandmother whispered even though no one was around.

    Charlotte's mother Ann whispered loudly to her mother-in-law.

    "Alice stop this nonsense. You are filling her head with lies."

    "It's not lies if it actually happened."

    "Mother Alice please, you fell down a rabbit hole and bumped your head then passed out. When are you going to accept that it happened?"

    "I don't know what happened to you, you used to love this story" Alice looked at her daughter-in-law with sympathetic eyes. Ann returned the look.

    "I did" she whispered, "but then I grew up. And I think you should too." That was all she said.

    Ann Liddell turned on her heal and walked down the hall in their second floor Victorian mansion. Alice Liddell was alone being greeted by dim candle lights.

    "Not real," she whispered "Wonderland...It's not" She clutched her left arm tightly, "real."

    Darkness covered her field of vision. Alice Liddell was now on the ground leaving a faint thud. Fortunately Ann was still nearby to her and witnessed her mother-in-law fall.

    "Alice!" she shouted.

    Ann quickly ran towards her limp mother-in-law.

    "Help! Someone please help!"

    Guards rushed towards Ann, "What happened?!" they shouted.

    "I don't know she just collapsed" Ann was panicked she could hardly speak let alone breathe.

    "Get her to her room," a guard shouted. Ann watched as a guard lifted her mother into his arms and carried her away, she heard a sniffle from behind her and turned. Little Charlotte Liddell was standing in her peach coloured nightgown. Ann was pretty sure Charlotte had seen everything.

    "Go back to bed Charlotte" Ann pushed the door back, "And you too Ivy."

    The little girls obeyed and walked towards Ivy's bed. Ann blew them a kiss then shut the door.