• My father left when I was two years old. He abandoned me and left me with my mother. Which was odd, you’d think he’d want me. You’d think he’d want to get me, his only daughter away from the women who slept around, who cheated on him, who ruined his marriage. But I guess I reminded him to much of her. I was the spitting image of her, actually. I had her hazel eyes, her long brown hair, and her slim figure. As I grew, I became tall and remained thin, just like her.

    So as you heard, my mother was a slut. She liked the working types. Not like, big business guys like pool boys and fast food workers. That’s how she found them, they either worked for her or she found them on her way to getting some quick food. Either way, she slept around…a lot.

    As I grew, I started acting like her. But I never got caught. I could never get caught. Planning was my thing, I planned it all. The date, the time, the emotion. I had it all the way I wanted it, and I always left my boys wanting more than a goodnight kiss.

    December of last year, I got married. A big business now sleeps in my bed beside me. He doesn’t suspect a thing when I am out late. He never questions the fact I come home full and ignore him. My friends would say he treats me like a Trophy Wife, but in reality, I treat his as my alibi. If I tell him I was home, he believes I was home. He surely isn’t the brightest crayon in the box. But he keeps me out of jail.

    Tonight I had plans with my husband’s boss. Now, he wasn’t usually my type, but he eyed me every time I brought my husband lunch, so I decided to give him a shot. I needed a good dinner for a change. He was taking me to this expensive seafood place. I heard it was good, so I got dressed. “I’m going to the movies.” I called down the hall of the house, grabbing my blonde wig from the closet. My way of keeping my identity a secret.

    “Okay, have fun.” He replied. The normal reply. He never asked to go. He always had a project to do, so it made my sneaking away easy.

    Walking out the door, I pulled on the wig and waited for my ride. It wasn’t long before my husband’s boss pulled up in his limo. I’d have to bribe the driver later, or much worse…

    “You look…what are you wearing?” He asked, tugging slightly on my wig.

    “Did you forget? My husband works for you.” I turned and looked out the window. I would need a few drinks before I could start seducing him. He was a little too old for me. But I was here, and I knew what I’d have to do at the end of the date. No way was I letting this one get back to my husband. Another reason I agreed to this date, was it had more of a risk to it. I was at the top. No way was this going to be easy.

    But I was wrong. The ride was quiet, but the restraints was beautiful. We didn’t have reservations, but the staff fell over themselves to find us the best seat, which landed a couple in the back by the kitchen. It’s not every day the biggest business man walks into these places and demands a table. It was good publicity; they felt that a man of his status would pass on his review to partners of his and friends.

    A tall dark hair waiter came to the table. He opened a notepad and smiled, “What can I get you tonight?” I ordered wine and lobster, as did my date.

    We ate in silence; I could tell he was just waiting for the dinner to end so he could take me to his house and have a little fun. So I took my time. I sent flirty signals to the waiter. I figured he’d be worth my time tomorrow night. It’s not like he’d refuse a date with me. He was just a working guy, I looked rich. Little boys like him wanted me for my money, which I didn’t have. But I never told them that.

    When the bill was dropped off, my date paid and we stood, but not before I slipped my name and number under the tip. We got into the limo and headed back to his house. He lived on the other side of the city, which would make getting home a bit hard. But I accepted this challenge, I would see it through. Tonight was going to be blast.

    As he led me up to the front door of his home, he kissed down my neck and started unbuttoning my shirt. Only pausing to unlock the door, his lips explored the exposed skin. When inside, he pushed me against the wall and removed my shirt completely and started working on my pants.

    I was different then my mother. I didn’t sleep around. I led guys on and left them hanging, or laying. Either way, there was going to be no sex tonight, or ever again for this man. Reaching into my handbag, I pulled out my gun and pushed him away.

    Slowly his eye made their way from my chest to the gun. Shock and fear filled the deep sea green circles. Backing away, he turned to run. “I would stay put if I were you.” I warned. “I know how to use this, I will use it.” I’m going to use it. I walked up to the frozen man as he searched for a way out.

    Reaching out, I grabbed his tie, “Come my way, love. I want to see your lovely house.” I walked around, admiring the paintings on his wall and furniture. “Can I have the number to your interior designer? Damn, they really are good. I love the set up.” I smiled and noted a picture on the fireplace in the living room. “Oh, lookie here. Someone’s got himself a wife.” I stated and reached in his pocket, pulling out a ring. “Now, now, what is this?” I teased him and then tossed the ring in the fireplace.

    “P-please…I will do anything. I won’t t-tell anyone.” His stutter made me laugh.

    The clock started dinging, indicating it was ten now. “Well, I must go. The hubby will be missing me.” I rose my foot and kicked him into a chair. I placed my heel right on his manhood. “I had fun; this has been a truly unforgettable night.” I placed the recently cleaned silver barrel of my gun against his head. “We should do this again another time.” I pulled the trigger just as his rose his eyes to mine. “Too bad you won’t be able to.”

    I placed the gun back in my bag and admired the explosion of crimson across the white living room wall. Normally I had to put up with a fight, tonight was easy. I pulled out my red lipstick and put some on. I leaned down and kissed his cheek. My well known signature. With that, I walked out the door, quickly killing the limo driver.

    With tonight done, I buttoned my shirt back up and walked home. Only to repeat the date with a new guy. Right down to the fatal ending.