• A while ago, I was having a conversation with a friend of mine. he asked, "Why don't you give blood?" he presented some of the good and obvious reasons for donating blood, like saving someone's life or getting paid for it. While these are perfectly fine reasons, I have a somewhat irrational attachment to things that keep me alive. i realize that reason in its self is selfish, but I also have a very rational reason for not wanting to give blood that is somewhat long and convoluted.
    Say I donate my blood and my blood went on to save the life of the world's best defense attorney, who over the length of his career kept thousands of actually guilty criminals out of prison. Due to the intervention of my blood he would go on to keep many more guilty people out of jail. Say each one of these criminals goes on to rob, kill, or rape at least one person. I would be inadvertently responsible for all of those crimes.
    One of those criminals could murder an entire family while their young child hides in a closet watching, this child could then grow up and become a masked crime-fighter, singlehandedly waging a war on crime to help fill the void in his shattered life. As a result of this escalation on the fight on crime, organized criminal activities would rise as the criminals would find cooperation necessary to continue business. Much like the cold war arms build up, the original masked crime-fighter then recruits and trains a team of new heroes to assist in keeping their city crime free. The "war" then gets so bad that the local police force loses all control of the situation and the president chooses to send in the National Guard to stop the fighting. The ensuing battle between the masked vigilantes, the crime organizations, and the National Guard kills many civilians before the situation is resolved. this fiasco makes the American people's opinion of the president drop to George W. Bush or Herbert Hoover levels of unpopularity, causing him to lose the next election.
    The new president, being a charismatic woman makes peace with most of the United States' enemies and helps negotiates a joint space exploration program with over twenty different countries including Japan,China,Britain, and Russia. This program involves sending a remote operated space craft explore a recently discovered planet in an adjacent galaxy to check for life. When the craft gets to the planet all communication between it and Earth cease. Fifteen years later, alien life forms from the new planet arrive at earth having captured the craft and interpreted the Earth's location from signals emitted by the craft. The aliens, initially willing to be civil are offended easily and snapped at a person who made a snide comment about probing. This drove the aliens to declare war on Earth. These aliens were a clever group of people, so to win this war they secretly constructed a giant rocket booster on the Earth disguised as human construction workers building a ceremonial tower, the booster would activate at the right time to send the Earth into the sun, obviously killing everyone.
    It is for this reason that I refrain from donating my blood, as it leads to disaster.