• Pein: I have decided. We are all going to therapy.
    Akatsuki: WHAT?!!!!!!!!!!
    Hidan: We don't have any problems!
    Deidara: Well, except for Tobi.
    Tobi: *running around in circles* Tobi has new friend named Chair!!!!! ^0^
    Pein: Yes, you all have problems. Deidara is feminine looking and is obsessed with Sasori even though he always argues with him---
    Deidara: I do not look like a girl and I am not obsessed with Sasori-danna! I have respect for him!
    Zetsu: Yeah, a LOT OF respect for him.
    Hidan: I hear you say to him "Sasori, my man!" So you like him? *raises eyebrow*
    Deidara: I do not call him that! I call him my main man.
    Kisame: So there are others?
    Me: Deidara your cheating on me for a guy?!
    Deidara: No, Mazumi---
    Me: WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!! HIDAN-SAN!!!!!!! *cries in Hidan's arms*
    Deidara: *jealousy jealousy jealousy*
    Pein: Carrying on with the problems of you guys... sweatdrop Hidan is too bloody, violent, needs anger management.
    Hidan: *sticks out scythe* I'm okay with the bloody and violent part, but I do NOT need anger management!!! *angry (hahaha)*
    Pein: eek Okie, Mazumi, you are going there because you are too obsessed with anime, you enjoy peoples' misery with your annoyance, you are impatient, you are a nutjob, a psycho, you are a crack addict, and you will take anger management along with Hidan.
    Me: I'm not on crack. D:
    Hidan: Then why are you so insane.
    Me: 'Cause I met Itachi.
    Itachi: D:<
    Me: XD
    Pein: Itachi's problem is that he is too emo.
    Me: And he's stupid.
    Kisame: How? D:<
    Itachi: I have an I.Q. of 173 (bwahahaha. Made it up. XDDD).
    Me: Well, I have an I.Q. of 152.
    Kisame: D:
    Me: ANYWAYS, you killed your whole family to test out our abilities (I forgot XD) and left one of them alive. And then, you let your brother kill you (spoiler alert! XD).
    Deidara: Burned. XD
    Pein: Another one, Kisame is too obsessed with Itachi and has a gay crush on him...
    Itachi: D:
    Kisame: Dude?! D:
    Pein: Well it's true.
    Kisame: I don't have a gay crush on him!
    Me: You keep a picture of Itachi under your pillow and make out with it each night.
    Kisame: How'd you know that?!
    Deidara: So, it's true?!
    Kisame: O//////O
    Me: I hear you every night doing stuff to it...
    Kisame: How'd you know I had that picture under my pillow? stare
    Me: Hidan told meh. XD
    Sasori: I-itachi? You okay?
    Itachi: *twitch twitch twitch* O.e o.e O.e o.e O.e o.e
    Pein: Well, that's another addition to Itachi's problems... Okay, Sasori's problems would be that he needs more patience... and that's it really... sweatdrop Um, I don't have to state Tobi's problems because you guys already know them, right?
    Akatsuki: Uh-huh.
    Pein: Well, Kakuzu is too obsessed with money.
    Kakuzu: Well, foofoofoo.
    Pein: Zetsu is a loner.
    Hidan: Isn't that expected from a guy that looks like a mixture of a venus fly trap and an oreo?
    Zetsu: D: Jerk.
    Pein: And Konan, you will take anger management along with Hidan and Mazumi.
    Konan: What?! So you're just going to put me in there just because I beat you in arm wrestlig last night?! You don't think women can bring up the power just 'cause you think we're the bottom of the food chain?! Forget arm wrestling, let's do some real wrestling! Bring it! scream scream
    Me: Yeah! Show 'im the power of the females! scream
    Deidara: D-danna, I'm scared...
    Hidan: D-don't forget to add them to 'looks too scary' on the problems list, Leader-sama.
    Konan: scream WHAT WAS THAT?!!!! scream
    Hidan: N-nothing, Konan... gonk
    Pein: So that is all the problems of all our members.
    Me: Wait.
    Pein: What?
    Me: You didn't say any of your problems...
    Sasori: She's got a point....
    Pein: Me? I don't have any problems.
    Konan. Pffff. You're denying it.
    Me: There's one problem!!! Being in denial!
    Pein: I do not!
    Kisame: There's another one! Lying!
    Deidara: He's very controlling over us. He's so-so...bossy.
    Pein: It's 'cause I'm the boss! D:<
    Kakuzu: There you go with being in denial again.
    Pein: Wh-what? How?
    Sasori: And you drink a lot, leader. Don't end up being a drunky.
    Pein: I do not!
    Me: *mutters* In deniiiiiiial.
    Konan: Yes, you do! I see you take one from Hidan's stash every night!
    Me: There's ANOTHER problem. Stealing!
    Hidan: So it was YOU!!!!!!!
    Kisame: See?! I told you it wasn't me!
    Tobi: Wow! Leader-sama has a lot of problems!!
    Me: So that's what was missing!
    Pein: What?
    Me: You need anger management! blaugh
    Pein: *twitch* O.e Okay, we will be going to therapy tomorow. *walks away*

    To be continued...


    Me: AHAHAAHHAAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!! This is one of my new favorite stories! XD
    Hidan: I liked it too. > biggrin
    Kisame: I hated it. D:<
    Itachi: I second that.
    Me: Haters... D:
    Deidara: Haters gonna hate. XD
    Me: Danna, sorry I barely put you in here. D':
    Sasori: It's fine.
    Zetsu: We were barely in it.
    Me: Be happy. You're most of the time not even in my stories. XD
    Zetsu: D:
    Kakuzu: As long as my money and I are together, I don't care.
    Me: You really need to go to therapy. D: Anyways, stay tuned for the next story!
    Kisame: There's MORE?! Oh, come on!!!! D:<