• Time lost in Time
    Chapter One
    The Well

    Nanalie walked briskly down the sidewalk, cherry blossom trees surrounding the area in a beautiful pink haze of a sweet smell. The sun beamed down onto her through the tree branches, her strawberry blond hair glistening in the sunlight. What a beautiful day... The sun is up, blossoms in the trees... How perfect... She thought to herself as a smile made its way onto her thin pink lips.

    As she walked, the trees became less colorful and were soon after just green. Buildings now around her she sighed. Living in the city never was something she enjoyed. It was loud and not very pretty. But she always enjoyed walking to school, just to see those wonderful cherry blossoms.

    As she walked, passing a few tall grey buildings, she found between them in the dark ally... Was something that looked like... A well? She thought to herself as she stopped in her pace, staring at the thing. It seemed so familiar to her... As if she'd seen it before... As if it was something of much importance to her... Being an all too curious person she decided to go look at it.

    She walked down the dark ally, carefully making sure not to step on any broken glass. The smell of the ally was nothing like the cherry blossoms. It smelt like rotten milk and eggs. Something she never wanted to smell. As she approached the well, she found it was not in good condition. The rope tied on it to lower the bucket into the water was broken and seemed to be no where in sight. Most of the stones on the outside of it was missing but weren't anywhere near the well, or even in the ally. How weird... She thought to herself as she walked up to it, leaning over the edge to look inside.

    She slowly leaned over, seeing the wall of the well, her heart beat began speeding up as her mind pondered on what she might see. Her eyes slowly followed down the wall of the well, watching closely for anything. A small flash of light came from the bottom up, scaring her quite a lot. "Eek!" She squealed, jumping back a few feet only to have bumped into someone.

    "What on earth are you doing?" A man with piercing green eyes and long black hair said as she bumped into him. She squealed again when he spoke and backed away from him, looking at him with scared eyes. "I- I'm sorry, is this your well?" She asked a bit nervously as she pointed at the strange thing. The man raised an eyebrow at what he would call, strange girl and smirked. "Why yes, I am the guardian of it." He said rather proudly and smiled.

    Nanalie tilted her head to the side and gave him a confused look. Why would he guard a well? She asked herself. "Why are you guarding a well?" She asked him as well seeing she didn't know the answer. The man sighed crossing his arms against his chest. "I'm sorry my dear. That is for me to know and only the next guardian to find out." He said in a rather blunt and snotty way. She gave him an "Are you serious" look and laughed. Well isn't he all high and mighty... She thought to herself and rolled her eyes. "Why cant you tell me?" She asked, smiling at him, hoping She'd get something out of him then.

    The man watched her roll her eyes and sighed. Well isn't she a brat... He thought to himself but made sure not to give any looks that would make her think he was thinking that of her. "Because its information only guardians should know." He said bluntly and smiled once again.

    Feeling a little irritated with this guy, Nanalie sighed rather loudly. Why would this weirdo be guarding a well? It makes no sense... She thought to herself in an irritated way. Coming to terms that this guy was probably not all there, she sighed once again. "Fine don't tell me..." She said, crossing her arms then began walking away, passed the strange man. As she did so, he caught a glimpse of the girls arm. A small marking on it of... A guardian? He thought to himself, looking up at her. She's the new guardian? He thought in shock. "W-Wait! I need to tell you something!" He called after her as she walked away.

    Grabbing her by the arm he pulled her back towards him. A bit surprised by his actions and fear for her own life she pulled away, slapping him in the process. "What the hell are you doing?" She yelled at him, now glaring at this man. The man gently rubbed his cheek where she had slapped him. That hurt... He thought to himself and sighed. "Wait, may I please see your arm?" He asked in a polite way as he smiled at her. He had to be sure of it before he told her.

    She raised an eyebrow at him. This guy really is crazy... She thought to herself and sighed. "Why?" She asked, crossing her arms once again. He sighed. "Because, I saw you have a mark on it." He said, looking down at her arm rather creepily. "Um- Yeah, its a birth mark." She said, extending her arm towards him, showing him the marking. It was in the shape of a shield only it didn't really look like it unless you thought about it, and in the middle were lines as if to outline swords. She is... He thought as he stared at the marking. He looked up at her and smiled brightly. "Oh happy day!" He shouted, pulling her into a warm hug and brightly smiled.

    Nanalie now being totally freaked out by this guy and him hugging her, she decided to step on his foot so he would let go. As he winced, his grasp on her loosened and she stepped away from him. "What the hell is your problem!" She yelled then turned around and began walking away.

    "Wait!" He yelled back at her then followed her. "I need to tell you something!" He said, catching up to her and grabbing her by the arm again. She sighed. "You just don't learn, do you?" She said, getting ready to slap him again. Before she could he let go, putting his hands in front of his face. "No, wait dont!" He said defensively. "I just really need to tell you-" Before he could finish, she had already started yelling. "Tell me what? You want me to join your loony bin cult?" She asked in a loud, annoyed voice. This guy was really freaking her out now and she wasn't sure why she was even still here.

    The man sighed, putting his hands down. "No..." He said, slightly glaring at her. He sighed once more, looking around to see if anyone was around. "You are a guardian." He said quietly and smiled. She gave him another, "are you serious?" look and scoffed. "Ha, right. Now I know you're crazy..." She said, turning around and began walking away. "No really!" The man said to her rather loudly. "You have the mark of a guardian." He said, trying to get her to believe but wasn't sure how too. He looked around slightly then down at his arm. "Here I'll prove it." He said, pulling up his sleeve and showing her the mark on his arm that was placed in the exact same place as hers.

    She sighed, turning around and looking at her arm, her eyes growing wide in confusion. How is that possible? She thought. It wasn't... No one could have the same birthmark as another person... That was impossible... But there it was, as clear as day... She looked down at her own arm, then at his and did that a few more times, as if comparing them. She walked up to him and looked him in the eyes. "How the hell did you do that?" She asked sternly, wanting answers. "And if I'm a guardian then tell me why your guarding that well? She asked, putting her hands on her hips and giving him a stern, annoyed look.

    He sighed slightly, happy she was kind of coming to terms with this. "I didn't do it, every guardian is born with this mark." He said in a sure tone. He looked back at the well and sighed, shutting his eyes. "That well... Is the well to the past." He said, looking back over to her with a serious look upon his features.

    She raised an eyebrow. Of the past? She thought, looking over at the old thing. She looked back at him, his serious look kind of freaking her out. This guy has got to be crazy... She thought to herself and rolled her eyes. "Sure..." She said to him an turned around, beginning to walk away.

    He sighed again. She is very stubborn... He thought to himself then walked after her. "No really," He said but wasn't what else to say. He looked back at the well and a flash of light came from it. He smiled, getting an idea. "Here, I'll show you." He said, turning back to her and grabbing her by the arm then led her to the well, which was a rather hard task seeing as she was struggling the whole way...

    "Hey, let go of me!" She said as she hit his arm, trying to get free with little hope of that. What the hell is he doing? She thought as he brought her to the well. She looked down into it, another flash of light coming out. Her heart beat sped up and she looked up at him. "W-What is that?" She asked in a soft yet scared voice.

    He smiled as the well continued lighting up. "The past." He said, smiling down at her just before he pushed her in...