• It was a cold rainy day as I walk to 327 north pearaveiw avenue. A lone raven perched in a tree near a graveyard cawed at me glared me in the eyes with it's red eyes then flew away. There's something different about this place I can feel it. I shiver. Some things not right about this place, It's as if there's some sort of mystery that I have to figure out. I shiver once more because of the cold rain beating on the back of my neck. I walk up to the door I knock the door opens no ones there so I go back out side and begin to look around. I find two graves side by side one with a picture of a little girl and a newspaper article attached to the photo and the other one of a man. I read the newspaper article
    "HOUSE GOES UP IN FLAMES" I read on and find out that the girl in the photograph is a girl named Carina and her house was set a blaze. I feel a sense of sadness for she was only just a child when she died Carina died at the age of 9. The grave beside hers belongs to her father who died trying to save Carina. I walk back to the house it looks brand new, I stand there puzzled for a moment as the house burnt down years ago ans no one would live hear so why would anyone rebuild the house. I walk inside hoping to find the answer.