• In the days when the worlds were still young, there was a beautiful realm of magical night. A sacred place abundant in clear waters, lush fields and majestic forests. In the midst of one such forest was a clearing where fragrant roses bloomed the color of the pale moonlight. As the years passed and the realm grew prosperous it was noticed that one rose never faded or withered like the others. This came to be known as the immortal rose, or Rosencroix. The vampiric race took a particular interest in this rose and built their kingdom around it. Rosencroix Kingdom became a place synonymous with beauty, elegance, and immortality. This lasted for several centuries until a strange and powerful ruler took the throne. Unlike the past kings and queens, he was cold and cruel. He ruled his kingdom with an iron fist, silencing any who dared oppose him. His name was Nicolae. Under Nicolae, a reign of terror swept the land. The cries of the dead rode on the wind and the waters ran red. Nothing could sate his thirst for blood or his lust for absolute power. Nearby villages were burned to the ground to increase his kingdom and the villagers forced to serve his every whim. His castle walls were built with their bodies, strengthened with their bones and blood. In the end, Nicolae still wasn't satisfied.
    One evening he wandered through the castle pondering as to what more could give him power and satisfaction when he saw a pale figure in the castle's gardens. Intrigued, Nicolae approached closer. The figure was that of a beautiful woman cloaked in white, standing amongst the roses. Immediately, a strong thirst overwhelmed him as he watched her. Her beating heart resounded through his head and he could smell the fragrant blood that rushed through her veins. Resisting was futile. Instantly, he grabbed her and fed. The woman's blood flowed through him, but instead of renewing his power and satisfying his thirst, Nicolae began to grow weak. He let go and stumbled back, his eyes wide in confusion. The woman's white dress was soaked in her blood turning her whole countenance crimson. Slowly, her form vanished to reveal the immortal rose, Rosencroix dyed red. Nicolae had fed off the spirit of the immortal rose. Overhead the moon bled crimson until the entire surface was blood. It's cursed light shone down on the land causing it to wither and die and the waters to become blood. As he looked on, the immortal rose turned to stone. The land was cursed. The blood that Nicolae drank weakened him further until he withered away and turned to dust, but even this was not enough. The deed had been done and it was too late. Forever must the immortal rose be stone, and forever must the moon proclaim the tale in blood.