• As the crying quales cross the hell-like hills on the tip of Eurpoe, they cross a weeping woman of woe."Why," she keep asking herself. "Why,"
    All away to the end of the of Europe,all the way into the Hills Of Hills,woeful man,weeping a river,"Why," he asked like the woman. "Why,"
    All the way back to the tip of Europe,we find the woman saying sofely to her self, "Well,there ain't no point of cryin'," she stood."I'll gess I'll get on with my life,now.
    Back to the man."I must move now to the other end of Europe,to go on with my life."
    Four years had past before their terrible,terrible tail,really begans...
    "I terrible am sorry," said a tall,tall man after bumping into a pale woman,and as he picks up a loaf of bread she had dropped. "I didnt see ye there,Im terrible sorry..." then he hands the loaf of bred to her.
    "Its quite all right," she said sofely,like the slow,slow breez on a fall morning."But thank ye,although." then she takes the bread loaf,then gives the man a charming look.
    "Its quite alright?" he asked puzzled."I thought ye be-"
    "Yes,sure," she said over what he said. "Look,I want you to come to dinner,I had never had a some one to eat with for a very,very,long time..." she trailed off as she twisted her hair into her finger.
    "I'd be delighted.' said the man bowing. "But where to ye live?"
    "Oi! Ye never hearded of my hill? Xenophilius's End?" she asked in a sofely as she and the man walked to pay the food.
    "Nope," he said pulling some money out. "I never had until-"
    She had placed her finger on his lips. "Shhhhh. Ye talk to much."
    The man was to mad to say a word,but her though- I cant describe this yong lady but... *