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    One year. One year I was trapped in that forest with my friends’ bobby, Jacob,
    Even, and Adam. My name is Matt, and no it’s not shortened from Mathew its just Matt
    Parker. They say we all went crazy they said we were just seeing things they say it was
    accidental damage to our bodies. How could deep cuts, broken bones, and scratches be
    accidental! We know what we saw we know what we heard and now I will tell you our
    We all headed out the great out doors the wilderness the sweet smell of pine. My
    friends and I are going camping in a forest that we had just discovered. It had rumors of
    ghosts and demons but we didn’t believe the stories. Everyone except Adam was 14 years
    old Adam being a year under us had been the jumpiest of the group. I was the
    adventurous one. Jake was obsessed with finding stuff. Bobby was just an outdoors man!
    And Evan was just plain cool.
    We got to the entrance of the forest at about noon. We all just kind of stared into
    it. It was menacing. It was Almost as if it was mocking us. I was the first to go in then
    Jake then Bobby then “with hesitation” Adam. “This is creepy” Adam said. I told him to
    shut up and just keep walking after a while we all got hungry and sat down to eat. “So
    what do you guise think of Ms. Wilkes?” Bobby said. We all hated the teacher. She was
    charged for theft five times and she really knew how to bite down on us! We all had a
    conversation about the teachers in our middle school. Most were by the book but nice.
    We got up and started walking again when Adam saw something in the brush. “guise
    what was that!” “Nothing Adam just your eyes playing tricks on you we started walking
    “I swear Matt! I saw something!” said Adam. I just agreed with him and started
    walking. He seemed to calm down a little bit after I agreed with him. Out of all the others
    Adam was my best friend the others knew but didn’t care. “Why don’t we set up camp
    guise?” suggested Jacob. We all agreed and set up the tents we brought. I chimed in and
    told everyone to set the alarms on there watches to 6o’clock. We went to bed without any
    We all woke up at the same time Adam shaken up. “What happened Adam?” We
    all asked. The…The thing I saw knocked my tent over I got scared and woke up early
    sorry if I woke you guise up. It was 5. “well since were up lets pack our tents and head
    back to town,” were pretty deep in the forest does anyone know which way he need to
    go?” said Bobby. Oh god guise you do know witch way we came right!” I asked. No one
    We searched all over even sat on a log depressed and started talking to himself.
    Something he would usually do if he was stressed out. Adam started to cry, Jake and I sat
    down. “Damn were lost!” Jake said. “No duh smarty” even said. “I hate you even!” Jake
    said and threw a punch. Jake had even pinned down. He punched him twice in the face
    and broke his watch. “Stop!” My voice rang out through the whole forest.
    We all had agreed on a direction and started that way Jake was trudging in the
    mud in front of us. He stopped suddenly and turned around he was slowly sinking.
    Sinking sand who would have guessed? Even ran for him but he got stuck too. I grabbed
    a stick and pulled Evan out first then Jake. Wet with Mud and sand we collapsed tired
    and dirty. Adam was standing with a shocked look on his face a deep gash on his
    stomach. “I told you I saw something!” he said. Then he collapsed.
    “Oh my god! Someone get the bandages!” I ordered. Adam was crying, blood
    trickling down the sides of his stomach. I applied the bandages and set him up against a
    log. That’s when I remembered that something had to have knocked down his tent there
    was no wind!
    Adam was finally asleep we were tired, bloody, and Panicking. We all agreed
    that there was something in the forest and now we couldn’t find a way out. If Adams cut
    would have been deeper it would have cut his stomach open! We all sobbed for a while
    then we woke Adam up and ate with a constant eye out.
    We started eating our last sandwiches when we realized that we need food!
    Luckily a stream coming from an un-climbable mountain had fish in it. It led to a Big
    pond. We planned on making fishing poles and spears for the fish and for the thing that
    hurt Adam.
    We carved our fishing poles and spears then headed for the stream. Adam was
    able to walk but net very well he sat there next to me as we fished. Adam just laid back
    and watched. I took one look at him and started to cry. “He was right,” I said. Then Jacob
    Evan and Bobby started to cry too. Everyone knowing that we made the wrong decision
    coming here in the first place. We started to fish again the chance of us catching a fish
    with a stick string and a bent paperclip were slim to none, But then Evan got a bite and
    pulled up the fish was small but then Jacob got a bite too then Bobby. “Wait.” “How are
    we catching fish when we have no bait and the paperclip barley goes under water?” I
    asked pulling a fish in when we saw it. The water was Jet black fish swimming faster
    than light we all took a step back when I saw it. It seemed like time was going is slow
    motion a creature with very dark brown skin and black eves slid past me cutting my
    cheek. Then it was gone. We herd a loud disturbing screech. We all started running Adam
    over my shoulder whispering I told you.
    We sat down I dabbed my cheek the cut wasn’t bad I just stared into the wood. “I
    saw it,” I said. Then I explained its futures to the others Adam agreed. “That’s it,” he
    chimed in. I got up enraged. “Ok were stuck here with lethal monsters and no way to get
    out!” “today its clear we fight and fend for ourselves to survive and by ourselves I mean
    all of us as one!” “We don’t know how many there are but I’m not here to let anyone
    die!” I gave my speech and yelled “You here that you Son of a B***h! You don’t mess
    with my friends!” I then held hp my spear. “Were taking guard duties I go first then Jacob
    then Bobby then Evan then Adam.
    I was up standing like a British soldier. I heard a noise then a squeak a mouse ran
    across my foot. I jumped piercing the front of Jacobs chest just enough to make it bleed.
    “My turn” he said motioning me to my tent. I woke up Adam was standing guard. He
    seemed to be doing a lot better. He nudged his head toward Evan he was shaking. “It
    grazed the tip of the spear…Look its blood it well black!” that’s when we realized that it
    matched the folklore of the forest a group of freaky monsters that would set its fixes to
    anyone that came into the forest. No one believed them until today Adam Evan and
    Myself Had seen one. We all had seen its blood. It was unbelievable but it was true. We
    got ourselves into a heap of trouble.
    We were all ready. We started through the deeper woods after getting a drink
    from the stream. We all thought we might be able to get out the other side but the forest
    was so big it was hard to tell if we would make it out alive. Especially with the monster
    out there with us. We walked until it got dark not much talk from any of us just the
    crunching of the leaves and pine needles under our feet. “Hey I have an idea!” Jacob said
    pointing to a tree with no leaves on it. “Ill climb it to see where we are!” Jacob started up
    the tree carefully placing each foot on a branch as he made his way to the top.
    “wow!” we heard him say. “Damn.” I called up to him. He said all he saw were
    trees no land besides the mountain stream that we have come from. That’s when he saw it
    the monster. No two of them! They both hit him and we watched as he fell from the top
    branch. No movement once so ever. We all saw the two monsters hit him we all saw what
    happened then almost out of nowhere bobby was on the ground screaming. His left hand
    had been severed. Blood was gushing. The thing cut through the bone like a knife does
    butter. Bobby fell over. Evan went over to help Jacob and I went to patch up bobby. With
    ought a doubt Bobby could be dead with too much blood loss.
    It was amazing Jacob just had a massive headache and bobby was doing fine until
    I had to sew the skin he had left with a paper clip and string. He was in so much pain
    everyone else vomiting but then it was over. We still had the fish he tried so hard to start
    a fire but it didn’t happen. We ate the fish raw. It was very disgusting but it worked. We
    all just fell over and went to bed. No one was standing guard.
    We woke up no one was hurt besides yesterday. “There torturing us” said evan.
    We all knew it there was no doubt. It was like hell the next thing you know someone
    would probably die. We all thought that. I was standing there when we heard a screech
    then one of the monsters sped up to me face to face. I was shocked then suddenly angry. I
    spit at it cursed and then out of know where a spear went through its back and out its
    chest. It made a little gargling noise then fell to the ground, Oozing black blood. I was
    shocked Adam was standing behind it with his hands pulling the spear from the monster.
    That evening nobody said anything he sat by the menacing body. For hours we
    just stared at it then we managed to start a fire and throw the things body it. It had razor
    sharp claws we broke them off just in case if we would need something sharp for future
    forest references. We considered our experiences a curse. Oh and if you didn’t know how
    we got the string well I guess we just got luckily paperclips string and pocket knives were
    on our supply list. Adam went through the trouble making it.
    We just sat there watching the body burn a horrible stench was in the air and
    black smoke was rising from the body. All of a sudden we all just started laughing. It
    wasn’t the happy kind of laughing it was more like the insane kind of laughing. “Damn!
    Ha-ha. How did we get ourselves in this god damn mess! Ha-ha!” Jacob was the one who
    muttered the sentence. We were laughing so hard we couldn’t breathe! We collapsed and
    littler passed out we were going insane!
    We woke up dizzy and in a daze the fire was still going and the monster was still
    burning. “ok now what?” I asked. Adam pointed the way we were heading in the first
    place so we continued. Scared? Yes! Out of our minds. But the worst thing that could
    happen was that one of them kill us. I looked at bobby his whole arm was black I realized
    that well we needed to cut his whole arm off I could barley sew his hand shut there was
    very little skin to use so I set him down grabbed the creatures claw and a stick. He knew
    what I was doing. He bit down on the stick and the claw cut in.
    His scream rand out through the forest. I rubbed some dirt on it to make the blood
    clot. I cut my sleeve off grabbed a piece of string and a paper clip and I started sewing. I
    made sure there was enough skin to sew over the wound. Bobby made it through my
    surgery but we stopped for the night due to the fact that bobby had lost a lot of blood.
    We all took turns keeping watch except bobby. I sat there with my spear and
    rubbed mud on my face. There was no reason for it I just thought it would be fun. Jacob
    had the next shift. He pretended his spear was a gun.
    We were woken up by Adam. We walked out of our tents and saw that we were
    surrounded. The monsters there were nearly 20. We closed our eyes and waited for
    something to happen. We opened our eyes and they were gone. “I guess they were
    warning us that there weren’t only 21 there are probably a lot more,” said Bobby.
    “ok, what the hell do we do now!” exclaimed Evan. “I don’t know,” I said. “I
    guess we just move on,” we were tired. We realized that we haven’t eaten for a while so
    we sat down and “sadly” ate leaves. It was the only thing we had. Bobby was messing
    around with Jacob. Adam and Evan were sitting next to me. We were playing rock paper
    scissors in our own little way.
    We started to walk again not knowing if we would end up dead or alive and well.
    We planned on walking so we did just that we walked and walked then we came to a
    house. It wasn’t really big it just looked like an abandoned cabin. We hurried into it. It
    had cans of beans and soup. We found a fire starter and a hatchet. We opened up the
    refrigerator and found fresh fruit. We stepped back and backed into a man.
    We turned around and he had a grin on his face. He had a husky by his side.
    “What are you boys doing here. We explained our whole situation. He fell back into a
    chare. “They don’t like it when new people come into a forest.” He took one glance at
    bobby and jumped up. “We need to get you better bandaged!” He slowly pulled the string
    out and re sewed it shut after he put some medicine on it. Names Bill! Don’t own a car
    and it’s a very long walk from here to town. Ill let you stay the night. We drifted off with
    an odd expression on our face. He ended his sentence so sudden!
    We woke up and had a breakfast of eggs. It was like heaven. He sent us off with a
    gun and plenty of ammo each. We walked out the door he was waving we waved back
    and he pointed us in the direction of town. “Oh wait!” Bill ran inside and grabbed a first
    aid kit and some food and gave it to us. We were off.
    “You think he could have given us a compass,” complained Jacob. We ignored
    him and kept walking. We didn’t think it could get any better than finding Bill. We
    walked for hours then sat down to rest. “Hey,” Adam said. “What are the chances of us
    getting into this situation?” “Probably one to none,” said Evan. This is hell! This is hell!
    This is hell! I don’t want to be here! I don’t want to be here! I don’t want to be here!
    “What the hell!” We were all staring at Jacob. He was rocking back and forth in an odd
    motion I was looking around rapidly. We shouldn’t be here! I want to go home! I want to
    go. It ended so sudden the shrill scream of the monster had us on our feet. We saw it right
    away and I took action. “Go to hell!” I shot the monster right in the head. “Jacob!” I ran
    over to him he was crying. Jacob don’t… Don’t die! But it was too late he was gone. “Do
    we go back to bills?” Adam asked. Wiping tears off of my eyes I said no. We were too
    far. We all started to cry. “What if we end up like him!” Adam exclaimed. I just shook
    my head and started digging a grave.
    “Does anyone want to say any words?” I asked. “He was a good friend.” Said
    Adam. “I’ll miss you,” Bobby said. We all started walking towards town. “Damn why
    Jacob?” We were walking for miles we were getting so tired. “we’ll never forget about
    him.” I said.
    “Are you Shure bill told us to go this way?” asked Adam. I shook my head and
    then my mouth hung open. There was a cave several of the monsters were swarming out
    of it. “Haha!” “Bill!” He just stared at us. Nobody trespassed on my land. This is my
    forest! He started to explain everything. Before I sewed up Bobby’s cut I gave a special
    pill to Jacob that made him crazy. It made him crazy then I sent one of my little monsters
    to go in and take him out now it’s your turn!
    I pulled out the gun and fired. “Blanks!” Then I got the idea. These monsters are
    attracted to bill. I cut open my hand and ran at bill. I smeared my blood on his shirt. “Haha
    what’s this going to do? Then it happened he shot his gun and hit me in the shoulder.
    Then the monster attacked him. “I sat there and laughed. They can’t tell who you are.
    Then I passed out.
    The last thing I remembered was being flown out of that god forsaken place. I got
    healed up and went to Jacobs’s funeral. One injured One Dead the others came out with
    mild scratches. I still can’t believe they don’t believe us. They say it was a hunting
    accident! “Just then Adam barged into my room.” They believe us! The monsters are out
    of the forest and raiding the town! I got up and walked out of my room for the first time
    in months the town had gone to hell and it’s our job that the town comes out safe.