• My name is wolvres and this is my story. I was borne in the dragonmaw clan and was raised to kill the so called lesser races. Soon I was considered old enough to fight with the other worriers. Like all the other young orc’s I was ready for my first kill. We lost the humans taking us to camps heavily guarded we lived under the watchful eyes of our human captures. both my parents had bin killed in the battle so I was often sat by my self. My name back then was niclone bloodscream. I fueled my hatred towards our captures I blamed them for ever thing not once thinking maybe we had bin in the wrong.

    “Quickly hold him down” ropes restrained malgar I sighed this was his fifth time trying to escape. Not many stopped to watch they didn’t want to be around some of the guards would take there anger out on anyone or do it just for the fun of it I sighed again and moved on rubbing a cut on my cheek I’d gotten it from one of those guards just because he was angry. A flash of dark purple made me stop that was odd I turned and looked closer. There by the entrance a figure clad in dark purple stud talking to the captain of the guard. He seemed to be trying to convince the dark figure of something I shook my head not my problem. I continued to walk to the tent I shared when a small figure stepped out in front of me. I stopped tensing steeling myself for a blow the guard looked at me “your nicolone” I nodded he jerked his head to the side “follow me”. With that he turned and walked off I followed the guard to a tent close to the wall of the camp he opened the tent flap. He looked annoyed when I didn’t move “well go in” I blinked in surprise then went in. when I straitened I was even more confused there in the center of the tent stud the purple clad figure the captain looked angry “there vile creatures anyone of them well kill you we” “I have no interest in what you think I have permission from dalaran to seek any guardian I see fit” “yes but” “captain lady vannessa I have brought him” the two turned the captains eyes were dark with anger I looked at the purple clad figure. It was human female a hood covered her face but her eyes or eye seemed to glow. I watched her and she watched me. She pulled her hood back reviling shoulder length gold hair that covered one side of her face her eye was a startling light blue. She smiled at me in a kind way witch took me by surprise she must have seen it cuz her smile took on a hint of mischief. A sharp cuff over my head made me wince “don’t stare” growled the guard “no need to be brutal” I rubbed my cheek the cut had started to burn as it did some times. The females eyes flashed and she stepped foreword before I could step back her hand touched my cheek she murmured words of power. I felt my cheek stitch itself back together she stepped back with a small nod of satisfaction I felt my cheek it felt slightly warm but the cut was gone. I’d herd of these kind of people they weren’t like shawmen I’d herd they could be very powerful. So why was she here? She had said something about a guardian but why would she need one? And why not just get an elf or another human? I gave a start the captain was shouting at the female “never do that without my permission” “captain" the female mage replied calmly “I need no permission from you” she turned back to me “if you wish you may come with me but I well not make you” “what would I have to do?” I asked slowly “nothing more then guard my back” as strange as it was I couldn’t help thinking that this could be my chance to escape “you cant take him” “oh and why cant I” the female mage asked in a low dangers voice. “because no offence lady vannessa but I do have some authority” there was a glint in the captains eyes it spoke of rage that he would most likely be taken out on any incant victim as soon as lady vannessa was out of the way. “I see what you are trying to do captain if there’s one thing I don’t like its games” “lady van” “no captain if he wishes to come he may” “but” “captain” her voice held calm cold anger “you want me to agree on finding a different guardian one that no doubt well turn on as soon as were out of sight” the captains face was full of outraged surprise. What was the mage getting at? “in doing so hoping that they would find my corps and then charge the orc’s for being blood thirsty vile creatures” “b...but” stammered the captain “and there for” continued the mage “hoping to get the order to kill off the hole race” I stared in surprise the tent went silent “how dare you accuse me of such a thing” “I dare because I see it in your eyes captain” the captain snarled was he really to get my people killed? I shook my head trying to take in everything I’d herd “now” the female turned to me “well you except and guard my back as long as you have the strength” I hesitated would she put some kind of spell on me to make sure I did? It didn’t matter getting away from here would be batter then nothing. So I agreed.

    A few minuets more of augment from the captain and we were walking out the gate with a small party of guards. They were for lady vannessa’s safety from me. Vannessa the purple clad mage walking beside me had said they could accompany us to the next village there she would stay with her brother for a few days with that the guards could then leave. We walked in silence the hole way.

    When we reached the rise in witch we could see the village I was amazed. This village was small but built very wisely. Vannessa turned to the guards “you may leave now and tell the captain that we arrived safely” “but lady vannessa” the lead guard stepped foreword giving me a glare “you are not in the village and this beast” she silenced him with a glare of her own “remember he is my guardian anything said against him is against me” the guard stepped back “you may leave now” the guard bowed and she turned away starting towards the village I followed a few steps behind. When I looked over my shoulder the guards were still on top of the hill watching us. Soon they were hidden from sight vannessa turned into the woods I followed curiously. After a few minutes a small house came into view. There was the sound of wood being chopped a man striped to the waste was in the fount yard swinging his ax. He looked up as we approached his light green eyes went strait to lady vannessa they shown brightly as he put his ax down. For the first time I herd vannessa laugh she took off running flinging her arms around the man “its good to see you again sister” I stopped a few feet away looking around the clearing “its good to see you to dune” I looked back at the two this must be her brother. Dune looked up eyeing me not unfriendly just curiously “dune this is nicolone my guardian” he nodded “as I told u in my letter” he nodded again giving vannessa one last squeeze then turned to me “well will have both you settled in before dark” he smiled “come on in” he turned and started for the house vannessa smiled and followed I had no choice so I followed as well. They had to put two beds together for me. I couldn’t figure it out didn’t mine and there people fight I watched as vannessa’s brother’s two kids ran around the front yard playing tag. Dune sat next to me handing me a plat of food I took it. “its not much” I looked at the food my stomach growled “thank you” I said quietly. Back at the camp we hadn’t gotten much to eat and what they had gotten was rotten or rotting and maybe some leftovers from the guards meals. I ate slowly savoring the sweet taste of roast pork and warm bread. The little boy sat in front of me watching me eat he was 10 maybe 11 the girl was around 7 or 8 hid behind her brother watching me with big brown eyes. I knew I was an impressive sight to a human with large tusks, green skin, red eyes and arms thicker then a human leg. But as an orc I was rather small for my kind. He’d often bin teased about it when he’d bin little. “it’s not nice to stare sorin” the boy shrugged and looked back at me “are you really an orc warrior" I nodded he smiled “what’s the war like” he asked eagerly “that’s enough sorin” I shook my head “you want to know what war is like” he nodded ignoring his father I took a bit of bread thinking sorin watched me intently dune was watching me as well I swallowed and sighed “war is bloody cruel and cold men die sometimes women and children” I herd a sigh of relief from dune “parents loss there children children loss their parents I lost both my parents in the last battle” every one went silent. The heat started in my belly then rose to my throat the anger bubbled. I was going to loss it when suddenly a little body pressed against me. I looked down at the little girl. Her arms barely made it around my middle she looked up at me meeting my eyes with out flinching she murmured quietly “war is bad I’m sorry lost your mom and dad” the anger died. just like that like water on a fire. I murmured looking into the deep brown eyes “what’s your name” “senay” I nodded “thank you” dune got up “its time for bed you two” “aww cant we stay up a little longer” argued sorin his father shook his head “off with you” sorin and senay went inside the house. I finished my meal and got up. I was feeling very worn out and my mind was still spinning with questions. I went inside with dune who bid me good night when we reached my room door. I went into the room and set down in the make shift bed. I laid back sinking in I closed my eyes and slowly drifted off.