• Chapter One:The Ghastly Cloak

    It was said that these creatures were able to transform into three forms,a mist,wolf and a bat and were always hiding behind the silvery full moon.This is coming from me,a 6 years old and my story. 

    1964 it all started here outside Turkeytown in a small village in South Huntingdon Township, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. The breeze was gently blowing with a message to say.
    While the waters wanted to slowly leave the river due to its pollutions. The field I sat down was beautiful as if it was a sea of grass,the wind blows the grass creating the waves of my so called "Sea", By the river stands an old tree,isolated and lonely,I sat with it.
    The feelings of sadness from that tree quickly reached me.
    It reminded me when the event of "Them" attacked the village I once lived in .
    It was gruesome.
    Those memories were from the pass I thought,but no they still havent left,even single bit.
    Opening the basket I brought with me. Ham sandwhich and some fried chicken which I shared with the tramp that was looking at me with crazed big black eyes,I walked up to him and gave him a little meal.Wearing a torn brown robe with a hood and a beautiful yet broken jewelry from his neck he asked me "Arent you scared?" cold breeze rushes as he speak,I replied "No mr,why would I be scared of you?", I shivered As soon as i said that, I've felt cold sad and scared all at the same time. He walked away in the end.

    The day I met that man was a faithful in counter,destiny! But even so i've started to think about the feelings he gave me. 
    I came back to my village,from the old abandoned farm 3 Miles by feet behind the huge rock that hides what I call "Home".
    Old,misplaced and almost falling apart,im surprised the window still manage to hold its glass despite the fact the square bit was uneven, The door creeks and under it lives a ton of maggots crawling and feeding,dividing its breed day by day,I dont really mind.
    South was the old abandoned farm, despite its horrifying view it was friendly,each summer I gather myself two  apple fruits from the almost withering apple tree. The crops was dead and the fences were broken in pieces and no one ever visit the place. 
    I've never wondered whats inside the farm house until now,never I dare to touch its gloomy walls and enter it,ever.
    The Farm shed was also a mystery to me it wasnt in a good shape and theres always a gnawing sound coming from it everynight,grunting and moaning.
    There was also a scratch from its door which I thought could of be a bear a cat maybe eagles but not a Human. 
    It was almost as if someone is struggling to get out from it,what could it be? 
    I built up my courage,I've stared at each windows I could find in the old farm house,there was no sign of movement.But theres life. 
    I opened its very door slowly not to create any sounds that would lure something to attacking me.
    Slowly creeping upstairs I heard singing,beautiful singing,i've figured it was a woman.
    But I was wrong.
    From the singing gently shifting to a gnawing growling or even roaring sound! But I knew it was a human. 
    I hid behind the cabinet which looked brand new,the cabinet itself looked like its time-line wasnt like the farm house or should I say it did not belong there.The stairs creeks and cracks,the fireplace was home for the spiders and other insect and the table and chairs has so much mold that even a poor person like me would be disgusted!
    I realized I shouldnt be looking at these things and should really focused on the situation. The man or lady struggled out of the chair he or she was tied in, he or she was pale and quiet skinny as if it missed eating for days weeks or even months,the long shadowy cloak blocks its face.
    There was a grin in its face,a grin that only the insane should make,I wanted to release the person but I was so scared.
    And so I ran,I ran out the house forgetting to close its jail-like doors and its horrors that hides behind those gloomy walls.
    Ive thought of coming back,but when?