• 16+
    Strong Language, Use of Drugs

    july, 18, 2013
    Whats Happening.
    You must be wondering what is happening, well lets just start from there shall we? There.. understand? Yea, no one knows how this happened or anything. I knew getting this notepad was stupid. My Wife said 'Why don't you just write everything going through your mind' Wanna know whats going through my mind?! two things. 1. This notepad is stupid as ********. 2. Your gonna die soon from a damn zombie bite, and you want me to right about my feelings? What about you??!?! your gonna die most likely, and when you die then ill right about how sad and tore apart i am. Also, we only have a red pen.... i hate red.

    " Damn, this hurting me really badly hun, can you please get me some more pain killers?" Jessica Said.

    " Sure thing" Thomas said, he walked over to the shelf and opened a bottle. " Jessica, were all out."

    "Are you ******** kidding me!"

    " Don... Don't worry, i'll go out and get you some more."

    " Alright, do you need me to tie a sign around you saying ' Fresh meat! get it while you can!' Do you?"

    " ahahahahah shut up. Don't worry we have a weapon."

    "What a frying pan:

    "Um, noooooo, how about this gun."

    " Yea a damn lawyer using a pistol"

    " Shush up, i promise ill come back alive."

    " Ok, be safe, give me a kiss before you leave"

    " sure thing"

    Thomas went over gave her a kiss and started heading out into the infested streets of New York. Worse place to be... Every body there got infested besides her and Thomas. Well thats all they knew who were still alive.

    Thomas walked out the door and the first thing he sees is hundreds of zombies, tearing and ripping parts off everybody.