• She woke up and wondered, why she wasn't strong enough.
    Since that day, she'd never seen him again.
    Feeling dizzy and a little tired,
    she stood up, knowing she was going to fall again. With her eyes filled with tears, she yelled "no, i have to be strong."But She knew, that there was no way he'd come back.
    Not now, and not later. It was sad to realize, that he was gone, and it would be harder today, because today was father's day. She thought there was no point in celebrating it.
    But she saw a point in ending it.
    "All would be easier, Right?" She said quietly going towards the kitchen....

    "Im home" her mom yelled. but sadly no answer.
    "sweetie 'm ho-" Her heart stopped as she saw the shocking image of her daughter.
    with a letter saying "It was best for me, now i get to see dad"

    the end