• Oni laughed when the teacher walked off, "Wow.. Heh, wanna get outta here..?"
    Ryan smiled, "I love this bad0girl side of you."
    "Well, heh."


    They were both outside in the forest, drinking Coke. Oni had her hair in braided pigtails with a winter hat on top. She sipped her Coke and felt Ryan come closer to her, "Heh, yes?"
    Ryan didn't say anything but took of her hat. Oni giggled when he took out her braided pigtails hair bows. He let his finger run through her long, soft hair. He whispered, "Kiss me.." She smiled and then did what she was told, she kissed him. She felt all numb inside again. But this time it was a good numb, like, she didn't want it to end. She opened her mouth to let Ryan do devastating things inside of it. She felt his tongue slid through the roof of her mouth. She kissed him back again, but she didn't want it to stop. Oni felt Ryan's hand on her waist. They stopped when they heard the bell. Ryan laughed, "Time for school, again..."


    Oni got a note from a teacher that read:
    Report to the office, for you are needed home.

    She got up and grabbed her stuff, worried if something happened to her mom. She looked back at Ryan who sat at the end of the classroom, worried about Oni. Oni ran home, out of breath, "Mom?" She looked around the house, but it seemed lifeless. She looekd around but when she turned she was wide-eyed and then a gun shot went off...

    :4 weeks gone by:

    Tiffany walked up to Ryan, "Sad that Oni died?"
    "She's not dead.."
    "Right.. So one of the neighbors said that they heard a scream and a gunshot. So theres NO WAY that Oni's died."
    Tiffany laughed anf walked away, leaving Ryan in the office of a police. A police came up to the desk that Ryan was sitting and sat on the other side, "So what happened to the death of Oni..?"
    "I don't know. I wasn't there. She just recieved a note from the office and she had to go home... Thats all I know."
    "I believe you know more."
    "How would I-"
    "Cause you caused the death of Oni."
    "Wha- No I didn't!"
    "Admit it."
    "I wouldn't kill her..."
    "You killed-"
    "I LOVED HER!"

    To be Continued...