• Dad was working on something again. I could tell because he hadn't come out of the back room for weeks leaving me to take care of my eight year old sister Christina. I sighed a breath of relief, Christina was finally asleep.

    You're probably thinking that right about now I should call up one of my friends, and complain about how annoying It is to be fifteen and already have to take of a little kid on a daily basis. About how it sucks to not have a mother, that my father got fired and is working on a invention that probably won't work instead of taking care of his own family. But sadly, i have no friends. I have no one to complain to. My name is Elliot Jane Marie, and I am an outcast. I have black hair, and glasses. I could keep complaining about how my life sucked at that time, but back to the story.

    I heard a loud crash come from the back room. I jumped up and grabbed the fire extinguisher we had on stock, (we normally had about five on us.) and ran down the hallway .

    “Christina stay in your room!” I yelled reaching for the door knob that opened the back room. When i opened the door, curls of smoke met my face. I covered my mouth with my sleeve and headed in. Of all the things we had in this house, fire hydrants, super powerful flash lights, mutant hamsters, (don't ask), why didn't we have a gas mask? Or just a regular mask? Well anyways, i went in and found my father already putting out the fire. (like I said earlier, we normally had about five fire hydrants on stock) He had black hair and glasses, like me. He was an inventor. Well i guess you could call him that, like I said earlier, he got fired from his job in the factory because he was tweaking with the office computer of some thing like that. Once the fire was extinguished, a huge smile crept across his face.

    “Dad...” I began, “What's with the creepy smile?” He held out a little device in his hand.

    “Do you know what this is!!” he said. Obviously it was something important.

    “Err...” I looked over the device, it looked like a blood pressure tester. Or a taser. It had a small little digital screen on it, with three buttons that said 'time', 'date' and 'Go!'. I took my best guess. “Is it a... really cool timer?” I said cluelessly.

    “No!! It's a t-t-time machine!!” That man had obviously sucked in too many fumes.

    “Dad, why don't you just go get some fresh air? It's still pretty steamy in here.” Before he could answer Christina was at the door way. “Sissy!” She said “Can i come out of my room now!?”

    “Here hold this!” He put the supposed time machine in my hand. My dad picked up Christina, her brown messy hair flopping on her shoulders as he did.

    “We're gonna be rich! Rich!” he exclaimed while shaking her up and down. I looked at the little device in my hand. It can't possibly work I thought but still... maybe... I got curious and pressed the time button. The screen lit up, with today's date. I held down the time button and the year on the screen went from '2010' to '2110' .

    My eyes widened. No way.. i thought. I pressed the date button and it went three months forward. The screen glowed green Please hit 'go!' I looked over at my family. Dad was babbling about what he was going to buy once he was rich, and Christina was babbling about... bunnies? What ever.

    I hit the go button. The world around me seemed to shred away. Pieces of time shriveled up and melted into a blindingly bright light. All of the energy of the world pushed and pulled on me. I curled up in a ball and closed my eyes. I felt like i was holding the world on my shoulders, for all i know it could have been. The force kept pressing down on me, until i couldn't move. Right when it was about to crush me, it just released. I fell in from the air onto the ground, landing with a thud.