• Prologue-

    The alarm was sounding as my feet carried me down the hall at a dead run. My breathes were coming out in slow, rythmic gasps as I tore down a secluded hallway to the armoury,
    where my weapons and armour would be waiting.

    "Lady Night!" I turned my head to see my lifetime friend, Skylar Kogoza, running to catch up with me. Sky was two years older than I, but the only time he showed it was with the Sentinals, the Irasho; our gods, or at a battle.

    "Sky! Voice down!" I snapped it in a whisper, pointing a gloved finger at him. My eyes searched the darkened corners in their crystal blue glory. His blue eyes searched with me.

    He ducked his head and cringed, "Sorry, Lady. I just got an update," he motioned to the ear piece clipped in his ear, "The Dawn and Day have attacked the Northern Gate. It seems it's fallen. And not in our race's way of fallen." He chuckled slightly.

    "Ah, Dawn and Day. How I have missed those fools." I said the word in a hiss, but I snorted after it. Turning down a second hallway, I realized Sky was still on my heels, "Are they looking for anything in particular?"

    "Yeah. You dead." Of course.

    "Like that will happen any time soon." I chuckled low in my throat, my eyes darkening in humor.

    "We need to flash to the armoury." Sky's voice was trying to hurry me along, proving how important it was for me. Skylar knew that to hurry me around, basically meant he was going to get his head chopped off.

    My black waves shook in fierce, quick jerks. "We can't. At least one of those clowns has to be a tracker. We give off any slight bit of our power, and they'll be on us like bugs to trash." I frowned quickly, realizing my own words. "Wait-"

    "Trash?" His voice's was sizzling with faux anger. "You did not just call us, the prestigous Night Clan, trash!"

    "You're not a Night, Mister Kogoza."

    "Oh. Right." Gods, how stupid boys could be if they didn't set their mind to anything. I looked sideways at my friend, his black spiky hair was floating all ways. His cheeks were
    dusted red from exertion. His eyes were glowing with eagerness from the fight to come. He was dressed in simple clothing. A black t-shirt, that showed how lean and fit he was. He wore a
    pair of black blue jeans, that trailed into black biker boots. He was an Irasho. In Cryanese, the language we slip into that was created from our ancestors, it translated to Fallen Gods. Sky
    happened to be the God of the Sun, Light, and Luck. While I, on the other hand, was the Goddess of the Moon, Darkness, and Corruption. Evil to my core, yup, that was me.

    "Geez. Boys. Just kill me now why don't you!" Oh, how it wasn't a question. It's what I wanted with all my heart and soul right now.

    "You're immortal. You can't die!" Sky exclaimed. His voice rising an octave.

    "Son of a... you're right! That's new. How does it feel?" I raised an eyebrow as I turned down another corridor.

    "It feels..." he frowned, and pondered it. "It feels like I was just gay-ified."

    "That's not a word."

    "Screw you."

    "Love you too, cupcake."

    We walked up to the armoury door, and I shoved it open, the great wooden doors sliding open soundlessly. Well, one good thing in my life. Inside was my team.

    Fitting on arm guards, Tesuku Koga, stood in the left corner. With coal black hair, and even darker eyes, it made sense he was the God of Despair. He always wore dark clothes,
    even darker than Skylar, which was a surprise. If Skylar and Tesuk stood side by side, they could literally be twins. But, there was one more added to the list. Light Yujo. Light, as his name
    confessed, was light. His hair was a snowy white. His eyes were the palest blue you have ever seen, in a way, he was albino. His outfits were always of the purest white. And, thanks to his
    powers, he never, ever, got them dirty. Creepy right? Light was the God of Life, and Prosperity. They prayed to Sky for brilliant harvests, they prayed to me for attacks on opposite clans.
    They prayed to Tesuk to bring those who go against us to horror. Yes, we were a horrible nation, but hey. Everyone still loved us. Now they prayed to Light, in case everything failed. They
    also prayed to him when children were coming into the world.

    Now for my girls. Trinity Katsuki was, what you could call, a Sorceress. Her hair was the deepest chestnut brown you could possibly hope to have. Her eyes were the most intricute mix of greenish hazel ever found. She was a Goddess of War, and Strategy. It suited her well. Trin, when made mad, turned into a demon. Not literally, but still. My second girl, Yashiru Monzoya, happened to be the Goddess of Painful Death and Dismemberment. Most of her 'tips' she got from me. Her hair was a light silvery blonde color. Her eyes were a deep chocolate brown. These two were the closest of all the female gods to me.

    Tesuk looked up at our entrance, "Marissa. About friggin time." His eyes narrowed on me and Skylar, almost trying to probe us to see if we were hooking up in the corner. I stared back at him. Yay, creepy stare contest! Fun. Not.

    Turns out he was more chicken than me, as his eyes dropped, and he continued fitting. "That's right, back down." I snickered at him, almost wanting to add in an insult or two, but
    hell, save it for the enemies.

    And speaking of enemies, I turned to the secluded circular dresser, and opened the doors. Inside was my armour. A black corset, and shoulder armor that had intricute swirls,
    and on the right side, the name, in ancient cryanese, Night. The pattern started at the shoulders, swirling down to the arm guards, which were made of a special mineral called, ironically,
    Crystal. Which is why, our planet's name is Crystal Glacier. It was harder than any metal ever made, or found. It spread into the special gloves. Now, that is something I supposed I should
    explain. Why gloves?

    As I looked down at my hand, I felt anger spike in me. Over a fit of rage, one who was supposed to be my best friend, she cursed me not to be able to touch another human being
    with seeing both their past and present. If they were in close proximity, I could see their past, the things they kept buried away the hardest. But, that wasn't even it all. If I touched them, I was able to draw out their powers. That, truly, has saved me many times, in many battles. I was hoping it would be the same today.

    The bottom of my armour was a pair of regular black jeans, but with a built in 'magnet' as some would call it. My magnet was able to draw in those with even more dangerous powers, so that I would be able to take all his powers. Again, Goddess of Darkness, you see why this type of power really suited me. Attached to the pants was a belt with a sheath for my sword.

    My shoes were a type of black boots. No, not stiletto's. I may be a girl, but come on. Fighting in high heels? Yeah, I'll do that when I actually feel like dying. But since I can't...
    No point.

    "Need some help with that, Rissa?" I jumped, going into a freaky ninja position. Trinity laughed, "Sorry, Riss, I didn't mean to scare you. I was wondering if you needed a little help suiting up. King Gray Night, and Queen Mioshi Night are on the battle field, waiting for your grand entrace, as always, my Lady." She bowed slightly, her brown curls, falling down around her face.

    "Of course." I chuckled slightly, "Let's do this Trin." Trinity was the one I could always count on. No matter if things went bad, good, or in between, she was the one that was always there for me.

    Within about ten minutes, I was suited and ready for battle. As I slid my sword into the sheath on my side. Along the blade were the words 'I am the blood of my nation.'

    "Now, let's-"

    "Wait." Skylar grabbed my arm, and pulled me to a stop as I was halfway to the door.

    "What is it?" I asked him, confused. He was usually the one I had to pull to a stop.

    Placing a circlet on my head, he stepped back and smiled, "Now you look like the true Heir that you are. Now you look like a Night."

    I inclined my head. "To battle." I whispered.

    Now, after twenty minutes, I was going through the gates of the castle. Smoke, flames, and strange rifts in the air were coming from over the second gate. The first one circled Moonlit Cascade, which happened to be the capital of our planet. Night and Sunrise both resided in two seperate castles. Strangely enough, we were on opposite ends of the planet. Somehow, I had a bad feeling we had no reinforcements against this attacking planet.

    We were floating on our Cobra's, which were wind surfers. These each had characteristics of their own. And by characteristics I meant they had spirits of animals. Cobra's, to those who didn't have them, looked like a surf board, with colors on them. Even though each had the animals within them, they were called Cobra's. The reason for that was the first one, created by my great grandmother, had the spirit of a Cobra within it, and so the name stuck.

    As we came out of the gate, cheers rang out. The Inako De Katele were coming to enter the battle. Savior of Night were coming. My Cobra was marked with red and black spiralling down from the front to the back. I was in front, my eyes glittering darkly with mystery. Sky flanked my right, and Trin my left. Than Yashiru, and Light. Followed up by Tesuk floating straight behind me.

    As we flew towards the battle, I saw how brutal it really was. And I understood. If we didn't win this, the Night Clan would be forever dead.

    Out of the corner of my eye I saw Sky and Trin drop back a little more, and I looked to see my mama and papa joining me. Inclining my head respectfully to them as they joined me I spoke, "Hello mother, hello father."

    "Dearest Rissa. The battle is going south. Not literally, but you understand." Mama waited for me to nod, because she continued. "You're our ace in the hole." Mama was an exact copy of me. If you did not know we were mother and daughter, you could mistake us for sisters. "I hope you're ready for this. I have a feeling we'll be fighting for our lives."

    Now papa spoke, "My daughter. All of your training has brought you to this day. Make no mistake, we shall be by your side through-out this whole battle. If you ever need any assistance, ask, we shall be there." He now swept his arm out to the battlefield. His jade green eyes narrowing at the carnage. His short, brown hair floated in the wind as we pressed on. "We need you to suck out the powers of the Kings and Queens." He saw my nose wrinkle at the word 'suck'. "I know, dear. We are not vampires. We are Fallen. We are the purest mix of angels and demons to be found! Our Night line if the only pure blooded Fallen to ever be born. We shall be victorious! We are the blood of our nation. We are the backbone of our clan. We are Night, and we shall not be taken down easily." More cheers rang out.

    Fallen. That one word held all the power in the world. A Fallen was the one being who could surpass the gods. Who was stronger than more than thousands of vampires. The
    beginning of our race dates back countless years. The reason I am so honoured is not only my linage, but because, in our world, a woman were the first Fallen. The one thing that followed
    the women? Our backs. No, no, no. Wait, let me explain. On our backs we have, what you may call, tattoos. They may look like tattoos to those who don't know us, but really, they were our
    ability to fly. These tattoo's happened to be an angel wing and a bat wing. When needed, they could grow to be used as a shield, or to fly.

    "Inako!" I called out, my parents breaking off for my friends to come back into formation. "It's time to show them why they should be afraid of us!" All my team grinned, as she zoomed forward.

    I let out a high whistle as I came on the battle. "Children, children. This is needless. We really don't have to do this, now do we?"

    "Die, Night scum!" Gee, what a friendly crowd.

    "Alright..." I let out a long suffered sigh, as though I was already bored. Sliding out my sword, I held it high. "Inako! Show them why we are the ones they should be afraid of!"

    We charged into battle. Hacking, slicing, and everything else with our swords. Unti I spied the King and Queen of Day. A slow, evil grin slid over my face, "Show time."

    I flew in behind them, easing my board in so it was silent. Raising my sword high, I watched it glisten in the sun, as I brought it down on the King.

    A scream cut me short. Everyone froze. I looked up, singling on the scream. It was Yashiru and she was on her knees beside... no.

    My scream echoed as I flashed over to the body. The body of my mother. My scream echoed through-out the battlefield, as all battle ceased. My body shook as I kneeled down
    beside her. "Mama...?" An arrow was sticking out of her chest, right where her heart was. She wasn't breathing, but her eyes were still open. Her skin was turning a blue color. My Mama
    was dead.

    I clenched my sword in my right hand, rising. I still stared down at the one woman I valued about everything in my life. Slowly, my eyes rose to the one holding the bow, still. Apparently shocked they had been able to kill my mother. King of Dawn, Zaraki Dawn.

    The King lowered his bow slightly, his brown eyes wide and intent on me. My rage boiled over, raising my sword I charged him. I saw him pale, as he scrambled to run away from me, and my vengeful hate.

    Thrusting forward, my sword cut clean through him, into the left lung. "You killed my mother. Do you think I would honestly let you live?" Ripping the blade out of his body, he
    collapsed in front of me, while I barely gave him a side look. Standing straight I looked to Queen Nishi Dawn.

    Fear immediately flashed in her eyes. She knew I was coming for her. And it was promised to be painful, and not fun. I started towards her, my bloodied blade dragging along the
    ground. Gasping, she backed away, as fast as her frenzied footwork would allow her. Tripping, she landed on the ground with a hard thump. Wincing, her eyes rose to me.

    Raising my blade high above her, it glistened in the sun, while I smiled, "Good bye. And good ridence." I brought the blade down.

    Unimaginable pain ripped through my chest, and I staggered back, gasping. The Queen looked at me, her face a contortion of shock, fear, and relief.

    In a jerky motion, I dropped my sword and looked down. A beatiful silver sword was through my chest, twisted right into my heart and through it. Turning as slowly and least
    painful as I possibly could, I faced my attacker.

    My breath caught in my throat as I looked upon what had to be the most graceful face I had ever seen. With brown hair with a golden spin, and aqua blue eyes, I realized who this boy was. My greatest enemy. Marius Dawn.

    He stood a good foot taller than me usually, but today, it seemed like he was even taller than that. I heard he strived to become a doctor. A killer combo of sorts. The one who kills countless can also save many.

    "He... killed my... mother..." I wheezed in a furious tone. His blue eyes narrowed, but I could see the sympathy behind them.

    "I know, and I am sorry, Night." His voice was kind, but it held anger. "But I cannot let you kill my mother, or anyone else for my father's mistake."

    I wrenched my hand to my fallen comrades, "Yet you kill us so mercilessly... and when we strike back it's wrong...!" My voice was shaky, and ever breath hurt more and more.

    "I did not decide this. I was merely following my father blindly into this war. And this is what it has become."

    "This war... is because you and your people... wanted nothing but to overthrow us... in hopes of finding the secret of the... Fallen... of the Irasho!" The Day Clan gasped. Apparently they hadn't been clued in on what was happening in this war.

    At least the Dawn had enough sense to not back down, "I realize that. But it has now become personal."

    "Damn right it has!" I hissed. "All my mother was able to do was heal." If there was any malice in 'heal' it came out now. "And you shot her because she was trying to save our people so they could see our gracious moon one more time!" I slid the sword out, and let it hit the ground.

    I struggled to walk towards him. I got a few steps in before my face planted itself in the ground. "Marissa!" I heard, as my body was rolled over.

    I no longer felt there as I stared up at Skylar's face. "Marissa. You'll heal. I know you girl... you'll heal." Tears began to steam down his face, falling onto my cheeks.

    "Sky... we both know that this is it... Protect my father. Protect the Irasho." My voice barely carried above a whisper.

    My eyes closed, as I heard the rest of the Irasho crying. That was the last thing I heard before my last breath gasped out, and my body fell limp.

    I, Marissa Simitra Night, was no more.