• Every time I look into the mirrors, I see a warrior-like man stand proudly with his old Malay warrior outfit. I see my past achievements and successful moments in building an empire that my people dare to die to defend it. I see all of the citizens within the borders of my empire kneel down and chant "Long Live the King" and then, "Long Live the Sultan" happily while commence an oath to safeguard and defend me to their last drop of blood. I see the warriors holding their swords, daggers, spears, muskets and flint-locks to the air while waiting me to unsheathe my Keris, a long wavy dagger, and kiss the blade before all of us step into the battlefields. I see the damned Imperialists were forced to bow upon my might. I see the fear of my enemies right in their eyes.

    Once upon a time ago, I was known as the Borderless Empire. The cradle of the South East Asian civilization. The main builder of every empires in the region. The protector of the states. The main gates to the civilization that far surpassing every ancient empires in this world. I was known as many names. The Glorious Srivijaya Empire, the wise Langkasuka Empire, the cruel Malay Malacca Sultanate, the cunning Malay Johore Sultanate. And it was because of my sultans and kings, I was able to stand on the top level of might, leaving every people behind.

    Unlike any other empire that had never communicated with outsiders, I was well known as a successful merchant, the Jack of All trades. Almost all well-known empires told their later generations about my presence in their history. Rome, ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, other European kingdoms, the Chinese Dynasty... nobody would disregard my presence in their life. gold and spice was my main weapon to lure them into establishing diplomatic and economy relationship with me at that time. Nobody in this world would ignore my famous name when it comes to these two main important things. Even the Vikings addressed me as a part of their family of the True Seafarers. They only sailed to other European countries, but I've sailed to all around the world. The land of Madagascar and Hawaii had seen me on board my old frigate before. The name Temenggung Daeng Ibrahim, Sultan of the Johore Sultanate had once stroke fear upon the merchants and naval armada of every countries and his title, the Malay Prince of Pirates showed us on why he was feared so much. The pirates in every corners of the world chanted our name with pride and admiration while the name Quala Batoo and Telok Blangah was known to them as the safe heaven on earth, besides tortuga and Port Royal.

    But then... these two things were the one that lure the Imperialists into trying to subdue me under their might. They tried, tried and tried... but never had they met with success itself. One after another attempts had been done and centuries of constant battles had rendered me weaken, battered totally.

    Portugal came, my Malacca was dragged into eternal destruction. And so, the name Malacca sultanate who had successfully killed Venice and replaced him as the most important maritime trading port in the world was completely erased from the history. I was forced to retreat with shameful and disgrace from Malacca. Then, the cunning Johore Sultanate and immortal Perak Sultanate came to restore my honor and dignity. We fought back with our vast knowledge of the high seas and our skills in the jungle warfare. So we did manage to put Portugal whom was among the leading naval superpower at that time, into deep shame. The Dutch came after that, and my Perak Sultanate managed to chase him away with his soldiers who were experts in manipulating gunpowder, flint-locks, muskets into a massive killing weapon. The British came and this time, I never expected them to be more cunning than us. they lost in every single fights against me, but then they used a weapon that managed to bring me upon their feet. They bribed my sultans, forcing me to drop my Keris, my flint-locks and my sword in the middle of the battles. They made agreements with my sultans, letting me to live with England himself for almost a century. I was considered as a relic, a useless old man until Japan put some sense on me during the World War 2. Japan himself trained me in the art of modern government administration and he kept on telling me that we Asians are equal to the Europeans. They have no right to enslave us and we must fight them back.

    After World War Two, England came back to my land with a new policy of massive destruction in order to put me into shame. The Malayan Union. I fought, the whole citizens fought back... we wanted our Sultans to reign over the land again! And we will die for it! The British knew we couldn't be controlled at that time. No matter how many battalions of soldiers they would sent, the result would be the same. We were the sole winners in the end.

    And so, August 31st 1957... I gained my independence after a short 80 years of living in England's house. The name Harold Kirkland has been changed back into Hazique Izwan, as my first Sultan of Malacca gave to me with a hope... that I will rise again as the sole conqueror of the South East Asia in the future.

    As I was pondering alone at that time, my boss came in and smiled. He said, "Hazi, we need to go to Istana Negara (National Palace) right now. America and his boss are coming for a visit.".

    I smiled in return and nodded silently. To see him governing my land with wisdom and just reminds me of my famous Bendahara (Prime Minister) Tun Perak of the Malacca Sultanate. A wise man with a clear vision of taking us into a glorious empire once again. And here I am in 2011, 9 years more into declaring myself as a full-fledged modernized nation in 2020 soon. It was an honor to be placed with the modern European countries... and it was a sign of Malaysia will become the sole conqueror of the South East Asian region once again.

    And so, this has opened a new chapter in a book about my life. A book that will inspire every Asians who read it, giving them the idea of even an Asian will be able to have an undisputed power to rule the world if they work for it. If there is a will, there is a way. God wills it.

    ..And it starts with me, Hazique Izwan or as known as the new Federation of Malaysia. The heart of the Malays. The Father of the Seafarers... the Viking of the East.

    -the end-