• being tossed onto the bed by her folf, kayramell squeals anf giggles "you waist no time at all."

    the male crawls onto her letting her legs wrap around his waist "pplleeaassee. i nneeeedddd it" his big brown eyes stare into her pale grey ones, pleading AND threatening.

    the panda smirks "and what do you want ME to do about it, sir?"

    her mate kisses her deeply, then rolls off her into the ground. he stands next to the bed and crosses his arms.

    "Strip." his tail wags slowly, as if dusting fine china.

    the slim panda blushes "i-... no."

    a low growl emits from her lover. "did that sound like a suggestion?"

    Kayramell surpresses a giggle and a shiver. she loves it when he's like this, it means she's driven him crazy.

    "fine" she says "but you have to work for it."

    the grey and blue folf crawls back on top of the black and white creature, his paws tangling into her blood read hair.

    his lips meet hers and they fall into a heated kiss.

    Kayramell wraps her arms around the canine's neck and lets herself get lost in the feeling of his mouth against her.

    when he pulls away, the female lets out a soft sigh, sitting up on her knees.

    "Fine. you win."

    grabbing the lower hem of her black shirt, kayramell turns so her back is to the folf, slowly slipping it over her head. she shakes out her hair and tosses the black fabric at him.

    he looks away to catch it, and when his eyes travle back to her, he sees her looking at him, smirking evilly.

    her bra is black, with a pink lace at the straps and neckline.

    she lets her hips fall, pushing her knees open.

    her paws travle own her thighs, teasing herself.

    the male swallows and the fur on his tail stands on end.

    kayramell smirks and unties the drawstring of her loose red pants.

    she again sits up on her knees and slowly slides her garment down, making a face as her fur brushes over her a**.

    the folf lets out a breath and his thoughts are clear in his eyes.

    tossing her pants on the floor, kayramell sits infront of her mate.

    her panties are black mesh over her a**, and black lace over her hips. the only real fabric is a shiney pink silk covering her center.

    she wraps her arms around the male's shoulder to pull him closer, and gently rubs her hips into his, their eyes never leave eachother's gaze.

    as she rubs, the folf sets his paws on her hips, pressing her closer.

    kayramell easily slips from his grasp and turns her back to him, skillfully unclasping her bra.

    she hears a small whimper as the garment falls to the bed with a small thud

    with her back still to her mate, kayramell stands on all fours, gently rubbing her still covered a** into her mate's growing manhood.

    he emits another whimer and his ears tremble, his claws picking at the fabric greedily.

    with a smirk, kayramell slowly- very slowly- slides this last garment down, kicking it away as it reaches her ankles.

    the folf lets out a breath and drags his claws down his lover's back, making her shiver and bite her lip.

    he picks her up, then lays her on the bed, once again crawling between her legs.

    "you, ma'am, are one hell of a tease." his voice is breathy

    kayramell lick's her lover's cheek suductivly and whispers "so sir i am not. what i am, is a hoe."

    with a smirk at her snide comment, the folf kisses her, and they fall into the dance only two true lovers can share.