• “AAAARGH” JD screamed as he ran through the hospital, fleeing from some robot that had begun chasing after him screaming ‘Exterminate! Exterminate!’, arms flailing at his sides as he did so before running into a taller, far more buff than he man who held what seemed to be a screwdriver with some added tidbits to it.

    “Doctor! What kind of monstrosity is that diabolical thing!?”

    “Stop using big words, Rose, and stand behind me while I save you while acting all heroic,” The voice was overdone, but the meaning was clear as JD took to hiding behind Doctor Cox to watch as the giant ball covered aliens appeared to fire and destroy the duo. It seemed things were getting better, though, as Cox had taken to single handedly taking down each and every one of his enemies “So, Martha, now don’t into that kinda trouble again, alright?” He frowned, getting a nod from the younger, twinkly eyed young man.

    “Yessir, Doctor Cox! No more trouble like this for me!”

    “Good, Donna.”

    “And everything went perfectly smooth after that…” JD sighed a dreamy sigh before looking up to see three sets of eyes looking at him, one filled with unamusement, another seeming to be waiting for an answer, and another seeming to be ready to ask for something.

    The third person, The Todd, rose a hand in the air “Awkward five!” He said, JD groaning, slowly raising his hand and receiving a high five which caused his hand to get that odd tingly feeling from too much pain.

    Cox stood up and dropped his clipboard on JDs lap “Check on those patients and don’t let any of them die.”

    "Yessir, Doctor Cox" JD nodded and got to work.