• Vera's pov
    tab tab My tongue flicked out and licked the blood from her neck. I opened my mouth and pressed my lips to Astrid's neck. Her head fell back as she let out a moan. I opened my mouth and pressed my lips to her skin. Her hand resting gently on my lower back.
    "Astrid? Vera?" We looked back and I smiled at Henry who was at the entrance of the room.
    "Hey welcome back. Did you find something to eat?" He sighed and shook his head gently as he shut the front door and came inside.
    "Finding a quick snack isn't as easy as it used to be..."
    "You could just have some of the blood in the fridge."
    "Hmph, like I would ever drink that ."
    "Suit yourself...." I whispered under my breath as Astrid got out of my arms.
    "Where have you been all night anyway?" Astrid asked as she cocked her hip out and rested her hand on both sides of her waist
    "At the Cox Resistance. Ya know... Last time I checked I was the 35yr old who turned yoou, the 19yr old lesbian."
    "I beg your pardon?"
    "Bi. I'm bisexual."
    "Eh, same thing to me.."