• Did You Hear ? She Made The Playboy Cry !

    Chapter Fifteen : Ending

    Angelina P.O.V

    My eyelids fluttered open and then closed again. I fought to open them but they continued to put up a fight. I was feeling tired and weary and the darkness was making me mad. Anger flashed through me, snapping my eyes open. I glanced around the room.

    I was lying on a soft fluffy bed in a room that seemed familiar. I got off the bed, my body moving with jelly like fluidity. I walked over to the desk and picked up some photos. They were mainly of me and Ayden. Us together at the beach. In my room. On a rollercoaster ride. At school. I looked around the room again instantly knowing where I was.

    I was in Ayden’s old room; well it was still his room his mum and dad still lived there. A door to my left opened and steam bellowed out. Ayden stepped out the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist. His blond hair was wet and sticking up all over the place. I laughed softly. His gaze snapped up to look at me.

    “Angel, what are you doing here?” He whispered horrified.

    I grinned and sauntered over to him, wrapping my arms around his waist, he hugged me back, his chin resting on the top of my head. I snuggled up close to him, glad to have this feeling again.

    “I woke up and I was here.” I whispered back.

    “No, you shouldn’t be here; it’s too soon, the timings not right.”

    “I don’t understand, where are we?”

    He pulled away and looked me in the eye “Heaven.” He said grimly.

    I was shocked, so I really had died. I grinned brightly up at Ayden, I knew I’d see him again, I knew we’d be together again. Zaine. I knew Ayden would do everything in his power to get us together again. Zaine. I knew it wasn’t my time though; he looked as shocked as me. Zaine. I ignored that nagging voice in the back of my mind. I looked over to Ayden to see him fully dressed. When had that happened, I hadn’t let go of him?

    “One of the benefits of being dead.” He grinned.

    I smiled back, happy that we get to share those benefits together. I looked closely at him, his skin was glowing around the edges he looked so healthy, so alive. I looked down at my hand it looked so pale, so cold in comparison. I didn’t fit in; I wasn’t meant to be here. He looked happy to see me but at the same time sad.

    “Come on.” He whispered, taking my hand.

    The room started shaking. Things fell off the walls, the desk, the walls started crumbling. The floor started disappearing leaving behind it nothing but black emptiness. I closed my eyes and clutched to Ayden, when I finally felt the ground underneath us stop shaking I opened my eyes.

    We were standing in front of Stephanie’s house. I could tell we were in the real world and no longer in heaven, because the colors were bolder, whereas in heaven everything had a soft, silky effect. On Earth everything was raw, exposed...hard.

    We started towards the door holding hands. I watched in amazement as Ayden walked up to the window, we peaked through the window. Stephanie was on the floor crying, her mum was hugging her tightly rocking her back and forth. She looked a mess, I knew what was wrong, she’d just found out that I died.

    I couldn’t stand to see her emotional breakdown; I turned from the window, my eyes prickling my heart stabbed with pain. I looked up at Ayden, he was watching me closely.

    “Why are you showing me this?” I whispered.

    He smiled a little bit, “Come on, I’ll explain.”

    I grabbed his hand, and just like before everything started crumbling. I opened my eyes and we were on our beach, we held hands, it felt just like the old days, when me and Ayden were both alive. We sat down in our spot. It was quiet, not an awkward silence the nice kind, the sort of silence when you think.

    “Angelina, do you love me?” Ayden whispered.

    I turned to him confused, his blond hair got caught in the wind, blowing it back “Of course I do.”

    “No I mean...do you still feel how you used to?”

    “Yes, I love you.”

    “But how could you, I’ve been dead for over a year, how could you still love me, your just telling yourself that, you love me but you’re not in love with me, not anymore you need to move on.”

    “What? With are you talking about you’ve only been dead 10 months not over a year.”

    “Angelina, you’ve been asleep for 4 months.”

    I stared at him gobsmacked my eyes bulging out the sockets. “You’re lying.” I whispered.

    “No.” he denied “I’m not, and you don’t belong here anyway, you need to go back, you need to wake up.”

    “But I want to stay here with you, that was the plan Ayden.” I argued.

    “Angelina, you love Zaine, you’re in love with Zaine you need to go back, to be with him, before it’s too late.”

    I looked down at the beach, playing with the pebbles; I looked up at Ayden “I don’t want to go back. I wanna stay here with you.”

    He leaned forwards and kissed me softly on the lips, it bought back all the memories of what we had what we were. I wanted it so much, just to be us again. Zaine. The voice was back, reminding me of what I was leaving behind. I clutched onto Ayden trying to forget him. This was what I wanted so why didn’t I feel happy?

    “You’re just saying that, you don’t want to.” Ayden whispered, his forehead leaning against mine.

    “How do you know?” I countered fiercely “You’re not me how do you know I want to go back?”

    “Come on. I’ll show you”


    I opened my eyes; we were in Zaine’s room. He was sleeping. I crept over to him just standing there watching him. His phone rang, I reached for it maybe I could silence it for him so he could sleep more. He beat me to it.

    “Hello?” he answered his voice thick with sleep. He looked straight at me, I smiled but his facial expression didn’t change.

    He jumped out the bed; I quickly moved out his way, he was charging straight towards me. He didn’t acknowledge me the whole time, I waved but he looked straight through me as if he couldn’t see me...as if he couldn’t see me. I turned to look at Ayden behind me. He nodded letting me know I was right.

    “She’s what?” he whispered. His voice sounded broken, half-dead.

    He suddenly flung the phone at the wall, it shattered. He went around the whole room smashing things, tears streaming down his face; he broke down all of a sudden, sitting in the middle of the room, his face in his hands.

    “Why’d you leave, why did you leave me Angel ? Do you not understand how much I love you ?”

    A sob broke through my lips; I turned away so Ayden couldn’t see I was crying. I watched Zaine, my heart breaking, he sounded so sad...he sounded as if he’d given up, like life weren’t living anymore, he sounded as if he was ready to die. He sounded like a man who’s been through so much pain.

    The room started crumbling again, my eyes adjusted, we were in a bathroom. The bright fluorescent light was on. Zaine was standing stock still staring into the mirror, he rolled his sleeves back. In his right hand was a blade, I watched it in slow motion as I knew what was going to happen. He slid the blade across his wrist.

    “Aaah, sh*t.” he whispered, before slicing again, it looked too deep, he was going to hurt himself.

    “Zaine no!” I screamed racing towards him.

    Two constricting arms wrapped themselves around my waist, stopping me. I tried to fight back.

    “If it was good enough for you, why isn’t it good enough for him?” Ayden whispered.

    I continued to fight, I had to get to Zaine, I had to stop him. The hands let me go. I raced forwards, sobbing, crying his name. I grabbed at his hand to stop him but my hand went straight through him. I tried again in horror, I couldn’t stop him.

    “No, no Zaine no, please don't, please!” I begged him, but he couldn’t hear me. “Stop! You have to stop !”

    I was becoming hysterical now, clutching at my hair, crying viciously as he cut again, even deeper this time. I sunk to the floor my back against the wall; I put my face in my knees and just cried. Why couldn’t I stop the man I loved from hurting himself? Just like I couldn’t stop Ayden from dying. Ayden.

    I opened my eyes we were in a dark room, very poorly lit. My eyes were all puffy, my throat thick. I stood up and spun around in a circle, I couldn’t see Ayden anywhere. There were 2 archways in front of me. Both opened. Through one, I could see me and Ayden, walking along the beach holding hands, eating ice-cream, laughing, and kissing.

    Through the other I could see Zaine, dark purple bags, scruffy haired Zaine. Zaine who cuts, Zaine who looks depressed. Zaine who loves me. All by himself, shutting everyone out. The Zaine I love, the one who needs me, who can’t be without me. I took a step forward; I guess it was my choice. Who did I want, what future did I want?

    Zaine: love, life, happiness, warmth, real, marriage, children, a family. Or Ayden: love, happiness, warmth but also emptiness because I knew it wasn’t real, we could never be a family or have our own family. Zaine or Ayden.

    There was a clock ticking in the background, I didn’t have much time. Who do I want? I looked around trying to find anyone anything to help me make my decision but the room was empty flat, dark. I looked back at the archway’s again biting my lip. Which one?

    “Angel you have to choose one there’s not much time.” Ayden urged me, I couldn’t see him but I could hear him.

    I looked between the archways again, stay here in heaven with Ayden or go back to Earth to be with Zaine. The ticking of the clock started getting louder, my head was flicking between the two archways which one which one.

    “Hurry up.” Ayden voice floated out the darkness “Choose one quickly.”

    And then I saw it, the archways were shrinking; I made a snap decision and legged it forward, diving through the door way just before it closed. I heard the loud bang it sounded like two rocks being smashed together; it was final no turning back.

    And then I was falling, the whole place was white, there was no floor no walls no ceilings, nothing, just blank whiteness but I could feel myself falling. I closed my eyes and screamed, waiting until I hit something. I couldn’t feel anything anymore, I felt like I was lying still. I opened my eyes. I was alive.

    3rd person P.O.V

    The man, Tony, bit his lip, everyone was waiting on him. The room was crowded, full of sad people; old too young were gathered around his daughter. Lying in the bed was a dark-haired beauty. She looked so alive, she looked like she was simply sleeping, enjoying a pleasant dream. He nodded his head.

    “Let’s do it.” Tony murmured.

    He and the doctor stepped forward, out of the crowd. The doctor’s hand reached out towards the machine, but Tony interrupted him.

    “I want to do it.” he said, his voice hard.

    All eyes around the room where stuck on his hand or watching the machine. He didn’t hesitant, not wanting to long out the process. He flicked the switch off. It was silent, except for the flat line of the machine. He collapsed to the floor crying. Everyone cried.

    A young man named Zaine didn’t, his face looked shocked, like he couldn’t believe what just happened, like he didn’t believe Angelina’s dad would pull the plug. He was pulled into a hug by a brazen ginger girl. Her fiery red hair obscured his vision as she cried into his shoulder.

    The family cried, the friends cried, no one was watching the girl. No one saw her fingers twitch. No one noticed her toes wiggle, her fist clenching and unclenching. No one heard the machine pick up on her heart rate over the babble of screaming and crying. No one noticed she was alive. She looked around, shocked, smiling.

    “Stephanie, stop crying. You’ll ruin Zaine’s shirt.” she scolded.

    Everyone turned to look at her in shock. The girl Stephanie looked at Angelina as if she’d seen a ghost, the boy closed his eyes thanking the lord. A smile broke out across his face; it looked like the sky in the morning when the sun’s just breaking through the clouds. Tony was the first to reach her, scooping her up in his arms. Prodding her to see if she was real.

    Crying, hugging her, squeezing her. They all took it in turns; even blond bimbo b*tch shook her hands. Angelina smiled up at them; the doctor looked at her in amazement. It was a miracle, she was alive. Little did they know it was beyond that, a little bit of supernatural help. Zaine was the last to hug her. By then she was standing.

    Everyone moved to the side as he approached her. They ran at each other, their lips fusing together, clutching to one another, not wanting to let go. Unwillingly they pulled away for air. Zaine just pulled Angelina into a tighter hug, his arms wrapping all the way around her, lifting her off the floor with his excitement to see her alive, awake.

    “Angelina.” He whispered, his voice so thick, so meaningful, it told her all she needed to know.

    “It was Ayden, he bought me back to you.” She whispered in his ear.

    For the first time since entering the room a tear slid down his face. He nodded his head and closed his eyes, but opened them quickly, wanting to cherish the sight in front of him.

    “I love you.” He whispered.

    Angelina grinned “You know what, I love you too.”

    He smiled and leaned towards her as she leaned to him. She kissed him passionately enough so that her dad had to clear his throat. She looked around guiltily and everyone laughed. We’ll be alright, she thought, everything will be fine.

    5 years later

    3rd person P.O.V

    The hall was massive, decked out in flowers. The ribbons all curled the tables looking pristine. The silver shined. The plates checked and double checked. All the guest cards were in place. The waiters added the finishing touches before they arrived. The procession had to be starting now, it wasn't long until the hall was rammed packed with happy people.


    It was 10 O'clock. Angelina stood in front of the mirror checking her hair, her makeup, her dress. She had to be looking her best today of all days. Today was her wedding day. She checked herself once over, one more time, just making sure she looked beautiful. She had to be, this is how he would remember her.

    “You look gorgeous, stop fretting.” a voice from her left said.

    She laughed and turned to face her maid of honor. Her curly ginger hair was tied up and held with a tiara and some expensive clips. They took a picture together, they looked beautiful. Angelina & Stephanie, the ginger girl signed on the back of the picture.

    They both kissed it, leaving lipstick marks behind. Stephanie put it in her purse, a reminder of the good times. The wedding music started. Wagner’s traditional march, the bride secretly thought it was over rated, but it was traditional so she went with it.

    “It’s time.” Angelina whispered, before picking up her skirts and heading out to become a Mrs.


    Later, at the reception there was a clinking of glasses, someone wanted to make a toast. It was her dad. He stood up his eyes shining proudly, his suit looking crisp, his hair just starting to turn gray.

    “A toast, to my daughter and her husband, to M,r and Mrs, Lockhorn. I wish you happiness and everything that a marriage should be, I love you Angel and I hope you and Zaine will be happy together.”

    There was a round of applause. The bride blushed and the groom kissed her. The scene looked fairy tale like, it was a perfect wedding. The slow music started and the couple moved out onto the dance floor for their customary first dance. Zaine pulled Angelina’s fragile body close to his.

    “I love you, I’ll always love you no matter what, you’re my life, my wife and you’ll always be. I love you, Mrs. Lockhorn.” He whispered.

    Her eyes watered, but the tears didn’t fall, “I love you too, Mr Lockhorn, forever and always, I’ll always belong to you.”

    He pulled her face towards him and gently kissed her her soft lips.