• It was a sunny day,millions of monsters to slay.I got up and looked around me..

    A number of people had gathered in the castle ground of the safe-haven,Lumbridge.

    I regained my senses and got up,grabbing my sword and shield,and the heavy armour i used to wear every day.

    It was quite an uneventful day for me.No monsters to slay,no people to save.......

    Then i thought of exploring the depths of demonheim.

    I said to myself,'this should be fun',and went on towards the boat.

    i finally reached the place,cold and windy,yet so full of company.

    I decided to free the floors below of a few frozen monsters,and went to the frozen levels,still affected by the cold from the ground.

    I quickly banked my items and went onwards,walking downstairs i found myself in a freezing room.

    I managed not to freeze and wore my armour,strange metal they were made of,warm when the environment was cold,and cool when the environment was hot.

    I mnaged to convince some friends to accompony me,as the journey is easier when you have more friends by your side.

    'Follow me!',I said.My friends followed,and the heavy clanking of armour was audible.

    I found myslf in a room with a huge giant staring down at me.It raised it's club and almost knocked me down.I quickly stabbed its legs.'NOW!!!!'I shouted at the top of my voice.Then almost suddenly,the sound of craking bones was heard.Axeman 101 had used his heavy maul to crush the giant's bones.

    'Let us move on,thy knights'

    'W.w.w..wait,look at that!',Shouted Mariop.

    I turned my head and to look and i found a rusted pile of metal,which was covering a shining piece of fractile.

    Pushing the rusted metal aside,I found a blade,covered with gems of the sharpest kind which increased it's power.

    Picking it up,i felt new power and vigour inside me.

    Rushing though the door,i finished all the creatures in less than 5 seconds.

    'This thing is strange.........i sense an evil aura inside it thats fading away,and is being instead replaced with holy energy'.

    And so my journey continued...........[T.B.C.]