• [12:22] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: one day 2 girls where walking down the street and then 2 RANDOM MAGIC TACOS CAME OUT OF NOWHERE AND STARTED TALKING TO US
    [12:23] LiL_Shippo_101: O_O
    [12:23] LiL_Shippo_101: okay.
    [12:23] LiL_Shippo_101: let me think
    [12:23] LiL_Shippo_101: ...um sis...do u see what im seeing?
    [12:23] LiL_Shippo_101: O_O
    [12:24] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: i dont know what your talking about all i see is to tacos talking to us...=w=....wait 2 TACOS TALKING TO US
    [12:24] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: -passes out-
    [12:26] LiL_Shippo_101: AHHHH NANA!! >_> u dam tacos...vain* WHAT DO U WANT WITH US!!...O_O AHHH THERE GONE
    [12:26] LiL_Shippo_101: !!
    [12:27] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: -u see a dog eating the taco across the street- o_o
    [12:28] LiL_Shippo_101: ...O_o huh -_- today is so not my day...nana...nana...??NANA GET UP!! SHACKS -
    [12:28] LiL_Shippo_101: HER-
    [12:28] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: -drools-
    [12:28] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: -dead asleep-
    [12:28] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: zZzZzZ
    [12:28] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: zZzZzZ~
    [12:29] LiL_Shippo_101: ....O_O DARN U MAGIC TACOS!!
    [12:30] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: -wakes up randomly yelling-MOMMY I DIDNT DO IT!!!!
    [12:30] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: ...where am i O.O
    [12:31] LiL_Shippo_101: O_O SHACKS HER- NANA!! did u see it !! nana did u did!!
    [12:32] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: see what? O.o?
    [12:33] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: im confused...and hungry...-sees whatss left of the taco on the floor- OOO LOOK LEFT OVER TACO!! -looks around-
    -eats taco left overs-
    yummm~ =w=
    [12:34] LiL_Shippo_101: NANA!! huh what am i going to do with u. walks awaY-
    [12:35] LiL_Shippo_101: crunch! huh? looks down- um...nana...-looks back- -_- what did i just step on?
    [12:36] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: TACOS!!!! LOTS AND LOTS OF TACOS!! -looks theres an army of tacos-
    [12:36] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx:
    [12:37] LiL_Shippo_101: O_O AHHHHHHHHH!! WERE THE HELL ARE WE!!
    [12:39] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: -taco speaks to us- u r in taco world when your friend over there ate 1 of the evil spicy tacos we have to repay you for halping us so we sent you to taco world
    [12:40] LiL_Shippo_101: huh? taco...world...??? grrr!! walks over to nana- NANA WHAT THE HELL HAVE U DONE!!
    [12:40] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: welcome to taco world
    [12:41] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: where the houses r crunchy and the mountins r beefy and the wonderful clouds r cheezy XD
    [12:42] LiL_Shippo_101: SHACKS NANA TO DEATH- GRRR!!.... wait...what?
    [12:42] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: idk what i did sissy but THIS IS FREAKING AWESOME!!!
    [12:43] LiL_Shippo_101: WELL IM NOT!!
    [12:43] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: Y NOT!!! D:
    [12:43] LiL_Shippo_101: TT-TT i want to go home...
    [12:44] LiL_Shippo_101: do not be mad at the young one. u girls saved our lifes.

    [12:48] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: heray for the random girls for saving r lifes from the spicy tacos
    [12:48] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: O.O
    [12:48] LiL_Shippo_101: O_O
    [12:50] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: .HOW R WE GONNA GET HOME!!!
    [12:50] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: I LIKE TACO WORLD BUT THIS IS JUST Crazy
    [12:50] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: SHIPPO HOLD MEEE!!!! OnO
    [12:52] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: -runs and hops into your arms
    [12:52] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: OuO
    [12:52] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: <3
    [12:53] LiL_Shippo_101: NANA GET A HOLD OF YOUR SELF!!! -but hugs nana any ways- but..we do have to get home. HEY TACO KIG!! how do we get home?
    [13:01] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: -the old taco king slowly walks up to us-......-30 mins later he gets down the stairs and sits on his thown to talk to us...it took him a ling time since hes suuuuu old xD- 1st.... u have to....-old taco king dies of a fake heart attack in the middle of his instructions-
    [13:01] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: O.O ....-bows my head in silence-
    [13:01] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: v.v
    [13:01] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: ...wait...
    [13:01] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: COME ON U GOTTA B KIDDING ME
    [13:01] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: nuuuu
    [13:02] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: -runs to the king and slaps him on and on and on trying to revive him-
    [13:02] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: WAKE UP OLD MAN
    [13:03] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: WAKE UP BEFORE I SLAP THE BEEF OUTA YOUR TACO MR.!!!!
    [13:04] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: -all the taco gards slowly back away-
    [13:04] LiL_Shippo_101: Yea!! nana did it!! he saved his life!! ^_^
    [13:05] LiL_Shippo_101: now mr. king..how do we get home? ^_^
    [13:07] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: well...1st you gotta go though the deep dark lettice forest and then youll find a camp sight in the middle of the forest and youll find 3 human boys who knows the way to your world
    [13:08] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: but beware...there r many evil creatures who would wanna eat your hair and youll end up bold
    [13:08] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: and then everybody would thing your a freak D:
    [13:10] LiL_Shippo_101: WHAT!!! -_- okay..nana..dont for get to get the map from the king...be for he..
    [13:10] LiL_Shippo_101: ZzZzZz
    [13:10] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: o.o
    [13:10] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: ...great =n=
    [13:10] LiL_Shippo_101: never mind.
    [13:10] LiL_Shippo_101: -_-
    [13:10] LiL_Shippo_101: huh
    [13:11] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: does anyone know how to get the the dark lettics forest? O.O
    [13:11] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: i do...
    [13:11] LiL_Shippo_101: how said that?...
    [13:11] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: WHO SAID THAT!?!
    [13:11] LiL_Shippo_101: O-O
    [13:12] LiL_Shippo_101: I think this world is getting to me.
    [13:12] LiL_Shippo_101: im sorry nana
    [13:12] LiL_Shippo_101: -_-
    [13:13] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: -a random strange guy walks to u from out of nowhere- i do....
    [13:13] LiL_Shippo_101: ...blush...um..u do?
    [13:14] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: ya...but it comes with a price$$$
    [13:14] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: >:]
    [13:15] LiL_Shippo_101: what!! pout- fine...what do u have in mind?
    [13:15] LiL_Shippo_101: =_=
    [13:25] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: i will take you to lettice forest if...u can take me with u to your world
    [13:25] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: deal?
    [13:25] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: :3
    [13:25] LiL_Shippo_101: well...what do u think nana?
    [13:25] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: -wispers to shippo-
    [13:25] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: idk he's to hot to b nice O.O ....=n=
    [13:26] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: -walks up to the hot guy-
    [13:26] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: -poke-
    [13:26] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: heehee~
    [13:26] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: O_O
    [13:26] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: ...he's nice =w=
    [13:27] LiL_Shippo_101: whispers back- i know. O_O huh! looks and see nana poking him- nana!! huh... well if nana likes u then..okay. we have a deal.
    [13:27] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: yay <3~
    [13:28] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: ...heehee =w=...nice
    [13:29] LiL_Shippo_101: well..leed the way sexy man. Wait…be for we go. my name is shippo..and the little girl next to u..thats nana.
    [13:30] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: hewwooo OwO
    [13:30] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: um hellooo o.o
    [13:30] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: nice to meat u guys
    [13:30] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: my name is Aries...Dragon Aries
    [13:30] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: :3
    [13:32] LiL_Shippo_101: nice to meat u too..so..now what..-hands nana the map-
    [13:33] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: YAY PAPER!!! -makes an origami boat and makes it float on a melted cheese river-
    [13:34] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: O:
    [13:34] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: NOOO

    [13:34] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: THAT WAS THE ONLY...map...-watches it float away-... -.-
    [13:34] LiL_Shippo_101: looks back- whats go on?

    [13:35] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: Nana made the map float away OnO
    [13:35] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: and it was the only 1 -falls down on knees and cries-
    [13:36] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: im sori OnO
    [13:36] LiL_Shippo_101: =_= nana...
    [13:36] LiL_Shippo_101: huh..
    [13:36] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: here u go -hands Aries the map-
    [13:36] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: O.O
    [13:36] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: i thought..u...what??
    [13:36] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: O__O
    [13:37] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: i made a boat out of the different paper i had in my pocket XD
    [13:37] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: ...O.O...-dies-
    [13:38] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: im so confused TT~TT
    [13:38] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: -grabs shippo how do u handle her!!! TT~TT
    [13:39] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: ...heehee
    [13:39] LiL_Shippo_101: huh..its called love stupid.
    [13:39] LiL_Shippo_101: shes my sister.
    [13:39] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: well that explains it...o_o
    [13:39] LiL_Shippo_101: hehe
    [13:39] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: -__-
    [13:39] LiL_Shippo_101: ^_^
    [13:39] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: well lets go now that we have the map...
    [13:39] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: -looks at map-
    [13:40] xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: ...y is there cheese on my map... -__-
    xX_Nanako_Chan_Xx: hehe :3