• The story takes pleace in the futile time of japan. the world is on the verge of a war that will bring complete chaos to the land during this time the Sanada family (the strongest family in the country) began to prepare for the worst. recruiting all the best guards and solders available. little did they know the aftermath of the war and the love, hate, tragidies, and twists this dicisition would make. at the time the Sanada family only looked for safety, to protect all they can in there kingdom.

    -early afternoon in the village of Sujuko where the Masamuna family ruled-

    Chapter one. The Azura is a woman

    "the early after noon of the village was another peaceful day for the villages of the outer slums of the village. unlike a completely disasterious slum the slums here were more thriving with activity and cooking and making strives to make there meals and not poverty and starvation. the villages were moving from place to place. helping one another as the children all played and enjoyed themselves. then from the northern main gates came a rushing silence from the welcoming of a small group of 20 samurais. all of the samurais wearing all black cloaks and black bamboo hats to shield there faces from the sun and from anyone else seeing there faces. the villagers through more quiet did not stop working and made room in the roads for the samurais to walk. the samurais in a organized patheren walked forward without disterbing a soul. the two samurais in front both completely size and body type both wore a black gloack that had a blue dragon going around the bottom showing there athority within the group. the group of samurais walking through the village soon arrived to the castle building and were greeted at the gates by 2 very tall men both covered from foot to head with thick armor that shows the Sanada family crest. one of the leader samurais walks up the the 2 guards and lowers his hat and smiles showing his face. his hair through gray was long and perfectly tamed and even his facial hair was perfectly in placed without one hair unsightly. the man gives the guards a single sheet of paper showing that they were summons by the king and queen and even the paper shined with the crest of the Sanada family"

    I am Oda Nobunaga of the swords of the 6th heaven. "says the man smiling gently and wiping the sweat from his forehead before taking a deep breath" Me and my fellow samurais were summoned here by your king. may we please go in because the sun is not very friendly of our collors.

    "the Guards after a few moments of deliberating hand the paper back to oda and move asside point to the huge door at the end of a long corridore were the royal announcement room was. the samurais all in one group still walk towards the doors the samurais not even looking from side to side to see the amazing art work and furniture inside of the castle. once the samurais entered the room they seen that the room was a huge room with a audience from all sides. one the opposite side of the room sat 4 throwns. the king and queen sitting in the middle two looking to the samurais. the king with delight in his eyes, but the queen looking with more distrust and worry then delight. to the left of the king sat the elder princess. her crown gold with a purple dimand as the other wore a silver crown also with a purple dimand. the samurais all walked toward the kind and queen's thrown and slowly bowed all pulling there swords and placing it infront of them. all of the blades had a black shieth with a blue dragon outside of Oda's and the other person with the cloak like odas. both of there blades were in blue sheathes and had gold dragons on them. the samurais all remained quiet as the king arrose"

    It is very good to see you here old friend "said kind Sanada with a plesent and soothing attitude as he looks to oda giving him a nod to arise and Oda slowly stands up"

    How i wish we could have meet again for saki instead of talk about possible war "Oda says with a small laugh that him and the king and a few people in the room stare" From what i heard you did not want to call upon us?

    I did not to be honest, but it has gotten bad "sighs King Sanada as he sits back down in his thrown" with the fall of kyoto and lalo our country stands as the last super power of the golden dragon days.

    I see. "says oda rubbing his cheek focusing on the situation" and so you need us to help support your army?

    Mainly. "says the King slowly standing up" as you are aware i will be leaving to meet my solders on the battle field, and our queen will be going with me.

    Then what is it we must do my lord? "Oda asks as he bows once again awaiting a awnser pacently"

    I wanted your samurais to stay to protect my kingdom's homeland. and my princesses. "awnsers the king his voice turning more stern and serious" this land is the foundation of our kingdom, our world. and my princesses are my pride and joy. without them....

    No need to continue my lord "Oda says quickly picking up his blade" as a man of my word, and my samurais all warriors of there word. we shall protect this land and the princesses. that i put on my title as a samurai of the 6th heaven.

    "the king nodding his head as the men in attendence cheer" i see. i'm very glad to hear. let us hope your men are as good as rumor told us.

    Way more to come later