• I looked up, the gun feeling heavy in my hands. Foreign. Like it wasn't meant to be there. It wasn't. What had happened? Suddenly, the school bell rang making Rose and I jump as we were braced to run if the moment presented itself, it was an air raid siren, a lockdown. Bit late for that. I was going through a million scenarios in my head, trying to figure out a way to get ourselves out of here. Somewhere along the way my brain switched tatics and instead of running away I was now thinking of ways to find others, others who hadn't managed to find a gun. Others with no protection. Hell had broken loose and somehow I had decided I was going to get as many vulnerables to safety as I could. Because I didn't know who to trust, I had seen a familiar face shot by another. A snap, a footstep and I was on my feet from m y crouching posiotion, my hands instinctively placed on the gun as I pointed it in front of me. I looked up and the boy who had just walked around the corner. He had a gun, but i knew him, in a way. We hadn't really talked but I knew his face. Foolishly I lowered the gun slightly.
    "Whats going on?" He looked at me, his hands tightening on the gun. I noticed the subtle movement and my instincts, for reasons unclear too me at that moment, went into overdrive.
    "Ever watched the asian movie Battle Royale?"
    "James Bond?" I heard Rose whisper behind me. Slowly, i shook my head. A great lover of asian movies I had watched it myself. My school really had turned into hell. Then, the guy with gun moved, faster than I had ever seen someone move. But I moved with him, as though I knew eactly what he was about to do. Maybe I had. I only registered one other thing in that moment.
    "POINT AND SHOOT!" It was the paniced voice of Rose, who also hadn't missed a beat of this guys actions. At the same moment as the guy I brought the gun up, hoped like anything we'd survive, and pulled the trigger.