• ~The Dream World Episode 1~

    One day some teenagers were going to camp "I will go get the firewood guys" said Jake "I will set up the tents" said Tim "I will find the perfect trees to set the chairs next to" said Bradley while Dakota was trying to catch up. It was night Bradley grabbed the sandwiches and passed them out Tim turned on the radio and put it on max volume Jake got the sleeping bags out then all of the sudden the fire turned blue it got bigger and bigger then Bradley dropped his sandwich in the fire it was gone no ashes nothing then Jake threw his shoe then a big flash it was gone Dakota got there and tripped over a rock and fell into the fire. A blinding flash of light came from the fire and it went out "NO FIRE AND NO DAKOTA" yelled Tim Bradley crawled back to his tent and went to sleep Jake was trying to make another fire but it would not light so then they all went to bed. Dakota woke up in fear "where am i?" said Dakota a tall man with a feather hood and green armor came out of nowhere "you are in the dreamworld" Dakota looks around all he sees is black mountains, spikes, and a huge house "not what i expected"said Dakota the mystery man disappears Dakota walks toward the house.