• I looked up once I had sent the text and stuck my phone back in my pocket. There was a note on my desk form Garth...
    "Like the ringtone Type O Negative is bad a**." Nice, at least we had similar taste in music... I wrote back "Thanks, I just wish people wouldn't text me in class." I tossed it back on his desk, and got back to work on my drawing. I pulled out my sharpies and uncapped by black fine tip. I put a sheet of notebook paper underneath so the color wouldn't bleed. I out lined every detail. As I colored Garth's hair I wondered if it was a dye job or natural.
    The note came back, "So we have Mrs. Dolch for Algebra right? She’s a b***h I'm guessing." I sighed and put down my sharpie and wrote back. "You guessed right. She's a total mega-b***h, even worse than Mrs. Tub-O-Lard over there." then I drew a little arrow pointing towards the teacher's desk. "But if she likes you she'll pass you regardless." I folded the not and pocked him in the back with it. He reached around and grabbed it, narrowly missing my fingers. I sighed again and got back to work.
    Next were his cloths. They were similar to what he was wearing now. Black jeans and combat boots. A black "Slayer" t-shirt and a black leather biker jacket. He had on a spiked collar, and biker gloves. His style was that of a total bad a**
    I did his eyes last. There was something about the pain I saw in those green eyes that just made me sick to my stomach.