• My heart skipped a beat as Lillian froze in place. Why in the world was this hot shot doing at the library?! The libray, for God's sake! Hecould've just ordered a whole bunch of books with the money he was making. So why here? Lillian ran a hand through her long hair. She almost shot straight up into a standing position and was about to make a run for it when he spoke. "I'm all right. I didn't get hurt." He said, his voice seeming to flow like water.Lillian took a deep breath and tried to gather her bearings.
    Swallowing, she crossed her arms over her chest. "Well, I hope your pride wasn't harmed either," She said in a sour tone of voice. He arched his brow as he picked himself up. "Excuse me, missie?" He asked her. Lillian was about to say something when he suddenly opened the library door and pushed her inside. "W-what is your problem?!" Lillian asked, shocked. She stuck her mp3 player in her sweatshirt pocket and stepped away from him.
    Ryan sighed and pulled her along with him. "Let go of me! Ryan-"
    "Hey! Papparazzi are everywhere, girl, and unless you want your face stamped all over with mine on the news, then I suggest you follow me!" He had a good point. Lillian reluctantly followed him as he walked up to the front desk. "What are you doing?" Lillian asked him.
    He was silent a moment as he waited for one of the librarians to aid him in whatever he wanted. "Visiting a family friend." He answered.
    "Lillian? Back already?" The librarian from before came up to the desk. Lillian shrugged with an annoyed smiled. Then she saw Ryan. She gasped. "Ryan Morrisen! You finally came to visit your dear mama!" She squealed. Ryan smiled and went around to the other side of the desk and embraced her. Lillian's mouth dropped opened in utter shock and astonishment.
    She looked from the librarian to her son, trying to see the resemblence. She did. She wondered why she'd never seen it there before. Their eyes were the same deep blue. Their hair was the same shade of sandy blond, though hers was highlighted with gray. Even their smiles were the same.