• scared
    being scared is apart of life nothing more nothing less and there is no runing away from it
    i never thought about how i was going to die untill to day i heard my boyfriend saying emiley wake up wake up and all i coulde feel was the pain of someone biting my neck
    the life
    you may say there is no such thing in vampyres or any of that stuff well this mit come to a shock to you but in my world there is and it is not pretty at all humans are dying by the 100s and they are going to be no more humans and there wont be any thing good if that happens because if so we all die because there well be nothing to feed on. here is my story of how died and became a vampyre so here we go i was a human at this time and then i got bit by my boyfriend i found out that he was a vampyre all this time and he was wanting to feed on my blood and that he finaly could not hold it in he went after me and that i was the food for the hole familey so he went after me frist because he know that if they got to me frist i would not be here right now so he saved me and i am very glad that he did that .now i am going to the same school and it is at night that i go to school an dnow my friend melody is saying that i am a freak and then i a hour later she wants to be like me and i said no and then she said if you dont she will kill her self sooo i said ok as i was biting her i feelt bad i did not want to do this because all of her familey will forget abot her and she will not be loved at all by her famliey agian and then she fell asleep and then i stared to cry as hard as i can.
    to be countiued