• Meanwhile with Shoji

    Shoji- hahahahahahaha! this is fun! *playing hop scotch with the fat guy dressed as a zebra. Waaah! *trips on a rock. AAh....i think i split my spline.....huh?* Shoji could see Oshima watching him from the darkness of the trees...ooOOH!...hey you over there!..hey are you lost??
    Oshima-.......... stare .......

    A group of fat kids were walking into the forest.

    Shoji-Hello? do you hear me? whats wrong is my shoelaces untied? if they are can you tie them for me? im not really a good shoe lace typing person

    Oshima-..........*just starts walking away.

    Shoji- huh?...he walked away..well thats strange...

    Man dressed as a zebra- don't mind that. Isn't one of you're friends missing?
    Shoji- huh? * turns around at him.
    Man dressed as a zebra- As i was watching you through a bush you were walking with a big headed orange haired kid and a brown haired girl.....ain't those you're friends?

    Shoji- Oh! snap! no but the orange haired kid is suppose to be my teammate! and the brown haired girl was suppose to be the girl we were suppose to rescue! i totally forgot about them! do you know were they are?? oh my god i can't believe it AAAAARGH!!

    Soon meanwhile something touched oshima's shoulder. oshima turned around.

    2 fat kids were smiling very meanly up in his face.

    Oshima- what do you want?.....
    Fat Boy- what do i want?...thats the most stupidest question to ask! to me actually....what you doin walking around this forest alone? where yo parents at?

    oshima- They're gone.
    Fat Boy 1- Gone?..Gone?? what do you mean gone?? be more specific a*****e!
    Fat Boy 2- yeah! talk to us! tell us why a little schrub like you is walking around in the wilderness all alone? you lost and looking for you're mommy? haha. are you scared and intimidated by the forces of nature? * pushed oshima.

    Oshima- ..*looking at them seriously

    Meanwhile with Shoji, Naoki, Keisumi, and Fairy Fatman

    Shoji- hey boy with the orange hair! you alright? *peeking through the hole.
    Naoki- hey! what took you so long>! haven't you noticed that we've been gone??
    Shoji-Uh! Uh! I! I!.....I FORGOT!!!!!
    naoki- Yeah?! well!...whatever just get us the heck outta here!
    Shoji- Okay! *starts doing handsigns. Body Transformation Jutsu! * turns very big and hugier than everything and sticks his hand in the hole to lift them out.

    Soon Naoki, Keisumi, and The fairy Fat man were out the hole. Shoji putted them on the ground. *POOM!!! (forms back to his regular self.)

    Keisumi- YAY! we're out! biggrin
    Naoki- Yeah! finally! biggrin

    fairy fatman- uuuuuh...i think i better go.....see ya! * runs away.
    Shoji- WAAAIT!...teach me how to dress like you!, teach me how to dress beautiful!...like an animal.....I WANNA BE A BEAR!!

    Keisumi-you wanna dress like an animal?,ew, gross.....don't you know that animals possess fleas, leeches and other gross things in nature?
    Shoji- yeah. Well i like those kinda things. Theyre vampires! i love vampires! haven't you seen the Twilight Saga?? that is so cool!
    Keisumi- what?.....actually i think vampires are disturbing and no i haven't seen any twilight Saga or whatever you call it stare
    Naoki- now all we gotta do is find you're grandpa right? and we're good to go smile
    keisumi-yeah. he's in a RV parked by the cascade.
    naoki- Well.....lets get a move on. can't wait till we're done. That'll mean our first mission success smile

    Meanwhile with Oshima and the Fat Boys

    fatboy 1- you wanna walk around the forest at night without you're parent permission someone ouaghta teach you a lesson son

    Fat Boy 2- he ain't sayin nothin, somethin probably wrong with em.Maybe he's just mentally retarded.
    Fat Boy 1- Say something dammit or ima grab a log from a tree and BUST YOUR FACE IN!!
    Fat Boy 1- Alright you wanna try me then try me! you wanna ******** try me then ******** TRY ME YOU SON OF A b***h!! * walking to go get a stick from a tree. *Snatches a stick from a tree and starts walking back to Oshima

    Fat Boy 2- yeah Hiro lets kick this guys a**! he wanna be disrespectful to the superiors then i say we give this p***y wuss an a** whippin!

    Fat Boy 1- you wanna disrespect you're elders you p***y faced ******** then i'll give ya what you deserve, YOU!--------------*swangs the stick at Oshima

    oshima grabs the stick with no experssion on his face.

    Fat Boy 1- Ah....AAaah! EERR! you wanna fight back huh?? well i'll show you!--------*oshima grabs his arm and twist his ankle.AAAAAAAHH!!! * oshima kicks the fat boy on the ground by his stomach. * fat boy falls on the ground as the stick he had in hand flicked up in the air and landed in the hands of Oshima. oshima started walking at the fat boy expressionless.