• Chapter One: Captured!
    I was taking a peaceful stroll through the local park. The trees were dressed with beautiful romantic pink cherry blossom. The tree trunks were ancient brown and up close the bark looked like ancient carvings. I could feel the wind blowing gently, as if it was whispering to me. The sun was a golden yellow and its warmth was like a comforting hug. The sky was as blue as the mysteries of the deep sea. I stopped walking and stood by the fountain. An angel statue was in the middle and water poured out of her mouth. It made a soothing rippling sound. I smiled a sweet smile and carried on walking. I could hear children playing in the distance. But in the sky I saw something flying. It had jet motors. It defiantly wasn’t a bird. And it defiantly wasn’t a plane. It was a robot!
    He had evil ruby red eyes; he was a robot of a man. He had spiked up metal for hair. He wore a silvery metal suit and boots. Of course he wasn’t actually wearing it it was part of his design. He landed in front of me. A man on the other side of the park, sitting on a bench pressed a dark red button. The robot’s eyes turned into swirls. On his suit, his name was revealed. It said Hypno- Red He was... Hypnotizing me! I couldn’t resist....
    “You will forget who you are.” His robotic voice commanded.
    “I will forget who I am...” I responded obediently, finding his eyes and voice hard to resist as the spirals swirled round like a roundabout, only they were so much swirlier!
    “You will forget everyone you know and love. “He commanded.
    “I will forget everyone I know and love...” I responded obediently, not thinking of a way out as I was so dragged in to his hypnotisation.
    Suddenly I saw his curved robot fingers turned into sleeping darts. He shot them all at me and then I fell to the ground and blacked out.
    “Sweet dreams... My love, because when you wake up you will have SUCH a surprise...” he laughed evilly.
    I felt him pick me up and take off. Although I was asleep unable to wake up, I could feel him as he flew through extreme conditions to reach his master. He took me through blistering sand storms, intense heat and extreme cold. He landed in front of an empire. He took me to a massive room where his master was.
    I felt someone punch me and I woke up to see a man on a throne and the robot.
    The man had a rather long and thin black moustache. He was bald and wore goggles on his eyes, but you could just see they’re evil blood red shining through. He wore a blue slim space like suit and coal black boots. He was also wearing ice white gloves with red marks, but up close I realised they weren’t red marks. They were... blood stains!
    “You brought the girl...”he boomed
    “Master, is she the one? I can exchange her for another one if she isn’t!”The robot replied.
    “You sound like a store merchant, not an evil robot!” the man replied.
    “I do?!” the robot asked in a surprised voice.
    “Yes... But she is the one... Did you remember to hypnotize her? The man asked.
    “Of course sir, the effects will take place after you put her in the machine” the robot replied.
    “You may leave now!” he boomed.
    “Yes Sir, of course!” The robot replied obediently before bowing down and exiting.
    Chapter 2; The Surprise
    “Come with me... my dear...” he said in a sweet voice before getting up from his pure gold and velvet red throne and putting his round my back and leading me to a room.
    It was so beautiful! Princes pink walls with love hearts on them with a shiny gold banner. The floor was as white as snow and so shiny I could see my face on it! There were fake cupcake bean bags and a gold antique mirror and much more.
    “Look at yourself in the mirror now, please.” He said trying to be casual as he pushed me towards a mirror.
    I could see my chocolate brown hair which waved down to my hips like waves at the sea. My coconut brown eyes sparkled and looked right back at me. I could see my bubblegum pink tank top and my navy skinny jeans. I was wearing ice white boots that went up to underneath my knee.
    “Now, Miss Gardenia if you would like to follow me...” he whispered sneakily as he put my hand round my back once again...”
    “How do you know my...” I trailed off as I didn’t have time to finish my sentence. He was showing me a rainbow coloured machine covered in pink love hearts.
    “What does it do? I asked, not suspecting it at all.
    “It’ll make you beautiful.” He faked.
    Not knowing he was faking a slowly, yet gracefully walked towards it. I was about to step in when he pushed me in!
    He laughed loudly and evilly....
    The room was an illusion! Outside the illusion wore off and it was all silver and steely like every other room in the empire. The rainbow colours faded off and the words “Roboticizer” was on it.
    “YOU FELL FOR IT” The man boomed and burst into laughter.
    I banged my fists on the door, but it was stuck tight.
    “You fool! I locked it! Only I can control it, so only I can open it. “He cackled
    “Let me out then! I yelled in fear.
    “Not a chance, YOU are about to become my slave!
    He pulled the leaver and the Roboticizer powered up. There was allot of whirring and clanking and then I felt a laser beam scanning me.
    Then a female computer voice began to reveal my details to the mysterious yet obviously evil man.
    “Name; Gardenia, Age; 15, Gender; Female.”
    “Excellent... Begin Roboticization!
    A force pulled over me, and then a series of lasers and rays began and they made ear splitting sounds. As they shot over me I felt my body get heavier, and heavier. I saw my hands turning that familiar silver colour from all around the empire! I could no longer yell as a laser went other my mouth...
    Chapter 3; Roboticized
    “At last...” the man whispered. I then heard him press a button and I was released. I slowly stomped out as he led me to a mirror.
    I was silver all over! I had turned into metal!
    “Who... am I?” I questioned
    “YES! The hypnotization worked! She forgot who she is and now I can forever make her my slave!” he boomed and then burst into another round of laughter.
    The robot ran in and then asked...
    “Why was it this girl you wanted?”
    “Don’t you know? She is THE most lovely and popular girl at her school, meaning she would not only make a fine addition to my collection but everyone would have to feel sorrow and that is but one of my goals!” he responded.
    “Shame she forgets who I am as well!” he groaned
    “I am your master! My Name Is Red Fists!”He boomed as he turned to face me. He then burst into yet another round of devious laughter before coughing and spluttering.
    The machine makes you obedient to his voice so you will always obey it no matter how insane his order.
    “Yes sir, all hail you!” I bowed down as the voice had taken whoever I was over.
    “Bring me the finest wine and freshest grapes! Red grapes! I will be waiting in the throne room!”He put a crown on to show he really was ruler of all robots and one day using all his roboticized people and hand built robots he would take over the world.
    I marched towards the kitchen. My robotic arms stretched to open the fridge doors and I took out a strong rose red wine and a bowl of red grapes that caught the light so much they looked like rubies. I poured the wine into a fine antique glass that shone like the moon and then I put the wine back into the fridge. I went up to the throne room and passed him his delights.
    “Thank you...” he said but then he snatched them off me like a sneaky thief.
    “From now on your name is Clementine!” he boomed.
    “That... Is my name?”I asked.
    “Of course it is you bag of bolts!” He roared like an angry lion
    He began thinking of something evil, I could tell as he was rubbing his hands together. I’m no mind reader so I’ll never know.
    “Now FEED ME MY GRAPES!” he ordered
    “Yes Master, anything for you...” I responded
    “Hmmm.... Anything?” he asked
    “Anything...” I responded
    “Then go get me Stan Phillips!” he ordered
    “He’ll be in Washington Museum, Now go already!” he boomed
    Chapter 4; Stan Phillips
    “Yes Sir...” I responded before blasting off with my jet rockets.
    I landed in the museum and I saw him guarding a crown from old kings of Egypt. Jewels were encrusted almost everywhere! It had to be worth millions of pounds! Probably more!
    There was guy in smart black suit with a shiny rose red tie. His hair matched his suit. He had rectangle glasses and his eyes were black as well, although his arms looked a bit odd. I saw a tentacle come out of his arm and then throw a man in a robber’s suit into a bin. He then used it to drag me towards him.
    “Not another one!”He groaned
    “Not another what?” I asked
    “Not another roboticized person!” he groaned again
    “Bob your turn on duty!”He shouted
    Bob came in and began to get on duty.
    “Let’s go for a walk in the park.” The Man suggested
    We entered the park named “Maple Leaf Park.”I could see why it was called that because every tree was a maple tree. We peacefully walked for a while and then sat down on a bench.
    “My name is Stan Phillips.”I know your Mum, Your Dad and Your Little Sister.” He said in a loud tone.
    “I have A Mum? I have A Dad? I have little Sister?” I asked in a very surprised voice.
    “Your mum is Called Stella, Your Dad Is called Bob, the same man you saw back at the museum, your little sister’s name is Angel.” He explained.
    “I bet they really miss me...” I sighed
    “I know they do!” he replied
    “How do you know?” I asked feeling rather shocked.
    “Because they’re surname is Phillips. We all miss you.” He replied
    “All? Wait a minute that means...”
    “Yes, I am your older brother! I am 19 years old to be precise.”He exclaimed
    “You also have a boy friend called Adam Prince.” He told me
    He got up and got his phone out and called Adam.
    “Hello? Adam? I’ve got someone who wants to speak with you.”
    Then he handed me the phone.
    “Hello?”I said nervously
    “Gardenia? Is that you? I hope you are safe because Red Fists has roboticized so many people lately!
    “About that... I replied trembling.”
    Adam dropped his phone and then I lost the signal with him.
    “This is changing the world! Red Fists won’t stop until every inhabitant is his slave! Stan Exclaimed!
    “Wait, Wait, Wait! On that subject, do you happen to know where Red Fists’s empire is?” Stan Asked
    “Yes. Why?” I asked
    “I think if I could destroy the Roboticizer and then de-roboticize as many people as I can, , I can then make my own army and fight back at Red Fists and his robot army!” he exclaimed proudly.
    “Hey, could you pick me up, I’ll pretend that you put me to sleep and then I can put my GENIUS plan into action.” He said in a kind of boastful voice.
    “Sure!” I replied I scooped him up and he pretended to sleep, he even did fake snores as well, they got rather annoying after a while as the flight back to the empire was long.
    Chapter 5; The Plan
    I made my way to one of the many Roboticizer rooms where Red Fists was waiting for me.
    “Chuck him in the Roboticizer!” Red Fists Ordered.
    “Yes Sir...” I replied obediently and then I chucked him into the Roboticizer, like throwing an empty can into a bin.
    Red Fists pulled the leaver and the Roboticizer powered up. But then it made strange clanking and whirring noises. Not like the clanking and whirring that happened when I was put in! Then I smelt smoke, and saw a spike. Suddenly I saw blood red, then fire orange and then wasp yellow. Suddenly there was a BOOM! And then millions of pieces of metal scattered over the floor like a broken china ornament. But Stan stood there, completely unharmed, unlike the Roboticizer!
    “Bonjour, My old enemy!” Stan said in a surprising voice, as if planning something, which he was!
    “How did it blow up!?” Red Fists asked in anger
    “My sword!” Stan exclaimed
    “What sword? You’re not holding anything!” Red Fists replied shocked.
    “This, sword!” he said with a smile before turning his left arm into a sword.
    “How could I forget? Robot’s Attack!” Red Fists yelled
    A door slide open and there was whole army of roboticized people marched out. That was when Stan started to use his plan! He turned his left arm back to normal and he pressed a button on his arm. The song thriller started playing! All the robots started dancing like Zombies!
    “Wrong Song!” Stan yelled and then pressed another button on his left arm. Then the song I’ll make a man out of you started playing. He scooped up all the roboticized people and turned his arms into mini de roboticizers and then he started spinning round. One by one they all started turning back and then he threw them all a gun each.
    “What!?” Red fists yelled and then he opened another door of
    Hand built robots
    Everyone started shooting the robots and one by one they blew up into smithereens.
    “Hmth!” he groaned and went into a golden room.
    Chapter 5; Human
    He locked the door tightly and began polishing a colossal robot. It was nightmare black. It had 300 arms, one hundred was swords, another hundred was axes and the final hundred was hammers. It had marble white eyes, but just inside them was an evil red glint. Red Fists had named this robot Black Indostructo. He polished it so well so you could see your face in. Outside Stan was trying to break the door down, but it was made of solid Aluminium. He bashed it with swords, tried to cut it with axes, he even tried melting it with plasma but nothing seemed to work!!! Red Fists walked out. Stan tried to catch a glimpse but the door shut too quickly for him to see anything but a flash of black.
    “At least I know our enemy is Black!” he exclaimed before writing it down on his special to remember.
    “Damn! I deleted our Mother’s birthday, when was it... Ummm Oh yeah! The 21st of December!” he exclaimed and then put it on there before putting his computer away.
    Then the sun began to go down so Stan headed home and as I am Red Fist’s special female robot, instead of being in the cluttered rooms with all the others I had a special room of my own. The room was guarded by robots. A girl in a purple ninja suit with her black hair only just showing snuck into the empire and over to the guards guarding my room. She sliced them in half with ninja stars and then entered my room.
    “Come with me, but do keep your voice down!” she whispered in a strict voice.
    We burst out my room and then our feet kept moving and began to accelerate until we we’re going as fast as a blasting rocket!
    “Now we just need to make it too the door without being seen!”She whispered.
    “You already have!” a voice yelled. Red Fists came out of his room looking REALLY out of character. He was wearing pink pyjamas with butterflies on them and he was cuddling a marshmallow pink bunny toy and he had white bunny slippers.
    I would have grinned if I still had facial expressions, so I tried to hide a laugh.
    Suddenly Stan burst out of nowhere, with a gun and two friends, also with guns.
    Red Fists ordered his Robots to attack and then a distraction for me and the ninja girl to escape was created. We burst out the empire, not seen as everyone else was so busy fighting!
    Stan eventually joined us and we all ran and ran until we reached a massive candyfloss pink mansion. The ninja girl opened the door. We went up many twirling stairs. I began to feel really dizzy but we eventually reached the top and then entered a beautiful throne room. The throne was solid gold and had beautiful carvings of love hearts on and the seat was a smooth and shiny lilac silk. The woman sitting there was beyond beautiful. Her eyes looked just like the ocean on a sunny summer’s day, a rich deep blue and they glimmered just like the ocean does when the sun shines on it. Her smile was just like the one of a sweet innocent child playing. Her lips were like red roses, only without the thorns. Above those ocean eyes was ice blue eye shadow. She was wearing a sky blue gown and long cloud white gloves. On her feet were glass slippers that shone just like the moon on a clear night.
    “My name Is Lisa, and I can de- roboticize you. Miss Gardenia. “She said in her melodic voice. It seemed to sooth me and emotions just seemed to rush back to me even though I was a robot. She showed me to a machine that was violet purple and had pictures of rainbows and hearts. I walked in there slowly and then she closed the door. She pulled a leaver and then I heard beautiful sounds of birds and kittens. A pink ray of light shone over me, going over every part of my body. I felt myself getting so much lighter. It was eventually over. I walked out and looked in the mirror. I was de- roboticized apart from my hands and feet.
    “Unfortunately no machinery is that advanced, so you can still do everything you could do with your hands and feet as a robot like rocket boosting and turning your hands into whatever your heart desires. You may still have the power but please put it to use to help the good.” She said in her soothing melodic voice.
    “Of course! Thank you it just feels good to be me again “I said gratefully before bowing down to her.
    “She turned me back from a robot too, hence my arms still having these cool powers!” Stan boasted
    “If you were wondering what my name was, it is Shadow. Don’t forget it.” The ninja girl snapped
    “Now, now there’s no need for rudeness!”Lisa said in her dainty voice.
    Chapter 6: Home Sweet Home?
    A helicopter arrived for me and Stan and we headed home. Our parents and little sister hugged us for ages! They had really missed us. Life went back to normal for a week or so. But then something dreadful happened.
    The day started off completely normal. I got dressed in a poufy powder pink dress. It had candy pink ribbons and white lace lining the bottom of it. I tied a matching candy pink ribbon into my hair and then walked gracefully downstairs. I sat at the table and got a really nice surprise! My mum Stella served up pancakes coated in strawberry sauce and decorated with real strawberries. I ate it up and then went outside. I looked at the beautiful flower beds. Stan came out and joined me.
    “Look! Up at the clouds. That one looks like a heart!”He exclaimed
    I giggled but then our little relaxation was disturbed. A giant mecha landed on the lawn, squashing most of the emerald green grass. A man stepped out of the mecha. It was Red Fists!
    “It’s been too long my dear friends!” he announced
    “Red Fists! What do you want this time?” Stan asked feeling rather frustrated and he readied a gun.
    “First you escape my empire, then you let Lisa de roboticize you and then you return home?!” he asked feeling rather frustrated himself.
    “Shame on you!” he yelled and he used the mecha’s giant hands to pick me up and suffocate me before lobbing me inside and then proceeded to doing the same to my brother Stan. He stormed over to the empire and showed two robots.
    “You must fight Red- Hypno and my ultimate weapon, Black Indostructo!” He laughed evilly.
    “We don’t stand a chance against Red Hypno let alone this new so called Black Indostructo!” I stuttered
    “You still have your powers! Make use of them!” Stan yelled as he turned both arms into swords. I did the same.
    “That’s too easy!” Red Fists yelled before pressing a shiny gold button and they fused together to make a robot that’s head hit the ceiling!
    “Meet Black Hypno Indostructo!” he boomed
    “Be careful! He could hypnotize us at any moment!” I said to alert my brother.
    No matter how much we sliced at the robot, it just seemed to make him stronger. Soon he had me cornered; he was ready to smash his 300 arms down on me. I was paralyzed in the corner, I was trembling like crazy and before I could make a move I was hit and slashed.
    “Gardenia!” Stan yelled. This made his fury grow. He realised the robot had a real human’s brain and that would probably be its weak point. He boosted up and stabbed the robots brain. The robot blew up but the giant explosion knocked him back and then he blacked out.
    Chapter 7; True Masters
    I felt myself being transported in a van and then when we arrived I felt myself being plonked onto a bed. I heard people gather round and then voices. I heard a beeping sound but then it went on for ages and then stopped. I still had a spirit, I believed I was dead. I heard weeping and wailing and sniffling and snuffling. Suddenly my eyelashes flickered and then I opened my eyes. The last of the tears rolled down my family’s faces and I saw I had a bandage on my right arm and left leg.
    “Hospital?” I asked confused, remembering nothing from the fight apart from the final hit I received.
    “We found you knocked out hon, so I called an ambulance.” My mum said.
    I could hear more beeping from Stan’s bed but then it went really flat for ages and then it stopped. I began to cry like crazy. My eyes cried so much they could fill a swimming pool. I got in my wheel chair and went over to his bed. I felt his heart. It had indeed stopped. I began to cry even more and then my tears touched his arm. He opened his eyes.
    “Thank you. You have the magic to heal people and bring them back to life, but only if you deeply care for them. That’s why your tears brought me back to life.” He groaned as he was still a bit unconscious.
    I hugged him and gently kissed him on the cheek. Lisa arrived with two treasure chests. One was black and the lock was skull shaped. The other was pink and the lock was heart shaped. She gave me the pink one, and Stan the black one. She gave us the keys to the boxes and left without saying a word.
    “Wonder why she gave us these?” Stan said confused
    “Oh well, it was very nice of her though!” I replied smiling. We opened our boxes and inside was armour. Knights armour. Stan had night black armour; the helmet would completely cover your face and all the master weapons for boys in black. Master sword, master axe, master gun, master staff you name it! Mine was powder pink armour to match my dress and it had the odd candy pink heart illustrated on it. I had every master weapon in pink. The armour was magic; it seemed to heal all our wounds. We rushed home into the garden. We picked up our master swords and jumped into the air and clanked them together and said at the same time...
    “I am the knight of the night!”Stan announced. Not only had it healed him but the armour allowed him to no longer need glasses.
    “I am the knight of love!” I announced
    From that day on, life was never the same. We lead a life of fighting Red Fists and his robots, to bring peace to the world and stop the threat of Roboticization. He will always say he’ll get us next time but we are too strong for him! He’ll have to really use that brain of his if he wants to beat the Knight of The Night and The Knight of Love. Now life never has a dull moment!