• When I think back to just a few days ago, all I remember are just fragments like it happen'd in years past. I'm on her apartment complex hallway's dirty carpeting in a light dreamless sleep, tired from crying, i could tell my face was wet with tears. I shifted my body against the peeling wallpaper. I think I noticed her figure crouching next to me, gently taping my shoulder, jolting me awake.
    She unlocked her small room's door after she helped me up. Still sleepy I tripped almost falling on the couch when I tried to sit down. She sat down next to me. I lay my head hesitantly on her lap, her long light brown hair tickling my nose. It smelled like strawberry shampoo. The room was dark, her features obscured. She toyed with my charcoal black hair tangling it further, not that I cared. I took in a breath holding it until it was painful.
    "I love you;"
    The words tumbled out on that breath as if they were dice from my hands, uncertain of the outcome. I looked straight up in to her eyes. Brown, just like her hair.
    "I love you too," Double sixes
    Her hands left my hair. She mumbled something about going to bed and that i knew were the blankets were as I sat up. I watched her retreat in to the darkness of her tiny apartment. I stood up, got a blanket, and fell a sleep on the sagging couch.