• This was not the type of Christmas one would wish to partake in; my story is not one of holiday joy but of tragedy and great loss. It had started out as a normal eve, the sky had shown early signs of a storm but that shouldn’t have meant much. Except that the plane was delayed and that we would have to wait longer before we could begin our yearly journey to Italy. Mother sat rocking my sister to sleep and I was wondering around the gift shops looking at the cheaply made gifts that were bought as memories of visits to Florida. I picked up a fragile snow globe with a winter wonderland inside; I shook it and watched as the tiny flakes of plastic snow swirled around. Looking at the price I set it down, twenty bucks was too much for that thing. Walking back to my mother and lily I sat down and mother and I talked about all the things we would do when we got home. She said she really missed father and that she hoped he’d take her out on a nice date, perhaps to a movie or out to dinner then a moon light walk like old times. Looking up at my mother, who I shared my brown hair and hazel eyes with, I knew she deserved that, we continued to talk for what seemed like hours until I closed my eyes and napped along side lily emotion_zzz
    A certain jolly man was just loading up his sleigh and checking off his lists one last time before setting on his flight around the world. “Okay boys it’s that time of year again the one we’ve all been waiting for. Are you ready?” he was of course referring to the reindeer that flew him on his journey each year. After the elves had tied them to the sleigh Santa hopped in, waved good bye to all his little helpers and set off. The first stop on his trip took him to the small village. He settled his sleigh and popped in and out of each tent leaving behind small toys for each sleeping child. This only took his a few minutes, and then he was back up in the air flying to Canada. There he delivered toys to more children and it all went well until he came to the large government lab hidden off from the towns. The place sent shivers down his spine and the reindeer were hesitant to land there but Santa had to give toys to the few kids that lived on the base. So he calmed the reindeer down and settled on a large gray topped building. He got out and carried his bag of toys to a chimney which was letting out huge amounts of black smoke, looking up at the sky Santa sighed “oh the things I do out of love for these children” then he jumped in. He landed swiftly on his feet and made his way to the rooms that held the resting children. He placed candy canes in each hanging stocking and gave the little girls Christmas themed stuffed animals and for the boys he gave them the action toys that fueled there violent yet bright imaginations. On his return to the sleigh his nostrils were filled with the tantalizing scents of fresh cookies, being a man with a sweet tooth he followed the scent to an open window, he made his way to the treats and helped himself to a handful of warm cinnamon cookies emotion_omnomnom but these treats left him parched so he looked around and found what he thought was blue tinted milk he drank that then decided to be nice to his reindeer and brought them each a cookie dipped in the strange milk.
    Back at the airport
    My mother got me from my nap to tell me our plane was here and that I should get ready. I made sure my carry on bag contained my horror book, camera and notebook for taking notes about our trip and put it on my back. We boarded the plane and took our seats in the middle. As it took off I snapped a few photos to show dad when we got back home. Mother took out a book of her own and read and baby lily slept. I didn’t know what to do so I took out my note book and wrote down the events of our stay in Florida. Mother and father divorced four years ago when lily was born. I was ten at the time but not bothered by it. They still loved each other but there jobs had them so far apart, father in varies parts of Europe and mother spending her time in the u.s.a, we still got to see father on holidays, which wasn’t often I know but me and him never really had a close relationship so it wasn’t all that bad. I took to writing after they separated so I had this collection of notebooks filled with my life, a sort of auto biography series you could say.so there I was writing about the past year, remembering all the things father missed. I suppose it did bother me a little that he wasn’t there to see her walk for the first time and that he isn’t there to play catch with me out in the yard but hey at least I had a father who loved me and that’s all that mattered. That when we got to Italy, our other home, we would be one big family again .I guess I fell asleep at this point because of the huge gap in my memory at the next part

    Back to Santa

    Something strange was happening to Santa and his flight partners, ever since they had consumed the cookies they were dizzy and they were freezing cold, even though it was normally cold up there they were unreasonably cold and even though he had just eaten his snack Santa heard his stomach rumble. Since he felt like this he decided to do something he’d never done before, there was a plane just a bit below him, he would fly on top and use his magic to get inside and hopefully cure his illness before Christmas came. Santa pulled his reindeer in close to the plane, landed on top with a gentle bump, then he snapped his finger and poof he was inside (yes Santa uses magic, if you didn’t know he has to use magic in order to make it all the way around the world in one night….as you may also want to know if this messes with the time flow the answer is yes but since it’s only a little by the following year it’s all okay again) Santa suddenly got an empty feeling in him, he was no longer cold or dizzy but now the hunger was worse it made him angry. So angry that when a stewardess walked in he reached out grabbed her and took a bite out of her neck, (now weather this was out of anger or hunger is puzzling) he made sure she died fast and clean. What shocked Santa more than the fact that he’d just briefly went cannibal on someone was the fact that even though the stewardess should have died, she twitched a bit then stood up shaking gently and mumbled something then turned and went right back out the curtains she had just came from… emotion_zombie

    to be continued